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Moze Breeze Two Hookahs

Buy Moze Breeze Two Hookahs in the Aladin Shisha Shop

The Moze Breeze Two hookahs are very special Russian-style hookahs at a fair price.
Like the other models from Moze Shisha, the Breeze Two consists of different materials and is definitely a real eye-catcher with its showy and elegant design.
Of course, the smoke column made of epoxy resin with its playful color gradient is particularly striking. This is a sleeve that is placed over the actual stainless steel smoke column. Separately available sleeves allow you to change the look of your Moze Breeze Two again and again without much effort. The glasses are available separately in different Colors as well, so you can make some design adjustments.
The base of the hookah is made of POM plastic and all metal parts are made of stainless steel.

The Moze Breeze Two is equipped with a plug closure and one hose connector. In the base is a closed chamber system, as well as the special blow-off system. The dip tube has a grooved pattern and is also equipped with an adjustable diffuser.

The patented blow-off system of the Breeze Two gives you the option to choose between 4 blow-off variants.
You have the following options to choose from:
1. the smoke is directed from the body upwards along the smoke column to the charcoal plate.
2. the smoke is directed from the bottom of the charcoal plate downwards to the body.
3. smoke exits above the charcoal plate and is directed upwards around the bowl.
4. the smoke exits between the charcoal plate and the additional plate and is directed to all sides at the same time.

A small hookah with many special features and striking design.

Moze Shisha itself sets the highest quality standards for its own products and maintains these with continuous testing.

In our online store you can buy Breeze Two Hookahs from Moze in different colors.


Moze Breeze Two Hookahs

here at Aladin Shisha Shop.

Aladin Shisha Shop - In the market since 1987
We have been in the hookah industry for over 30 years now and, in addition to hookahs, we also offer hookah tobacco, hookah charcoal and a very large selection of hookah accessories from well-known manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and that's how we handle contact with our customers, whether by phone or via e-mail.

A huge selection of hookahs

Our shop offers a large selection of hookahs of various brands, in all possible shapes, colors and sizes. Some hookahs have a smoke column made of aluminum or stainless steel, or made of epoxy, glass or wood. You can find all these water pipes with their different materials in our Shop. All metal parts of Aeon Edition 4, are made of high-quality stainless steel, as is the Steamulation Prime Pro X or the Aladin MVP models.

These qualities of the precision-made products ensure that the hookahs have a long service life. The Ocean Hookah Kaif S is also made of high-quality stainless steel.

Plug-in systems, click fasteners or screw caps

You can find these different types of closure systems in our Shop. We are happy to help you find your dream hookah! The Moze Breeze 2 from Moze is ideal for creating a desired pipe according to your ideas. A large number of variable smoke column sleeves and plug-in bowls enable the waterpipe to be put together individually. The Ocean Kaif S, for example, is also very variable in its design thanks to its modular system. The system allows the smoke column to be exchanged or changed as required.

The MIG Armor works according to the plug and play principle. Without a thread or seal and simply by plugging it together, it is ready for use quickly and easily.

And for lovers of ready-made colored designs, our Aladin Hookah MVP 460 is a decorative product with a colorful design. And - to stick with the popular MVP hookahs - Aladin supplies hookahs with the MVP 360 series, which impress with their many beautiful colors.

The hookah accessories are also very extensive. We offer hookahs in a complete set with extensive accessories. The higher-priced offers in particular have some useful features, practical ground connections, but also different blow-offs as well as adjustable or unscrewable diffusers, which allow you to remove stale smoke from the bowl without much effort (closed chamber system).

Are you looking for a pipe with a bowl made of exclusive glass? Then, the Steamulation Superior Rose Hookah could be considered. Or would you prefer crystal glass? The Classic Platinum from Steamulation is ideal for this case. And anyone looking for an exclusive, individual product is well advised with the Hookah Edition 4 from AEON. Because the bowls of this hookahs are mouth-blown and elaborately handcrafted.

A small version - and therefore well suited for mobile use - is the Hookah Kaif S by Ocean. Their height is only 39 cm. The Moze Sphere Purple / Blue has a handcrafted German ball made of wood that has been stabilized by epoxy resin: Each piece is unique! The possibilities are really huge, a visit to the Aladin Hookah Shop will convince you.

Tobacco for your hookah

Most of the time, the tobacco for hookahs is made of high quality Virginia Gold raw tobacco. This is very light and has almost no taste of its own. Various manufacturers also use stronger raw tobacco, for example Dark Air Cured or Burley varieties. This gives the tobacco more character and makes it possible to taste the basic tobacco while enjoying it. Many hookah smokers appreciate this intense aroma, as it allows them to taste the basic tobacco with its additional taste much more intensely. But it is purely a matter of taste whether you opt for the stronger or the lighter tobacco. There is also a large number of flavors available: From simple varieties with their fruity aromas of wild berries, lemon or mint, as well as various popular fruity mixes to the bitter varieties, like coffee. You will find a large selection in our shop. You can also find cult varieties such as double apples, cherries and strawberries in our range. Also flowery varieties such as rose or violet. Our ready-made mixtures with ice or mint are also popular. And if you can't find a mix that suits you one hundred percent despite the huge selection, you still have the opportunity to buy individual varieties and mix your own tobacco according to your preferences.

Coal for hookahs

What use is the best hookah tobacco without the right hookah coal? Nothing! That is why we offer you a wide selection of high quality products from various coconut charcoal brands in our shop. Likewise a whole range of quicklight charcoal. The difference between these two types is that the quicklight coal has been enriched with various additives that are very easily ignitable, which in turn enables quick and easy lighting with a lighter. The disadvantage compared to natural charcoal, is that the same high temperature is not reached here and a certain taste of its own is occasionally noticeable. Coconut shells usually form the raw material for natural charcoal, which is pressed firmly and processed into various cube shapes and sizes. However, it is hardly possible to light the natural coal without an electric coal lighter or gas burner, as it lacks the substances that normally accelerate the ignition process. The big advantage of good natural charcoal, is the lack of its own taste, which means that the actual tobacco can be enjoyed much more unadulterated and more intensively. These are good reasons to use natural charcoal. We therefore also recommend this type of lighting. For a quick ignition process, we have commercially available charcoal lighters in our range.

More accessories for your hookah

Not all hookahs are available in a complete set. However, this does not necessarily have to mean a disadvantage, because there are many ways to expand, upgrade and personalize every pipe. The selection of accessories is very extensive and large. At our online shop you can find a selection of different silicone hoses for the waterpipe as well as the matching mouthpieces: aluminum, stainless steel, glass, epoxy, carbon or others - all of these serve as materials for the mouthpieces.

A suitable hose adapter and hose connection are required to expand the hookah. Furthermore, valve balls, attachments and hookah windscreens - all accessories and spare parts that are available in our hookah shop.

Hookah Bowl

It is no longer a secret that the hookah bowl and its construction are responsible for the quality of the smoking enjoyment. Coal, tobacco and the ideal structure of the head form a unit that is responsible for the quality of smoking. However, there is no one-size-fits-all recipe for ideal enjoyment, because all tobacco brands work differently in different setups. Here you just have to try it out to find the best combination of tobacco and water pipe. In any case, our shop supplies you with a variety of different heads, for example the popular Phunnel Oblako or Hookain LitLip in many varied colors. The setup becomes even more professional and coherent with the appropriate heat management device (HMD), for example the Kaloud Lotus.

In addition to the large selection of differently sized, colored and shaped Phunnel heads, standard clay heads are of course also part of our range. For example the KS-Appo or a normal sound head. These standard clay heads are ideal for standard varieties such as grape-mint or double apple. The same applies here: Try out the different varieties from our shop until you have found your perfect setup.

Hookah replacement bottles

The large selection of glasses in our shop is very special and diverse. Neither is like the other, here you will only find people who, are waiting for the individual connoisseur. The choice of sizes, colors and shapes is immense, and this allows you to design your shisha the way you have always imagined, thanks to the different plug-in bottles.  Since glass is an easily breakable material, we supply replacement hookah glasses for all Aladin MVP models. Regardless of whether it is the MVP 360 or whether the MVP 470 needs a new bottle. Bases from many other manufacturers and for many other models can therefore be found in our Shisha Shop. Everyone will find something at our shop!

And how do you clean a waterpipe?

To enjoy your pipe and accessories for a long time, you have to look after them and clean them regularly. This is not enough just with warm water, because the aromas of the tobacco tend to settle in the hookah tabacco bowl. Special brushes and cleaners ensure good and thorough cleaning here. There are very slim brushes for the smoke column and correspondingly thicker ones for the bowl. Nevertheless, it may be necessary to use one of the different cleaners to achieve a thorough cleaning.

For a professional cleaning of the hookah, you should first rinse it with warm water and then apply the hookah cleaner to all surfaces if possible. After the care product has worked for five minutes, scrub the individual parts thoroughly with the brush. Finally, rinse your hookah again with warm water.