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 Loyal Hookah Tobacco 

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Loyal Hookah Tobacco

Welcome to the world of Loyal tobacco in the Aladin Shisha Shop! Here you will find a unique selection of premium hookah tobacco that will take your smoking experience to a new level. Loyal Tobacco, a brand of the highest quality and sophistication, brings you a variety of exquisite flavours that will enchant your senses.
Loyal tobacco is synonymous with outstanding quality and incomparable taste. Each flavour has been developed with the utmost care and expertise to give you an intense and fulfilling hookah experience. The hookah tobacco is manufactured to the highest standards and offers a wide range of flavours, from fruity-sweet to refreshing and exotic.
Discover the wealth of Loyal tobacco flavours in the Aladin Shisha Shop. From fruity combinations like "KIMATRA #4" with kiwi, passion fruit and grape to the refreshing note of "GREEN-K #11" with berries, honeydew melon and cactus - each flavour tells its own story and takes you on a taste journey.
With Loyal tobacco, you experience a symbiosis of tradition and innovation. The tobacco blends are carefully developed to meet the demands of modern hookah enthusiasts. Loyal always remains true to its core values of quality and authenticity.
At Aladin Shisha Shop, we believe that hookah smoking is an art that should be celebrated with passion and dedication. With this in mind, we offer you Loyal tobacco, a brand that embodies this passion and offers you incomparable flavours for unforgettable moments.
Dive into the world of Loyal tobacco at the Aladin Shisha Shop and experience an exquisite selection of tobaccos that will take your hookah enjoyment to a new level. From the intense flavours to the unsurpassed quality - Loyal tobacco stands for an exceptional hookah experience. Visit the Aladin Shisha Shop and discover the world of Loyal tobacco flavours today!


Items 1 - 22 of 22

Items 1 - 22 of 22

Loyal tobacco: A taste experience in a class of its own

Loyal tobacco: The perfect choice for discerning hookah lovers

Hookah smoking is not only a tradition, but an art of enjoyment. For those looking for exceptional flavours and an unparalleled smoking experience, Loyal Tobacco is the ultimate choice. Dive into the fascinating world of Loyal Tobacco and discover a wide range of flavours that will enchant your senses.
Loyal Tobacco stands for quality, enjoyment and variety. As a renowned manufacturer of high-quality hookah tobacco, Loyal Tabak offers an impressive selection of flavours that help to make hookah smoking a true taste explosion. Loyal Tobacco's exquisite blends are characterised by their finely tuned flavours that delight both experienced smokers and novices.

Loyal Tobacco - the new German standard in hookah tobacco

With great care and a long development process, the noble tobacco brand Loyal Tobacco has been presenting its premium quality on the German market since March 2022. The Aladin company gives its loyal customers a product that meets the highest standards. Loyal Tobacco impresses with its finely tuned flavours and fruity blends, which are not only convincing in terms of taste, but also stand out due to their excellent smoking behaviour. Produced in Germany, this hookah tobacco offers everything your heart desires at fair prices. An incomparable taste experience is therefore guaranteed.

The origins of Loyal Tobacco

The history of Loyal Tobacco began with the pursuit of perfection. At a time when hookah culture was becoming increasingly popular, the creators of Loyal Tobacco recognised the need to produce tobacco of the highest quality. After extensive research and development, Loyal tobacco was born - a product that not only offers excellent flavours but also meets the highest quality standards.

Quality and refinement from Loyal tobacco

The quality of Loyal tobacco is unsurpassed. Each flavour is developed with care and precision to ensure an optimal taste experience. The flavours used are no ordinary 0815 blends, but have been specially adapted to Loyal Tobacco's requirements. Even the Virginia tobacco used in the blends has been refined according to a unique recipe to enable perfect absorption of the molasses.

The variety of Loyal Tobacco flavours

The variety of Loyal tobacco flavours is impressive. With eleven different flavours, Loyal tobacco offers the right option for every palate. From fruity blends like "KIMATRA #4", which combines kiwi, passion fruit and grape, to unconventional flavours like "GREEN-K #11" with berries, honeydew melon and cactus - the choice is almost endless.

A journey through the world of flavours from Loyal Tabak

Loyal Tobacco's flavours are unsurpassed in their variety and quality. With a total of eleven different flavours, Loyal tobacco offers a wide selection that has something suitable for every hookah lover. Whether you are looking for a fruity or tart taste experience, Loyal tobacco has the perfect flavour on offer for every mood and preference. The senses are addressed in an incomparable way by the impressive range of Loyal tobacco.

Loyal Tobacco GRP MNT #1: Grape, Mint

Dive into the refreshing combination of sweet grape and cool mint. GRP MNT #1 is a harmonious blend of fruity sweetness and refreshing freshness that will invigorate your senses.

Loyal Tobacco BIR #2: Pear

The flavour Loyal Tobacco Pear #2 enchants with a fine and juicy taste reminiscent of freshly picked pears. Each puff reveals the natural, sweet and refreshing character of this tobacco variety and leaves the palate in fullest delight.

Loyal Tobacco DAP #3: Double Apple

A classic hookah flavour - DAP #3 combines the sweet taste of apples with a hint of aniseed that adds a fascinating depth.

Loyal Tobacco KIMATRA #4: Kiwi, Passion Fruit, Grape

The perfect harmony of exotic kiwi, sun-ripened passion fruit and juicy grape makes KIMATRA #4 an irresistible choice.

Loyal Tobacco MEL #5: Honeydew Melon, Watermelon

MEL #5 whisks you away to summer with a refreshing blend of honeydew melon and watermelon. A treat for the hot days.

Loyal Tobacco AnMA #6: Mango, Pineapple

The tropics united in one hookah: AnMA #6 offers the fruity explosion of mango and pineapple that will tantalise your senses.

Loyal Tobacco BEMA #7: Berry mix, passion fruit

Berry lovers take note! BEMA #7 combines various berries with the exotic touch of passion fruit.

Loyal Tobacco KIR #8: Cherry

The authentic cherry is finally here! KIR #8 convinces with a sweet yet authentic cherry flavour.

Loyal Tobacco LEMMI #9: Lemon, Mint

The refreshing combination of lemon and mint makes for an invigorating hookah experience. LEMMI #9 is perfect for lovers of freshness.

Loyal Tobacco MAVAMA #10: Mango, passion fruit, vanilla

MAVAMA #10 is a masterpiece of flavour combination. The sweetness of mango and passion fruit is rounded off by delicate vanilla.

Loyal Tobacco GREEN-K #11: Berry mix, honeydew melon, ice, cactus

The unusual blend of GREEN-K #11 combines berries, honeydew melon and a refreshing note of ice with the exotic taste of cactus.

The best flavours from Loyal Tobacco

Discover the incomparable bestsellers from Loyal Tobacco and let yourself be inspired by their exquisite variety! With a total of eleven different flavours on offer, the company has the right flavour for every taste. We present the best-known and most popular flavours here, so you can find your absolute favourite.

  • KIMATRA #4: Experience the perfect harmony of sweet and sour notes, sun-ripened fruits and refreshing aroma. KIMATRA is one of Loyal Tobacco's absolute favourites and is suitable for both pure enjoyment and delicious blends.
  • KIR #8: An authentic and sweet cherry tobacco - no candy, no marzipan. Loyal Tobacco is the first manufacturer to perfectly capture the taste of real cherries and transform it into an irresistible tobacco variety. No wonder this flavour is so popular!
  • MAVAMA #10: A unique taste experience awaits you with MAVAMA #10, where the main fruity flavours are perfectly combined with a subtle creaminess. The result is reminiscent of the delicious Solero Split ice cream and is ideal for fruity-sweet blends.
  • GREEN-K #11: Let yourself be enchanted by the seductively sweet and fruity flavour GREEN-K. The aromatic cactus flavour will delight you as soon as you open the can. Together with sweet berries and ripe honeydew melon, a powerful taste experience is created that is rounded off by a refreshing note of ice.

Loyal tobacco in the Aladin Shisha Shop

You can discover and purchase Loyal tobacco in the Aladin Shisha Shop. The Aladin Shisha Shop offers a wide selection of Loyal tobacco flavours and other accessories for a perfect hookah experience.

Loyal tobacco - A taste experience in a class of its own

Loyal tobacco is more than just tobacco - it is a journey through fascinating flavours, a tribute to quality and an invitation to enjoy the moment. With a wide range of varieties and intense flavours, Loyal tobacco offers unforgettable hookah smoking moments.
Dive into the world of Loyal tobacco and experience hookah smoking on a new level. The variety of flavours, the quality of the tobacco and the passion for an exceptional taste experience make Loyal tobacco the first choice for hookah enthusiasts.