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Moze Breeze Pro Hookahs

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The Moze Breeze Pro are the result of a 1.5 year development project that represents an evolution of the popular Breeze Two hookahs. The Moze Breeze Two hookahs are very special Russian-style hookahs at a fair price. Like the other models from Moze Shisha, the Breeze Two consists of different materials and is definitely a real eye-catcher with its showy and elegant design.

A great new feature of the Moze Breeze Pro is the Bowl Purge System, which allows you to cool down your head if it gets too hot. Simply press the button on the base and blow into the hose as usual.

Of course, the smoke column made of epoxy resin with its playful color gradient is particularly striking. This is a sleeve that is placed over the actual stainless steel smoke column. Separately available sleeves allow you to change the look of your Moze Breeze Two again and again without much effort. The glasses are available separately in different Colors as well, so you can make some design adjustments.

The Moze Breeze Two is equipped with a plug closure and one hose connector. In the base is a closed chamber system, as well as the special blow-off system. The dip tube has a grooved pattern and is also equipped with an adjustable diffuser.

The Breeze Pro's patented blow-off system gives you the option to choose between 3 blow-out variants.
You have the following options to choose from:

1) Launch Blowoff: Smoke rises from the base towards the plate along the column of smoke. To do this, the sleeve is turned to the right.
2) Rainfall Blowoff: The smoke falls below the charcoal plate in the direction of the base. To do this, the sleeve is turned to the left and the plate is turned to the right.
3) Plate Blowoff: The smoke emerges from the gap between the small and large charcoal plates. To do this, the sleeve and charcoal plate are turned to the left.

In our online store you can buy Breeze Pro Hookahs from Moze in different colors.