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HQD Vapes - E-Hookahs

HQD - disposable vape - buy at Aladin Shisha Shop

Experience the unique vapor experience from HQD, one of the leading manufacturers of disposable vapes. With their elegant design and impressive performance, HQD Surv disposable vapes are a guarantee for an incomparable vapor experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaporist, HQD will convince you with its high-quality vape products. Dive into a world full of flavor variety and discover a huge selection of flavors from HQD e-cigarettes.

With about 600 puffs per vape and an intense flavor, HQD offers a long-lasting and unforgettable vapor experience. Best of all, no filling or charging required - the HQD disposable vape is the perfect on-the-go companion. Nicotine-free options are also taken care of: discover a huge selection of nicotine-free HQD E-Hookahs with the HQD Hoova Disposable Vape and enjoy the feeling of freedom and comfort without nicotine. Experience HQD vapes and enjoy a vapor experience in a class of its own.

Experience a new world full of flavor explosions and highest quality with HQD Vapes at Aladin Shisha Shop now. Dive into the extensive range of HQD products and find your personal favorite. Order today and let yourself be convinced by the variety and the unique taste experience. Benefit from our online store, which offers a wide selection of HQD vapes and allows you to order easily. Discover the world of HQD vapes at Aladin Shisha Shop now!


HQD Vape: A dive into the world of unique vaping

HQD Vape: Unique Flavours & Innovative Technology

HQD - these three letters stand for an exceptional vaping experience that has revolutionised the world of vaping. As a leading manufacturer of disposable vapes, HQD offers a range of products that excite vapers and immerse them in a new dimension of flavour with every puff. Whether you're a newcomer to vaping or an experienced vaper, HQD vapes impress with the highest quality, innovative technology and unforgettable variety of flavours.

The fascination of the HQD vape product range

HQD is more than just a brand - it is a philosophy of vaping that focuses on enjoyment, quality and innovation. The HQD Vapes product range speaks for itself: from the impressive HQD Surv series to the groundbreaking HQD Hoova+ disposable vape with mesh coil technology. Each product tells its own story, enticing with unique flavours and offering an unbeatable combination of ease of use and intense taste.

HQD Surv - Unforgettable vaping experiences

HQD Surv disposable vapes are not only companions for on the go, but also guarantors for authentic vaping. With their elegant design and uncomplicated handling, they offer a vapour experience that is in no way inferior to the intensity of conventional cigarettes. Whether fruity, refreshing or classic - the HQD Surv range of flavours covers a spectrum that leaves nothing to be desired.

HQD Surv flavours: A selection that inspires

Dive into a world of flavour explosions that HQD Surv has to offer. From Blackberry to Grapey to Lemon Lime Ice, each flavour has been carefully created to offer a unique and fulfilling vaping experience. The variety of flavours allows every vaporist to find their personal favourite and explore new horizons of enjoyment.

Nicotine and its role in HQD Surv

For vapers looking for that nicotine kick, HQD Surv disposable vapes offer a reasonable nicotine concentration of 18mg/ml per vape. This allows for a balanced experience that alleviates withdrawal without resorting to harmful ingredients such as tar or tobacco aerosols. HQD Surv is therefore not only a pleasure to vape, but also a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarettes.

HQD Hoova+ - Masterpiece of flavour explosion

The HQD Hoova+ disposable vape sets new standards in taste, technology and design. With its clean finish and advanced technology, it is a work of art that appeals to the senses. The handy pen shape allows for comfortable handling and is ideal for vapers who value style and substance.

The HQD Hoova+ world of flavours

With a wide range of flavours including Blackberry Cherry, Watermelon, Strawberry Kiwi and more, HQD Hoova+ offers an adventure for the taste buds. Each puff is a journey through an intriguing blend of flavours, carefully selected to create a harmonious yet exciting vapour experience.

Mesh Coil Technology: The heart of HQD Hoova Plus.

The HQD Hoova+ integrates the innovative Mesh Coil Technology, which provides even heat distribution and enhanced vapour production. This not only intensifies the taste, but also optimises consumption. The Mesh Coil Technology underlines HQD's commitment to an outstanding vapour experience.

HQD Hoova - freedom without nicotine

The HQD Hoova disposable vape is designed for vapers who prefer vaping without nicotine. It offers the same impressive variety of flavours as its nicotine counterpart, but allows for an independent vaping experience without the presence of nicotine.

Flavour symphony without nicotine: HQD Hoova flavours

The HQD Hoova flavour palette covers a range from fruity to refreshing, from sweet to tart. Whether you opt for the pure taste of Blueberry or prefer to try Blackberry, HQD Hoova offers a sensory journey that leaves nothing to be desired.

Child safety and easy handling with HQD Vape

HQD disposable vapes are not only a treat for adults, but also focus on child safety. The sturdy construction ensures that the vape can withstand the rigours of everyday life, while the child-proof seal ensures that the contents are protected from prying hands.
It is imperative that e-cigarettes are child-resistant and tamper-evident in accordance with the Tobacco Products Act. Manufacturers of disposable vapes have adapted to this regulation and have integrated parental controls into their devices to protect children from accessing nicotine-containing vapour. Unfortunately, there are still many vapers who are unaware of this change and worry that their vape is defective. Fortunately, manufacturers have developed various methods to implement parental controls in disposable vapes. For example, with the HQD brand, the vape must be switched on or off by taking three quick drags in a row. During the draw, the back of the vape lights up to indicate that it is in operation.
The uncomplicated handling makes the HQD Vape the ideal companion for on the go.

How do I use the HQD E-Shisha correctly?

For anyone looking for a simple and convenient vaping experience, the disposable e-cigarette from HQD is the perfect choice. It is all in one: no need to charge the battery or refill liquid - just unpack, draw and start vaping! With the HQD Vape, a burnt taste is a thing of the past. The secret lies in the optimal setting of the liquid, which ensures a pleasant smoking experience and excellent taste. The disposable e-cigarette is ideal for on the go or in between, as it is ready to use immediately. As soon as the tank is empty and the battery used up, the e-cigarette can simply be thrown away.

Why HQD Vapes revolutionise vaping

HQD Vapes stand for more than just products - they stand for a movement that is redefining vaping. HQD's passion for quality, innovation and sustainability is reflected in every component of their products. From the careful selection of flavours to the integration of breakthrough technologies, HQD strives to deliver unforgettable experiences to vapers worldwide.

HQD Vapes at Aladin Shisha Shop: Your gateway to the world of flavour

The Aladin Shisha Shop is proud to offer a wide range of HQD vapes. Whether you choose the intense flavours of HQD Surv, the innovation of HQD Hoova+ or the freedom of HQD Hoova without nicotine, the Aladin Shisha Shop brings you closer to the fascinating world of HQD vapes. Dive in and discover the incomparable vapour experience of HQD.