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Shades Tobacco 70g Pipe tobacco - Dry base tobacco

Shades 70g Dry Base tobacco - the cheap alternative to hookah tobacco

Discover the world of Shades Base, the exclusive pipe tobacco from Shades Tobacco in the Aladin hookah shop. Immerse yourself in the variety of these unique tobacco varieties, which are characterised by their outstanding quality, intense flavours and price advantages. Find out all about Shades Dry Base 70g and its popular varieties here.

Shades Tobacco is a renowned German manufacturer that specialises in the production of high-quality tobacco. All products are carefully manufactured in Germany, with particular emphasis placed on the selection of first-class raw materials and precise production processes.

Shades Base pipe tobacco is characterised by an intensive curing process that takes place over a long period of time. This process gives the tobacco the perfect intensity and optimum flavour, resulting in a unique smoking experience. Shades Dry Base is the ideal choice for passionate connoisseurs who are looking for an unrivalled tobacco experience.

At Aladin Shisha Shop we offer a wide selection of Shades Base varieties, including Shades Base Tobacco - GRP PRN 70g, Shades Base Tobacco - Rasporn 70g and Shades Base Tobacco - Bluegasmus 70g. Each variety presents a unique flavour composition designed to delight even the most discerning tobacco connoisseurs.

Experience pure pleasure with the top sellers from Shades Base. Rasporn, an intense mix of ripe raspberries and refreshing mint, will make the hearts of connoisseurs beat faster. Bluegasmus, a harmonious combination of intense blueberry flavour, wild berries and a subtle hint of mint, provides an invigorating taste experience. These flavours have been tested in the hottest hookah lounges and are constantly being developed to exceed the highest expectations.

Discover the fascinating world of Shades Base pipe tobacco in the Aladin hookah shop. Here you will not only find high-quality tobacco, but also a hookah tobacco alternative that is easy on your wallet. Enjoy an incomparable smoking experience with Shades Dry Base and find your personal favourite variety. Immerse yourself in the diversity of Shades Base and experience why this pipe tobacco is one of the best in Germany. Your enjoyment has no limits - discover Shades Base now!