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Item with Material Rauchsäule: Stainless Steel

Buy stainless steel hookahs

In our online hookah shop you will find a wide selection of stainless steel hookahs of renowned manufacturers and brands. Not for nothing are stainless steel hookahs among the most popular hookahs, stainless steel brings a lot of advantages. Stainless steel hookahs are high quality hookahs, they are absolutely rust-free and can be cleaned easily.

In our range of stainless steel hookahs you are guaranteed to find the right model for you, our range includes stainless steel hookahs in different sizes, from stainless steel hookah to-go to XXl hookah. Our stainless steel models are available in many different colors and sizes. You can find more hookahs made of different materials in our category Hookahs.


Items 1 - 24 of 180

Items 1 - 24 of 180

Buy stainless steel hookahs at Aladin Shisha Shop

Nowadays most hookahs are made of stainless steel, because the material has many advantages. Their characteristic and special hardness promise a very long life. In addition to their longevity, stainless steel hookahs convince with their good hygienic properties, as they are easier to clean thoroughly and thus any tobacco can be enjoyed without the tastes from previous smoking mixing. In addition, stainless steel hookahs are rust-free and robust. Usually V2A steel is used in production, which has the highest quality standards.

Manufacturers like Ocean and Aeon offer wonderful premium stainless steel hookahs. They convince with their modern and eye-catching design, as well as their good workmanship. The Aoen Edition 4 is handcrafted in Germany and offers outstanding smoking behavior. Like the Ocean Kaif S, it only has one hose connection, which promotes smoke development. The Kaif S has a wonderful blow-out system under the coal plate, so that the blown smoke escapes below the tobacco bowl adapter and shoots towards the bottle.

Moze produces high-quality stainless steel hookahs in a trendy Russian design. They are absolute all-rounders and real eye-catchers in every hookah round. Particularly noticeable is the smoke column made of resin epoxy resin with its playful color gradient. Moze pipes are equipped with a plug lock and one hose connection. In addition, there is a closed chamber in the bottle, as well as the well-known and special blow-off system. An adjustable diffuser is also attached to the downpipe. Simply unique stainless steel hookahs at a fair price.

The manufacturer Aladin also produces excellent stainless steel hookahs, such as those of the MVP series. They are made of high-quality V2A stainless steel and come in a complete package with a silicone hose set and a chimney tobacco bowl set so that your session can start immediately. The MVP models offer you high quality at an unbeatable price and at the same time great smoking behavior. Thanks to their spacious and modern equipment, nothing to be desired.

Brodator and Genesis are 4-hose pipes from THS and are made of robust stainless steel of excellent quality. These are hookahs with many features and great equipment. Like the 360 ​​degree closure system of Genesis, this allows you to easily pass the hose on without having to turn the whole pipe. Thanks to the CE and RoHS marks, Brodator hookahs guarantee that they do not contain any unhealthy or even toxic substances.

The producer Steamulation has developed the special StreamClick360 click fastener. It is considered to be the quickest fastener in the world. You can see the excellent quality at first glance. Because only high-quality materials such as V2A and V4A stainless steel, as well as aircraft aluminum and crystal glass are used. Even the diffuser contains a tobacco cutting technology so that the holes cannot be clogged with pieces of tobacco. The unique serial number and the platinum logo are particularly luxurious. They are and will remain great and innovative high-end hookahs.

Hookahs made of stainless steel will inspire you both visually and qualitatively. In our online shop you will find an enormous selection of different stainless steel hookahs from well-known manufacturers. Let our products convince you and browse our offers.