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Chillma Tobacco 70g Pipe tobacco - Dry base tobacco

Chillma 70g Dry Base tobacco - the cheap alternative to hookah tobacco

In the world of pipe tobacco, Chillma offers a comprehensive selection of exclusive flavours and high-quality dry base tobacco in the Aladin hookah shop. Carefully selected flavours await you here to take your smoking pleasure to a new level.

Chillma is a renowned brand that specialises in the production of high-quality hookah tobacco. The Dry Base pipe tobacco varieties from Chillma are characterised by their unique quality and variety of flavours. Manufactured in Germany, Chillma relies on the use of select raw materials and an elaborate production process to guarantee tobacco of the highest quality.

The 70g version of Chillma Dry Base pipe tobacco is particularly popular. With varieties such as "Persian Apple", "Grape Chill" and "BlueBerr!", Chillma offers distinctive flavour compositions that have something for every taste. From fruity explosions to refreshing notes - the bestsellers from Chillma 70g promise an intense and varied smoking experience.

Chillma pipe tobacco is not just an alternative to conventional hookah tobacco, but a flavour explosion for discerning smokers. The 200g pack offers a generous amount of high quality dry base tobacco at an affordable price. Each variety is carefully developed to meet the highest quality standards and ensure an unrivalled smoking experience.

Discover the variety of Chillma pipe tobaccos in the Aladin hookah shop and experience how the flavours indulge your senses. Whether alone or with friends - with Chillma, you can embark on a flavourful journey that will take your tobacco enjoyment to a new level. Order now and experience premium quality that makes every puff an unforgettable experience!