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Aladin 2 Go Hookahs

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Our Aladin 2 Go is a very special hookah in travel format. Here you get a really small hookah with a size of only 23cm.

Overall, it needs very little space and is intended as a travel hookah. The 2 Go is quick to assemble and has a high quality processing. You can choose between a V2A stainless steel or colorful aluminum hookah. The thick glass makes our Aladin 2 Go heavier than it looks but that's what gives it the solid stand. It is also equipped with an integrated diffuser.

Thus, you get a full-fledged and high-quality travel hookah at a fair price.

In our online store you can buy Aladin 2 Go Shisha from Aladin Shisha.


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Aladin 2 Go – the perfekt Travel Hookah

You don't feel like lugging your heavy hookah with you for your outdoor session? Then the Aladin 2 Go will be perfect for you! You can smoke anytime and anywhere.

With the Aladin 2 Go, the manufacturer Aladin has brought a handy and practical travel hookah onto the market. Due to its compact size and the supplied travel bag, it can be transported without any worries. The bowl is made of massive and thick acrylic glass. This material also protects the bottle of the Aladin 2 Go from breaking during transport. It offers you a wonderful smoking pleasure with thick clouds of smoke and a full-bodied taste.

The Aladin 2 Go Hookah from Aladin impresses with its high quality and excellent workmanship. They are available in different versions. The stainless steel version is available on the one hand with a bowl with a shiny effect and on the other hand as a pure clear edition.

The new aluminum models are not only compact, but also extremely stylish; they are made in many different colors such as blue, gold, green, red, black and silver and are even a bit lighter than the stainless steel version.

Both models have an integrated diffuser, which reduces the noise development, so that you can regulate the volume of the bubbling as you like. In addition, a closed chamber is attached to the smoke column. With an LED coaster you can create a beautiful play of colors.

Simply perfect for hot summer days, to take with you to the lake, to the park or on vacation at the beach.