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O's Tobacco - Os hookah tobacco buy at the Aladin Shisha Shop

Welcome to the world of Os tobacco - an enticing variety of hookah tobaccos that no collection should be without. At the Aladin Shisha Shop, we proudly present our selection of Os tobaccos that will excite hookah enthusiasts. From the popular classics to the latest flavours - you'll find it all here.
Os tobacco is the epitome of quality and variety. Dive into the world of Os and discover a wide range of flavours that will enchant your palate. Among the favourites are the sought-after flavours such as African Queen, African King, and Bonnie 'n' Clyde. African Queen impresses with a fruity mix of 16 different fruits, while African King scores with a refreshing fruit mix. Bonnie 'n' Clyde offers the tantalising taste of green apple with an icy surprise.
With O's tobacco you will experience hookah smoking on a new level. The carefully composed flavours and the high quality of the tobacco ensure an unforgettable experience. The flavours of Os tobacco are divided into two different lines: the Red Line and the Green Line. The Red Line offers fruity flavour explosions, while the Green Line has tart base notes and fresh citrus flavours.
In the Aladin Shisha Shop, we offer the entire range of Os tobacco in the practical 250g version. Whether you are looking for your favourite variety or new taste experiences, you will find it here. Dive into the world of Os tobacco and experience the ultimate pleasure during your hookah rounds. Visit our shop and discover the variety of Os tobacco!

Also discover the new Os 65g Dry Base pipe tobacco. Enjoy the highest quality and freshness with 65g of the finest flavoured raw tobacco and ensure long-lasting enjoyment and unbeatable value for Money!


O's Tobacco

The well-known tobacco manufacturer Doobaco has been known for years for qualitative and first-class products in the field of hookah tobacco.
Under O's combines many years of experience with first-class flavors and Virginia tobacco of the premium class.
The varieties are divided into 2 different lines.
The Red Line stands for fruity flavor explosions, where the base notes of the varieties are kept mainly sweet and are wonderfully rounded off by a combination of different flavors in the top note. The perfect example of this combination can be seen in the probably best-known variety of O's tobacco - African Queen.
But also the Disco tobacco with its sweet peach aroma or the 54, which can be equated with a ripe watermelon and is rounded off with a hint of mint, perfectly reflects the composition of the Red Line.
The Green Line againrum stands primarily for acidic base notes and is an absolute must-have for all citrus fans. In addition to lemon, lime and grapefruit, but also the famous Bonnie 'n Clyde can be found in this line. Green apple, known for its sweet and sour, tangy taste rounded off by a cool icy note make this variety so popular.
The tobacco comes in handy resealable tins, which allows the tobacco to be stored for a long time.