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Our wide range of oriental hookahs offers you a large selection. Our offer ranges from cheap hookahs to high quality hookahs from branded manufacturers. In addition to the traditional hookahs from the oriental region, we also have an extensive range of inexpensive and high-priced stainless steel hookahs. Depending on your needs, you can choose between small transportable hookahs or large models. You have the choice whether you prefer to use the classic screw cap or the modern click cap. Since the hookah is becoming more popular from year to year, there are also unusual luxury hookahs to buy in addition to the stainless steel hookahs, glass or brass models. Whether handmade hookahs made of wood or extravagant hookahs made of carbon, you will find what you are looking for in our online shop.

Hookahs with Blow-offs have become increasingly popular in recent years


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    hookahs made of various materials like (stainless steel, glass, wood or brass)
    Numerous accessories

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How about a modern hookah with quick lock system?
hookah with quick lock system (click system), which means the smoke column of the hookah is connected to the glass of the hookah by means of a bayonet catch. You can choose from different colors, there is certainly your favorite color. The color selection is large and includes classic shades, such as red, blue and green, but also trendy fashion shades, such as pink or turquoise. You will also find transparent models in our assortment, and multi-colored models will also cause a stir.

Buy hookah with screw cap

In a hookah with a screw cap, the bowl and the smoke column are screwed together with a thread. The hookah with screw cap are suitable for beginners but also for experienced smokers equally well. To ensure that your hookah with screw cap lasts a long time, you should also properly maintain the thread. Regular greasing of the threads on the bottels and stem is absolutely recommended.

Hookahs with Blow Off System

Blow-offs on hookahs have become increasingly popular in recent years. By blowing the old smoke out of the bowl into the hose, the blow-off system is activated. Depending on the design of the shisha, the blow-off is placed in different places. Meanwhile, there are many great variations of this feature, which not only look good and benefit the look of a hookah, but are also extremely fun to play with the smoke.

There are also interesting variants in the optics of the stem

The modern hookahs are not only made of stainless steel or brass, more and more different materials are incorporated into the smoke column. For example, you can find in our hookah Shop different models with different combinations of stainless steel and carbon, epoxy resin, wood or even glass. You have the choice of different design variants.

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But also traditional hookahs you will find in our assortment.

The newest and currents hookahs

Stay up to date and always find the newest hookahs in our category New, where you will find current trends and news from the hookah scene.

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Relaxed a hookah smoking, it is part of the smoking culture to take your time, to enjoy and especially to avoid hectic and stress. Whether outdoors in nature as well as cozy at home or at parties - hookahs are becoming increasingly popular. Anyone who wants to buy a hookah, is exactly right with us. We offer you the right models and also numerous accessories, whether for long-time hookah smokers or for hookah beginners, we have the right hookah. Our hookahs are only classic quality, have great designs and excellent workmanship. After all, today it is no longer only in Arab countries to enjoy a hookah lifestyle. In Europe, more and more people are enthusiastic about a hookah, the hookah can finally also look back on a long tradition. Originally from India, but also the ancient Egyptians knew the hookah. Until today, the water pipe is firmly anchored in the culture of the Arab world and an important part of hospitality. Although you can of course smoke your hookah all by yourself, it is much more fun in company. After all, smoking the hookah used to be a social event.