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Aqua Tobacco Mentha 100g Pipe tobacco - Dry base tobacco

Aqua Mentha 100g Dry Base tobacco - the cheap alternative to hookah tobacco

Are you looking for the perfect pipe tobacco for unforgettable smoking sessions? Welcome to our AQM Dry Base tobacco category, where flavour meets variety at the highest level. Aqua Mentha, a name synonymous with quality and sophistication, presents an impressive selection of flavoured raw tobacco in 200g tins.
Produced in Turkey, AQM Base 100g combines high-quality Virginia tobacco with fascinating flavours. The result is a unique mix that impresses with its fine cut and perfect balance. And you? Immerse yourself in a world of intense flavour experiences that will take your pipe enjoyment to a new level.
In our AQM Base category, you will find a wide selection of flavours that leave nothing to be desired. Whether you opt for the seductive African Crush, the popular Black Box or the refreshing Blue Eyes - each flavour is an adventure for your senses. Discover the different facets that AQM Base has to offer and find your personal favourite.
At the Aladin Shisha Shop, we understand your passion for excellent pipe tobacco. That's why we don't just offer products, but an experience. With AQM Base, you don't just experience tobacco enjoyment, but a journey through a world of flavours. Order now and let the quality and variety of our AQM Base pipe tobacco convince you - for unforgettable moments!