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True Passion Remixx Tobacco 65g Pipe tobacco - Dry base tobacco

True Passion Remixx 65g Dry Base tobacco - the cheap alternative to hookah tobacco

In our extensive selection of True Passion Remixx pipe tobacco, you'll find everything you need for an exceptional pipe smoking experience. This unique collection of premium tobaccos gives you the opportunity to explore different aromas and flavours to find your personal favourite.

Our True Passion Remixx pipe tobacco collection includes a wide range of flavours that will satisfy even the most discerning pipe smoker. Whether you prefer fruity flavours, refreshing mint or exotic blends, you're sure to find something here. Among our varieties, you'll find popular options like Okolom, Arctic Line, Ringle Rangle and Cinderella.

Our True Passion Remixx pipe tobaccos are available in convenient pack sizes, giving you enough tobacco for many relaxing hours. The generous packs are easy to store and transport without taking up much space.

With True Passion Remixx pipe tobaccos, you get 65g of pre-flavoured raw tobacco that will add a new dimension to your pipe smoking pleasure. The unique blends, the wide range of flavours make these tobaccos the perfect choice for pipe smokers who demand the highest standards from their tobacco.

Explore the world of True Passion Remixx pipe tobaccos and find your personal favourite. Your palate will thank you and you will be able to enjoy the tobacco pleasure to the fullest.


True Passion Remixx pipe tobacco: your path to ultimate enjoyment and sustainability

Discover True Passion Remixx: the pipe tobacco for true connoisseurs

Do you love smoking a pipe and are looking for the best tobacco to suit your taste? Then you should definitely try True Passion Remixx pipe tobacco.

True Passion Remixx: the dry tobacco alternative

The True Passion Remixx line offers a very special pipe tobacco. Unlike conventional varieties, it contains no glycerine, but is already pre-flavoured. This means that you can enjoy the full flavour without having to rely on additional ingredients. This tobacco is available in various well-known True Passion flavours and is also extremely affordable. At just €13.90 for 65g of raw tobacco, you get unbeatable value for money.

True Passion Remixx Base pipe tobacco - glycerine-free and environmentally conscious

True Passion has been known in the hookah scene for years for its high-quality water pipe tobacco. In July 2023, the company responded to the new excise duty regulations and launched its popular flavours on the market in practical 20g packs. The quality remains unrivalled, but the excessive packaging waste bothers many hookah lovers.
There is now a solution for environmentally conscious frequent smokers: True Passion Remixx Base pipe tobacco. The glycerine is omitted here, which means it is no longer water pipe tobacco. Instead, you will find 65 grams of pre-flavoured pipe tobacco in a tin of True Passion Remixx Base. This means less packaging and more enjoyment.

Back to the roots - True Passion Remixx Base in the practical 65g tin

True Passion offers nine different flavours, and the range is sure to be expanded. The popular top seller Okolom, which tastes like a mixture of lemon, elderberry and ginger, is of course included. For grape lovers, there is Vaja Blue, an interesting blend of grape and blueberry. If you like it a little cooler, you should try the Peami variety, a sweet and refreshing peach flavour.

True Passion Remixx tobacco 65g: your personalised hookah experience

Discover an innovative way to personalise your hookah experience without breaking the law with True Passion Remixx tobacco. This special blend already contains the full flavour and authentic aroma of your favourite True Passion Remixx varieties.
With True Passion Remixx tobacco 65g, you can customise your tobacco according to your preferences and protect the environment at the same time. Immerse yourself in a world of enjoyment and individuality with True Passion Remixx hookah tobacco 65g.
If you are looking for high-quality and sustainable pipe tobacco, then True Passion Remixx pipe tobacco is the ideal choice for you. It not only offers excellent flavour, but also an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional tobacco products. Try it today and experience unique flavour in its purest form.
Whether you choose the Okolom, Vaja Blue or Peami varieties, True Passion Remixx tobacco 65g allows you to personalise your hookah experience while complying with all legal requirements. Treat yourself to the best tobacco for your pipe and enjoy unrivalled flavour in sustainable packaging.