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Nargilem Tobacco

Buy Nargilem Hookah tobacco in the Aladin Shisha Shop

Welcome to our extensive collection of Nargilem hookah tobacco! Here you will find a rich selection of exquisite flavours that will make your hookah sessions unforgettable.

Our wide range of Nargilem hookah tobacco varieties offers something for every palate. From fruity explosions to refreshing compositions, each variety is an invitation to a taste adventure. Discover the world of flavours and find your personal favourites.

Each flavour in our Nargilem hookah tobacco collection has been created with care and passion. We only use premium Virginia Class 1 tobacco, which is known for its optimal texture. This not only ensures an even burn, but also the perfect base for the flavours to develop.

Our wide range includes a wide selection of flavours, ranging from classic favourites to exciting novelties. Try the familiar taste of blackberry in 'Mr Brom' or venture into the refreshing combination of lime and ice in 'Green'. With variations such as Lemon Pie, Berry Mix, Grape and DragonBery, Nargilem's selection offers endless possibilities.

The best thing about Nargilem hookah tobacco in the Aladdin hookah shop is that you can conveniently buy these fascinating flavours online. Browse through the variety, compare the flavour profiles and choose the varieties that best suit your preferences. We deliver directly to your door, so you can enjoy premium hookah tobacco with no hassle.

Dive into the world of endless flavours and discover the magic that Nargilem hookah tobacco has to offer. Whether you're looking for new taste experiences or just want to enjoy your favourite varieties, our collection is ready to take your hookah sessions to the next level. Enjoy quality, taste and variety with Nargilem hookah tobacco!



Nargilem Tobacco

and several further Hookah Tobacco here at Aladin Shop.

Aladin Shisha Shop - In the market for over 30 years

We have been in the hookah industry for over 30 years now and, in addition to hookahs, we also offer hookah tobacco, hookah charcoal and a very large selection of hookah accessories from well-known manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and that's how we handle contact with our customers, whether by phone or via mail.

Hookah tobacco

There are a large number of different tobacco manufacturers on the German market. At our Shisha Shop we therefore also offer a large selection of other different manufacturers and flavors. Most tobaccos have a base of high-quality Virginia Gold raw tobacco, which is quite light and has almost no taste of its own. However, some manufacturers also work with stronger raw tobacco, such as Burley and Dark Air Cured, which gives the tobacco a certain character and you can taste the basic tobacco when you smoke. These more intense tobaccos are very popular with many hookah smokers because they want exactly this slight aftertaste of the basic tobacco.

Whether you prefer to opt for lighter or stronger hookah tobacco, the question remains in which direction the taste should go. From rather simple varieties, such as mint, forest berries, or lemon, to popular mixtures of different types of fruit, to more tart varieties such as coffee or floral varieties, such as violet or rose, there is a hookah smoker for everyone (in) a very large selection. We also offer ready-made mixtures with mint or ice. In addition, there are also particularly unusual varieties on the market that have their fan base. Well-known classics include grape-mint and double apples with aniseed. But if you can't find a finished variety whose mixture is 100% pleasing, you can of course buy individual varieties and mix the tobacco according to your ideas. There are hardly any limits to your imagination and sometimes it's the craziest mixes that taste best.

Huge selection of hookahs

At our hookah shop you will find waterpipes from different manufacturers in different sizes, shapes and colors. The material of the hookahs also differs. Some models have a smoke column made of stainless steel, others, for example, have a smoke column made of aluminum. Even the type of closure is not always the same; here we are talking about plug-in systems, thread lock system and quick lock system. So if you want to buy a pipe you are spoiled for choice and we are happy to help you find the right hookah. Many waterpipes are also offered by us as a complete package with an abundance of  accessories. Of course, some special features are particularly present in the more expensive models. These include, among other things, practical ground joint connections, screw-on diffusers and the closed chamber system, which allows you to easily blow stale smoke out of the bowl. The choices are huge.

Hookah coal

Even the best tobacco is of no use without the right charcoal. Here at our Shop, we offer you both quicklight charcoal and natural hookah charcoal. What exactly is the difference? The quicklight charcoal is enriched with easily flammable additives, which makes it possible to light the charcoal quickly and easily with a lighter. However, the same high temperature is not reached with the quicklight charcoal as with the natural charcoal and also usually has a certain taste of its own. Natural charcoal is mostly produced from coconut shells, is very tightly pressed and in the form of a cube. It should be noted that without a gas burner or an electric coal lighter it is hardly possible to ignite the natural coals, as these do not have any inflammable additives that accelerate the ignition. Good natural charcoal also has no real taste of its own, which means that you can ultimately enjoy the smoked hookah tobacco more intensely and unadulterated. We generally recommend the use of natural charcoal. Corresponding charcoal lighters can be bought from us directly with the hookah.

Accessories for your hookah:

The variety of accessories is getting bigger and bigger. In our Aladin Hookah online shop there is a colorful selection of different silicone hoses for hookahs and the matching mouthpieces. There are mouthpieces made of aluminum, epoxy, stainless steel, glass or other materials. To expand the hookah, you still need the right hose adapter and hose connection.

Bowls- Tobacco bowl construction

It is now known that the hookah bowl and construction are primarily responsible for the result and the quality of the hookah experience. Because coal, tobacco and the correct bowl construction form the basis and heart of the hookah. The perfect recipe doesn't exist, however, as different tobaccos work best in different setups. In the Aladin Hookah Shop you have a diverse selection of different bowls. Popular phunnels like the Hookain LitLip or the Oblako Phunnel in many beautiful colors. A suitable HMD (Heat Management Device) such as the Kaloud Lotus is part of an even more consistent and professional setup.

In addition to the large selection of Phunnel bowls in all sizes, colors and shapes, there are of course glass bowls, multi-hole heads, standard clay heads such as the KS-Appo or a common clay head. These are best for double apples, grape-mint or other standard varieties.

The larger the selection of tobacco bowls, the more likely it is that you will find the perfect setup for you.

Hookah replacement bottles

A paradise made of glass. This is exactly what we have in the Aladin Hookah Shop. Nobody wants to be like another - and that's exactly why we have a huge selection of different glasses in all sizes, shapes and colors. Because thanks to the different plug-in bowls you can build your hookah exactly as you have always wanted.

Unfortunately, it is part of the process that a glass accidentally breaks. That is why we offer you a large selection of replacement bottles.

Cleaning your Hookah

Should your waterpipe have a long life, then you have to clean your hookah and its accessories regularly. That this is not enough with warm water, because the aromas of the tobacco tend to stick to the pipe or in the head. That is why there are special cleaners and brushes that are specially made for the hookah. On the one hand, there are thin brushes for the smoke column and thicker brushes for the bottle. To really loosen the dirt, we recommend one of the various cleaners.

Use for proper cleaning:

    • Rinse your hookah with warm water
    • Apply Cleaner to all surfaces
    • Let it soak in for 5 minutes
    • Scrub with the brush
    • Rinse with warm water again