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Steamulation Pro X Prime Gen. II Hookahs

Steamulation Pro X Prime Generation II Hookahs at Aladin Shisha Shop

The Steamulation Pro X Prime is the most successful Steamulation single-hose hookah of all time! Now the successor is coming in the second generation with unique functions and new features.

Like all other Steamulation products, the Steamulation Pro X Prime Gen. II hookahs are absolute high-end products and are characterized by their elegant design and hidden functions.

The Pro X Prime Gen. II is an amazing one-hose hookah and offers you various setting options.

The functions include the special click closure SteamClick 360, which is considered the fastest closure system in the world and opens and closes at lightning speed. Also in the base is the valve technology Advanced-Closed-Chamber System from Steamulation. An adjustable diffuser is already integrated into the immersion tube.

The draft can also be varied as desired by turning the hose connection as required. The glass used for the bowl is high-quality crystal glass.

The absolute highlight of the Prime Pro X Generation II is the Steamulation Purge Control, which gives you the opportunity to determine directly via the base how the smoke is blown out of the hookah when it is blown out.

Thanks to the 18/8 cut at the top of the smoke column, you can also attach a molasses catcher to your Prime Pro X II.

Steamulation itself sets the highest quality standards for the products and, on top of that, each waterpipe is provided with a serial number.

In our online shop you can buy Prime Pro X Gen. II hookahs from Steamulation in different colors.