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Novelties & Current trends from our shisha shop

In this category you will find the latest products from our hookah store. Take a look at our novelties and do not miss the latest hookahs on the market, the latest tobacco brands and popular new varieties. Also in the area of hookah accessories there are many new highlights, time does not stand still, new innovations appear daily on the hookah market.

It doesn't stop - the hookah market is developing at breakneck speed

If you have been following the hookah scene for a long time, you will quickly have noticed that the wheel in the scene is now turning very quickly and a lot has changed over the past few years. Whether in the area of ​​shisha or shisha tobacco. Tobacco brands with new, interesting flavors are appearing on the market faster and faster. A lot has also changed in the area of ​​hookahs, with new hookah models appearing again and again, whether made of stainless steel, carbon or with a wooden smoke column. The variety of products for hookah accessories is now gigantic, with new innovative products appearing all the time.

Don't miss anything from the hookah scene

Smoking hookah is becoming increasingly popular in Western culture. This means that there is an increasing selection of products for waterpipes lovers. When choosing your hookah you can choose from different colors, shapes and sizes: Here you will find the right hookah for every need. Shisha tobacco is now available in a wide variety of flavors and the number is increasing: Whether double apple or lemoncake - don't miss out on discovering your new favorite variety

It is time to relax

An important aspect of smoking hookah is to just relax and spend a few cozy hours. To make this possible, there are more and more innovative products that make it easier for us to enjoy the Shisha comfortably. Various aids such as hose holders ensure that smoking waterpipes becomes the ultimate in relaxation.

The aesthetics and appearance of the hookahs are becoming increasingly important

Apart from the high quality, the appearance is becoming more and more important for many hookah fans, from modern designed bowls to decorative stones to LED coasters - there is everything your heart desires. New designs keep coming onto the market and the possibilities are far from exhausted. Always discover new models and design ideas for your hookah corner.