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Aladin Shisha Shop FAQ FAQ: Helpful tips around the topic of Hookahs / Vapes & our Shisha Shop

Aladin Shisha Shop FAQ FAQ: Helpful tips around the topic of Hookahs / Vapes & our Shisha Shop

To which topic around the Shisha Shop do you have a question?

How do vouchers and coupons work in Aladin Shisha Shop?
  • The gift voucher is redeemed at checkout in the tab (Order Summary) Billing and Shipping Address > Shipping and Payment Method > Order Summary. Enter the voucher code and the amount will be deducted from the invoice total.

    Redeem voucher in Aladin Shisha Shop here

    Redeem voucher in Aladin Shisha Shop in Checkout

    Enter coupon code in Aladin Shisha Shop

  • Excluded from the coupon are already discounted items, vapes, vouchers and tobacco products.
  • Multiple coupons at once can not be combined with each other. You can only redeem one coupon per order.
  • Each coupon can only be redeemed once per customer.
  • You can redeem the coupon either directly in the shopping cart or later in the checkout. The amount will be deducted directly after entering the coupon.

    Redeem in shopping cart

    Redeem Aladin Shisha Shop coupon in shopping cart

    Enter Aladin Shisha Shop coupon code in shopping cart

    Redeem in ckeckout

    Redeem Aladin Shisha Shop coupon in checkout

  • A coupon grants you a discount on your order. A voucher, on the other hand, is considered a monetary substitute, which is determined by the amount stated on the voucher.

  • Only one voucher can be redeemed per order.
  • The gift voucher is valid for 3 years and can be redeemed in our shisha shop.
  • The voucher will be sent to you automatically by email. Please remember to check your spam folder. However, if you have ordered other items, you will receive the email including the voucher code only after the items have been shipped.
  • Vouchers and coupons are independent of each other and can both be redeemed in one order. In this case, the voucher acts as a means of payment and the coupon as a discount.
  • If you only order a gift voucher and have selected a free gift, we unfortunately have to remove the free gift from the order. Since digital shipping is triggered when you purchase only the gift certificate, but if you have an additional item in your shopping cart it is possible to receive a free gift. In this case, both postal and digital shipping will be triggered. You can email us the order number where you redeemed the voucher code and we will gladly add the gift to the package.
  • If there is a remaining amount, it can be redeemed with the next order. Regardless of whether you have a customer account or not!
  • If your invoice amount is higher than the value of the voucher, our payment provider Mollie sometimes has problems. In this case, please contact us so that we can send you the adjusted invoice: [email protected]

  • Please note that some items are excluded from coupons. These include already discounted items, vapes, vouchers and tobacco products. Furthermore, it is possible that you have not yet reached the minimum order value for the coupon. If either of these points do not apply, please contact us by email: [email protected]
Order process and customer account
  • There are many good reasons to create a personal account. You enter your data only once and can then order again and again quickly and conveniently. You can also view your previous orders and the status of your current order, as well as track shipments through your customer account. You can save your favorite items on your personal notepad (wish list), send them to friends by e-mail and add them to your shopping cart at a later time. You no longer have to enter your address data and have many other functions saved for your next visit.

    Your advantages at a glance:

    • easy and comfortable ordering. You enter your data only once.
    • you can save different addresses and delivery addresses.
    • you can view your previous orders, check the status and track shipments.
    • you can put articles on a notepad, leave notes, look at them later and put them into the shopping cart as you wish.
    • payment methods can be stored and the preferred payment method for future orders can be set.
    • you can delete the customer account at any time.
    • newsletter settings can be changed in the customer account at any time. (Under My Personal Data)

    Create customer account now and secure all advantages

  • As soon as you add an item to the shopping cart, the number of items in the shopping cart is displayed at the top of the header. Just click on the shopping cart icon to go to the overview and then to the shopping cart.

    Aladin Shisha Shop item in shopping cart

  • You can add items to your wishlist by clicking the Add to Wishlist button next to the shopping cart button. On your personal wishlist (notepad) you can save your favorite items, create notes about the product, send them to friends by email and add them to your shopping cart at a later time.

    You can find the wish list in the desktop version at the top of the store header

    Aladin hookah store wish list desktop

    In the mobile version in the burger menu under the categories.

    Aladin Shisha Shop wish list mobile

    Please note that this function is only available to customers with a customer account.

  • Simply click on "Forgot password" at the top of the header under the Customer account button and enter your e-mail address stored in the customer account. We will send you an e-mail directly, which you can use to assign a new password. You can also change your password at any time in your customer account under My Account.

    Forgot password at aladin shisha shop

    Change password in customer account:

    Change password at aladin shisha shop

  • When you hover over an item image in the desktop area, the button for the comparison list is displayed.
    In the mobile area, the button is directly visible.

    Aladin shisha store comparison list

    Where can I find my comparison list?

    The comparison list Comparison list is displayed at the top of the header as soon as you have added an item.


    Aladin shisha store comparison list desktop


    Aladin shisha store comparison list mobile

  • Yes, this is not a problem. Just uncheck the delivery address is the same as the billing address in the order process. Then you can specify a separate shipping address.

    Aladin Shisha Shop specify different delivery address

  • No, we do not have a minimum order value.
  • Yes, in the area "My account" you will find the button: Delete customer account

    Delete customer account in Aladin Shisha Shop

  • Yes, if you are logged in to your customer account. You can view and edit your address data, your email address, your phone number, your password.

    Aladin Shisha Shop customer account data change

  • You can check the Create new customer account box under the Billing and shipping address tab on the way to checkout during the order process. The box is located below the contact details tab. You also have the possibility to create a new customer account under the button Customer account on Register now.

    Register in advance

    Register in advance at aladin Shisha Shop

    Create customer account in the order process

    Create customer account in the order process at Aladin Shisha Shop

  • For some products, our prices are staggered depending on the purchase quantity. As soon as you increase the purchase quantity, you will be shown the respective lower graduated price. The more you order, the lower the unit price. Please note that prices for tobacco products and all tax stamps may not be discounted or reduced.

    How to recognize which products have graduated prices

    graduated prices in Aladin shisha shop

    Cheap graduated prices in Aladin shisha shop

Support & General
  • Unfortunately not! Our processes are automated and can only be triggered via an online store order.
  • Please understand that we ship your order so quickly that a change is unfortunately no longer possible in most cases. But exceptions prove the rule. Please contact our customer service by phone at 0611 95 00 88 10 or by email at [email protected].

    We will check if we can still make a change. Within the first hour after order confirmation, changes can possibly still be made.

  • Aladin hookah store self pickup in our warehouse

    Yes, you can also pick up your order in our warehouse after consultation with our support. You can reach our support Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 17:00 and Friday from 8:00 to 16:00, you can reach us by mail: [email protected] or by phone at 0611-95008810.

    Please note that a cash payment is not possible before!

  • You can be notified under the tab "NOTIFY ME WHEN THIS ITEM IS AVAILABLE" under each item as soon as the item is available again

    Item notification when available

  • First of all, please contact our customer service by phone at 0611 95 00 88 10 or by email at [email protected].

    We will be happy to help you.

    Please note that we can not accept damaged items and returns due to our own fault!

  • You can under the tab QUEST TO ARTICLE us by e-mail a question, we help you gladly further.
    Please note that we can only answer your question directly during our opening hours Mon. - Thurs. from 8:00 to 17:00 and Fri. from 8:00 to 16:00. You can also call us and we will be happy to advise you: 0611 95 00 88 10


  • You can reach our customer hotline Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., by phone at 0611 95 00 88 10 or by email at [email protected]. We are happy to help you

  • Your invoice will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment once we have shipped your order. If you accidentally deleted the email, simply contact our customer service at 0611 95 00 88 10 or by email at [email protected]. We will be happy to resend you the invoice.

Shipping & Payment
  • Payment Options Aladin Shisha Shop  Payment options at Shisha Shop

    PayPal Checkout payment methods

    The display of the listed payment methods is at the discretion of PayPalThe display of the listed payment methods is at the discretion of PayPal, we as a merchant have no influence on it.
    Payment by per PayPal

    Payment by PayPal, a Paypal account is required.
    This payment method is available for all countries

    Payment by Kreditkarte per PayPal Plus

    Payment by credit card via PayPal Checkout, no additional PayPal account is required.
    This payment method is available for all countries

    Zahlung mit Lastschrift per PayPal Plus

    Payment by direct debit via PayPal Checkout, no additional PayPal account is required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Germany

    PayPal Pay Later PayPal Pay Later, a Paypal account is required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Germany
    Invoice purchase with Ratepay via PayPal Checkout Invoice purchase with Ratepay via PayPal Checkout, a Paypal account is required.
    Legal information
    By selecting the payment method Invoice purchase with Ratepay via PayPal Checkout you accept Ratepay's payment terms and agree to have a risk check performed by Ratepay, our partner. You also accept PayPal's privacy policy.
    If your transaction can be successfully processed by invoice purchase, the purchase price is assigned to Ratepay and you may only transfer money to Ratepay, not to the merchant.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Germany
    PayPal Credit PayPal Credit, a Paypal account is required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: United States, United Kingdom
    Giropay via PayPal Payment by Giropay via PayPal Checkout, no additional PayPal account required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Germany
    EPS bank transfer via PayPal Payment by EPS bank transfer via PayPal, no additional PayPal account required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Austria
    Bancontact via PayPal Payment by Bancontact via PayPal Checkout, eno additional PayPal account required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Belgium
    Blik via PayPal Payment by Blik via PayPal Checkout, no additional PayPal account required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Poland
    iDeal via PayPal Payment by iDeal via PayPal Checkout, no additional PayPal account required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Netherlands
    MyBank via PayPal Payment by MyBank via PayPal Checkout, no additional PayPal account required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Italy
    Przelewy24 via PayPal Payment by Przelewy24 via PayPal Checkout, no additional PayPal account required.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Poland

    PayPal Express

    Payment by PayPal Express

    Payment by PayPal Express
    This payment method is available for all countries

    Klarna SOFORT
    Payment by Klarna Sofort

    Payment by Sofortüberweisung, to pay by Sofortüberweisung you need online banking.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and UK.
    More information about Klarna

    Klarna Pay Later

    Payment by Klarna Pay Later

    Payment by purchase on invoice via Klarna
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Finland, Netherlands and Belgium
    More information about Klarna

    Klarna Slice It

    Payment by Klarna Slice It

    Payment by installment purchase via Klarna
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Germany, Austria and Finland
    More information about Klarna

    Klarna Pay now

    Payment by Klarna Pay now

    Payment by Klarna Pay now
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Germany, Austria, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium
    More information about Klarna

    Bank transfer/advance payment via Mollie

    Zahlung per Überweisung/Vorkasse über Molli

    Payment in advance/bank transfer via Mollie
    This payment method is available for all countries

    IDEAL via Mollie

    Zahlung per IDEAL über Molli

    Payment by iDEAL via Mollie, to pay by iDEAL you need online banking.
    This payment method is available for the following countries: Netherlands

    You can find more information on our payment options page

  • We regret that you have not received your package, although according to the tracking it was delivered. In this case we have to file an inquiry with DHL. For this we need a completed recipient declaration.

    DHL recipient declaration

    Please send us this filled out to:
    [email protected]

    DHL will then search for your package. Please note that an investigation usually takes between 3-4 weeks. You do not need to do anything else. As soon as we receive a response from DHL, we will get back to you without being asked.

  • Yes, you can have your order delivered to a packing station/post office or to a different delivery address. Please click on the box for different delivery address and select one of the options.

    Different delivery address Aladin Shisha Shop

    Select different delivery address Aladin Shisha Shop

    Packstation/Post office finder Aladin Shisha Shop

  • Fast Shipping In Germany the delivery time is usually 1-3 business day, to other European countries the delivery time is usually between 2-5 business days
  • Shipping with DHL

    We ship all our packages with DHL, for more information about our shipping please visit our Shipping Information page.

  • As soon as we ship your order, you will automatically receive an email with your shipment tracking. If you have a customer account, you can also view the shipment tracking under your customer account. Just click on the order and under "shipped" you can track your order. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours until the tracking can be viewed.

    Shipment tracking in the customer account

    Shipment tracking in the customer account

    Delivery status in Aladin Shisha Shop

  • Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Germany  Shipping Costs Gerany

    In Germany we charge a flat rate of 3,90€ up to 30kg. From an order value of 49€ we send free of shipping costs.

    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Europe  Shipping Costs Europe

    The shipping costs in Europe you can see in the table below. Please note that the shipping of tobacco is only possible within Germany.

    Country Shipping Free shipping
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Belgien  Belgium 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Bulgarien  Bulgaria 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Dänemark  Denmark 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Estland  Estonia 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Finnland  Finland 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Frankreich  France 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Griechenland  Greece 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Großbritanien  England 23,90 € 199 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Irland  Ireland 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Italien  Italy 14,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Kroatien  Croatia 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Lettland  Latvia 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Lichtenstein  Lichtenstein 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Litauen  Lithuania 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Luxemburg  Luxembourg 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Monaco  Monaco 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Niederlande  Netherlands 14,90 € ---
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costsNorwegen  Norway 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Österreich  Austria 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Polen  Poland 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Portugal  Portugal 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Rumänien  Romania 15,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Versandkosten San Mario  San Marino 14,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Schweden  Sweden 14,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Schweiz  Switzerland 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Slowakei  Slovakia 14,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Slowenien  Slovenia 14,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Spanien  Spain 14,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Tschechische Republik  Czech Republic 13,90 € 149 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Ungarn  Hungary 14,90 € 159 €
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Vatikanstadt  Vatican City 14,90 € 159 €
  • Of course we deliver within Germany and to the following countries:
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Belgien  Belgium
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Bulgarien  Bulgaria
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Dänemark  Denmark
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Estland  Estonia
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Finnland  Finland
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Frankreich  France
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Griechenland  Greece
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Großbritanien  England
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Irland  Ireland
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Italien  Italy
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Kroatien  Croatia
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Lettland  Latvia
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Lichtenstein  Lichtenstein
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Litauen  Lithuania
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Luxemburg  Luxembourg
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Monaco  Monaco
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Niederlande  Netherlands
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costsNorwegen  Norway
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Österreich  Austria
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Polen  Poland
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Portugal  Portugal
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Rumänien  Romania
    Aladin Shisha Shop Versandkosten San Mario  San Marino
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Schweden  Sweden
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Schweiz  Switzerland
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Slowakei  Slovakia
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Slowenien  Slovenia
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Spanien  Spain
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Tschechische Republik  Czech Republic
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Ungarn  Hungary
    Aladin Shisha Shop Shipping costs Vatikanstadt  Vatican City
  • The sale of tobacco products unfortunately violates the PayPal usage policy. This means we have to hide the payment method PayPal and Paypal Express for tobacco products and when there are tobacco products in the shopping cart.

    Under the Usage Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and chewing, snuff, and shisha tobacco, due to legal requirements and industry regulations for online tobacco commerce.
  • As soon as the shopping cart contains a tobacco product, we have to hide the payment method Paypal. The sale of tobacco products unfortunately violates the PayPal usage policy.

    Please choose another payment method in this case..

    Under the Usage Policy, PayPal may not be used to send or receive payments for tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars, and chewing, snuff, and shisha tobacco, due to legal requirements and industry regulations for online tobacco commerce.
  • Sometimes it happens that parcels get lost at DHL. If the tracking has not updated for 2 but no longer than 6 days, please contact us for a runtime complaint:
    [email protected]

    You can also easily submit a runtime complaint directly:
    WhatsApp: 022876363719

    Click here to access the DHL contact form.

    If the tracking hasn't updated for more than 6 days, we can no longer file a runtime complaint and must initiate an investigation. How an investigation works, its explained here:
    To the DHL investigation

  • You should first think about how much money you want to spend on a hookah and what is most important to you by a hookah. Often, the budget for the first purchase is around 50-100€. In this case, people often focus on a high-quality product with a good price-performance ratio. This is a good approach, as it allows you to get a taste of the subject for the time being. If you decide to buy later, you can always upgrade.
  • You must be at least 18 years old to smoke hookah. If you have reached this age but your friends have not, please smoke without them - as unpleasant as it may be. The Youth Protection Act prohibits young people under the age of 18 from consuming tobacco products or other nicotine-containing items, including nicotine-free hookah varieties. Traders are also not allowed to consent to the sale of these products to minors, even online.
  • With every puff of hookah, you ingest harmful substances and nicotine that are potentially carcinogenic and have an impact on your body and that of your unborn child. In worse cases, ingesting shisha tobacco can even lead to the baby's development being affected and the pregnancy being at risk. Nicotine can be addictive to both you and your unborn baby, tar and benzene both pose health risks, and carbon monoxide is absorbed even more when smoking a hookah than with cigarettes.  It is a risk to smoke even occasionally, as the possible harmful effects cannot be reversed. You and your baby's well-being should always be the top priority. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about whether it is worth taking the risks of hookah smoking during pregnancy. Passive smoking can cause just as much harm to your baby as active smoking. That's why when your friends get together to smoke, you should either not participate or ask them to meet in a place far enough away to avoid exposure to smoke. If you think that smoking hookah after giving birth will not affect your baby, we are sorry to disappoint you. Hookah smoking and breastfeeding are not compatible, just like smoking during pregnancy. The toxic fumes you ingest through hookah can also be passed on to your child through your breast milk. Therefore, it is advisable to refrain from smoking hookah at least until the child is no longer breastfed to ensure optimal protection.
  • The word hookah has its origins in Persian and basically means the same as the word glass/glass bottle. It has become established in German as a synonym for "water pipe". Interestingly, it is pronounced and used in a similar way in Turkey and Persian. Therefore, it can be said that the hookah bottle paved the way for the name of the popular water pipe.
  • It is important to know that it is not possible to give an exact filling volume in litres, as each bowl has a different filling volume and each dip tube a different length. In view of this, it is not possible to give a general litre volume figure. Follow this simple rule: fill the water in the bowl so that the lower end of the smoke column is submerged by a maximum of two centimetres. Here you can fiddle around and vary the water level to find out how much resistance you feel when you pull on your hookah hose. If you have to pull hard, you will have to take some water out of the bowl. On the other hand, if you feel that you are only pulling air, you need to add water.

  • It is imperative to change the hookah water regularly to maintain a good taste and a reasonable level of hygiene. Old water not only leads to deposits that are difficult to remove, but also causes an unpleasant smell and appearance. We recommend that you change your water more frequently to get the best possible taste experience and smoking pleasure. It is recommended that you change the water after each session. If you use your hookah regularly, you should change the water at least every 2-3 days. If you use your hookah less frequently, you should empty the water after the last session and refill it before the next use.
  • Steamulation Shisha was founded in 2017 by Alexander Schmidt, a manufacturer of high-quality and esteemed stainless steel hookahs that cannot be compared. From the beginning, Schmidt's goal was to "create the best hookah in the world". The unique design of the Steamulation Premium hookahs is characterised by their unique shape and colour, which clearly contrasts with the traditional pattern of oriental culture. These hookahs convince with their clear shapes and precise workmanship. The shiny or matt surface of the high-quality materials lead to an appealing appearance that enchants at first sight. The Steamulation hookahs are unique premium stainless steel products from Germany. When you decide to buy a Steamulation hookah, you are making a good choice. Each hookah has the perfect draw ratio and stylish design and is made of high quality stainless steel. All hookahs are equipped with Steamulation's SteamClick 360 thread. Streamulation has the best hookahs on offer - they are the luxury cars among hookahs!
  • Aladin Shisha has existed since 1986 and is one of the pioneers of the shisha cult in Europe. Besides distribution, the company also acted as a wholesaler and manufacturer of hookahs, tobacco, charcoal and accessories. Before the hookah trend started, Aladin was already active. The success of the hookah industry, including hookah shops and bars, allowed us to expand as well. In recent years, the demand for hookah shops, especially online hookah shops, has increased dramatically and prompted us to meet this demand.

    Aladin Shisha - manufacturer of the best value for money hookahs

    Our Aladin Shisha brand has been delighting customers for many years with its high quality hookahs at a great price. We are one of the largest manufacturers of hookahs in the world and always keep ourselves up to date. With us, you can find the hookah that suits you best from a wide range of models and trust in unique quality. The use of high-quality materials and careful manufacturing are of great importance, so that we can offer you a great product that will give you pleasure for a long time.

    Aladin Online Hookah Shop - Your Online Shop for hookahs

    Our hookah online shop is the ideal place to get everything you need for your hookah smoking session. Here you can find hookahs in different designs as well as hoses, mouthpieces and much more. We also offer a variety of instructions for assembling and smoking hookahs for download. Our hookah online shop offers you a wide selection of exclusive brands, modern models and high-quality accessories. Whether you are looking for unique designs, vibrant colours or different flavours - there is something for everyone! With our quality goods, we guarantee you an incomparable hookah smoking experience. Our online hookah shop is managed by a powerful and dynamic team of experts and professionals. We are committed to providing you with a wide range of products at unbeatable prices and with innovative novelties. Our professional and fast customer service will solve any problem and deal with it to your satisfaction.

  • The force required to pull on a hookah is called the draw. The draft depends on the head setup and the hookah. Some hookahs have a light draft and feel like you are breathing when you pull. An example is the Aeon Edition 4 Lounge. On the other hand, there are traditional hookahs (Tradis) that have a much heavier draught. Since the smoking behaviour and the draught are inseparable, they must always be considered together.
  • The Closed Chamber System is a closed chamber system that is permanently installed in the base of the hookah. Due to the arrangement of the holes, different air flows are generated than with a conventional blow-out system. The Closed Chamber System makes it easier for you to blow out the old smoke in the hookah bowl. You can tell if your hookah has a Closed Chamber System by looking at the base. If the holes in the hookah base are straight,you have a hookah with closed chamber system. In normal chamber systems without a closed chamber, the holes are positioned at an angle. In this case, the smoke is not blown straight downwards as in the closed chamber system, but against the walls of the base. As a result, it takes a lot of effort to blow out the scratchy smoke in hookahs without a closed chamber. Most of the time, however, the breathing force is not sufficient to blow out all the smoke from the bowl.
  • The use of the blow-off system on hookahs is becoming more and more popular. This blow-off system is designed to remove the old smoke from the bowl by blowing into the hose. Depending on the construction of the hookah, the blow-off is located in different places. Due to the increasing popularity of blow-offs on hookahs, the range of variations is also larger. Not only do they make the hookah look pretty, but they also make playing with the smoke a lot of fun.

  • Aluminium is a cheaper option over stainless steel, making the hookah more affordable. However, it is more prone to oxidation and rusting and does not offer the same aesthetic quality and feel as stainless steel. However, most aluminium hookahs are anodised, which protects the material and improves durability - but it is still not as durable as stainless steel! Ultimately, personal taste as well as budget is decisive.
  • Aeon Shisha is an enthusiastic company that focuses on providing smokers with a unique experience. This is why the Aeon Shisha was developed - a hookah that stands out from the rest with a unique design and features. Thanks to the passion for hookah smoking and the close cooperation with customers, products were developed that convince through exclusivity and innovation. Aeon Shisha offers its customers many possibilities for individualisation under the motto "Made in Germany" and "Made for You". After a strenuous development and testing phase, the products are manufactured in modern factories in Hesse and Baden-Württemberg under the strictest quality controls and highest precision.

  • The Moze brand has become a cult, offering unique designs and functionality at an affordable price. The most popular and successful model, the Moze Breeze Two, is one of the top hookahs of our time.  The German manufacturer Moze inspires us with its hookahs, which combine an extraordinary look with first-class functionality. Different materials, including resin, carbon, epoxy resin and special plastics, combine to make each hookah a unique masterpiece. Unique outlet systems and other special features make them a luxurious achievement.
  • You are not yet an adult and want to go to a hookah bar with your friends? Unfortunately, this is not allowed, because the law protects children and young people from passive smoking. From the age of 18 it is allowed to go to a hookah bar. But there is another possibility so that you can still be there: You can take a hookah with you to the park, the beach, the garden or the balcony. This way, those who are of age can smoke and you can still be there.
Hookah Tobacco
  • Darkblend is a special tobacco blend of stronger tobaccos that forms the base tobacco. It usually also contains proportions of other tobaccos such as Virginia, Burley and Dark Air Cured or Oriental tobacco. The "blend" in Darkblend stands for a mixture of different base tobaccos. Dark" means dark, because the tobacco is not washed out and is therefore darker and has a higher nicotine content. As Dark Blend tobacco contains more nicotine than ordinary Virginia tobacco (which is used in the common tobaccos), it is basically not intended for beginners. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile for experienced shisha smokers who want to try something new to take the step to Dark Blend tobacco.
  • The abolition of the 25g regulation means that from 1 July 2024, the sale of hookah tobacco in larger packs, such as 200g, will once again be permitted. This change is made possible by the amendment to the Tobacco Tax Ordinance, which previously restricted sales to smaller units. This represents a significant change for hookah smokers as it allows more flexibility and choice when purchasing their favourite tobacco.
    The return to 200g hookah tobacco packs offers numerous benefits:

    • Cost efficiency: larger packs are more cost effective compared to smaller units as they are cheaper to produce and logistics. This results in a lower cost per gram of tobacco, saving hookah smokers money in the long run.
    • Convenience: With 200g packs, you need to replenish your supply less frequently, which is particularly convenient for regular users. This saves time and reduces the hassle of having to repeat online or in-store purchases so often.
    • Less packaging waste: Using larger packs helps to reduce packaging material. This is not only cost-effective, but also better for the environment as less plastic and paper is used.
    • Greater variety and flexibility: The ability to buy larger quantities allows you to stock a wider range of flavours. For those who like to try different flavours, the option of smaller 25g packs remains, so you can test new flavours before deciding on a larger pack.

    Overall, the removal of the 25g regulation and the return to 200g packs allows hookah smokers to enjoy their passion for quality tobacco in a more flexible and affordable way. This is a welcome change in the hookah community that will benefit both consumers and retailers.

  • From 1 July 2024, when the sales restrictions on larger hookah tobacco tins are lifted, hookah lovers will once again be able to purchase 200g tins of their favourite tobacco. The prices for these larger tins will mainly depend on the tobacco variety and brand, but in general the cost is expected to be between €20 and €30 per tin. For Virginia tobaccos, which are known for their mild and aromatic quality, the price will be around 25 to 30 euros per 200g tin. Darker, more intense varieties such as Dark Blend could be somewhat more expensive and reach prices of around 30 euros per tin.
    This price range reflects not only the cost of producing and distributing the tobacco, but also the changes in tobacco tax, which has increased since 2022. Despite the higher price, the larger tins offer better value for money compared to the smaller 25g packs, as they generally offer a more favourable price per gram. This represents a significant saving for regular hookah users as they will need to buy tobacco less frequently, while also reducing packaging waste.
    Considering these factors, hookah users can expect to see a noticeable reduction in running costs from July 2024 if they choose to purchase 200g tins. This change is therefore very much welcomed, not only for the convenience but also for the cost savings it will bring.
  • From 1 July 2024, 200g packs of hookah tobacco will return to the market. This change follows an amendment to the law that allows hookah tobacco to be sold in larger quantities again. The decision to make this change came after extensive discussion, taking into account the needs of the hookah community and environmental considerations. By returning to the 200g tins, hookah smokers will be able to purchase their favourite tobacco varieties more cheaply and with less packaging material, benefiting both consumers and the environment. For those who want to try different flavours, the smaller 25g packs will remain on offer. This offers flexibility and variety for all hookah enthusiasts.
  • When mixing dry base tobacco at home, you should inform yourself about laws and regulations, especially regarding the use and taxation of glycerine. In Germany, the production of hookah tobacco outside of an authorised tax warehouse is illegal and the tobacco you produce yourself must be taxed. The use of glycerine that has not been specifically taxed can also have legal consequences. It is important to strictly adhere to the legal regulations.
  • To create your ideal smoking experience with dry base tobacco, start by choosing a hookah pipe tobacco variety that suits your flavour preferences. Hookah pipe tobacco can be recognised by the fact that it is sold in larger quantities than 25g and comes in a 200g tin. You then mix the tobacco with glycerine to increase the moisture. Here is the procedure:

    • Prepare the tobacco: Open the tobacco tin from your dry base hookah tobacco
    • Add glycerine: Add glycerine with a purity of at least 95%. The ratio varies depending on the brand and personal preference, but as a rule the total weight after adding the glycerine should be 200g.
    • Mixing: Mix the tobacco thoroughly with the glycerine. Make sure the tobacco is evenly moistened.
    • Resting time: Allow the mixture to rest for between 6 and 48 hours to allow the flavours to fully develop. A minimum of 15 minutes resting time is necessary if you are in a hurry.
  • Dry base tobacco, also known as pipe tobacco, is a special form of raw tobacco that is characterised by its dryness. This tobacco is not moist like traditional hookah tobacco, but comes dry and flavoured. It provides a base on which smokers can create their own hookah tobacco by adding glycerine. This flexibility makes dry base tobacco particularly popular for customised smoking experiences.
  • Although pipe tobacco and hookah tobacco share the basis of their existence - tobacco - they differ significantly in their preparation and use. Traditionally, hookah tobacco is moist, enriched with molasses or glycerine and flavourings to provide an intensely flavoured smoking experience.
    This contrasts with pipe tobacco, which is also known as dry base or 2-component tobacco. It is presented as dry, flavoured raw tobacco, which is offered in generous 200g tins. The speciality of dry base pipe tobacco lies in its versatility and cost-effectiveness. It offers an intense flavour and the possibility of customising its intensity and moisture content by adding moisturisers such as glycerine. It can therefore be used as a cost-effective alternative to conventional hookah tobacco without compromising on quality and flavour.
    To summarise, it can be said that pipe tobacco could certainly be used as hookah tobacco if it were prepared accordingly. It is a flexible and cost-effective alternative that fulfils the individual preferences of smokers.
  • The nicotine content of hookah tobacco varies and basically depends on the type of base tobacco. Two of the most common hookah tobacco flavours are Virginia and Darkblend tobacco. Virginia tobacco becomes lighter due to several washing processes and the nicotine content in the tobacco leaves is reduced. This can even be less than 0.05%, so that a 200g tin, for example, would only contain 100 mg of nicotine. If 20 grams of tobacco are processed in a shisha head, the nicotine content in it is 10mg. However, not all of the nicotine content is absorbed by the body.  Darkblend hookah tobacco is a special mixture of selected, strong tobaccos that serve as a base. It usually contains proportions of Virginia, Burley, Dark Air Cured and Oriental tobacco. In this case, 'blend' means that the different base tobaccos are mixed. 'Dark' indicates the colour of the tobacco, because it is not washed out, which makes it dark and gives it a higher nicotine content. The nicotine content varies depending on the base tobaccos used, but is usually around 3-4%. As Dark Blend tobacco has a higher nicotine content than Virginia tobacco normally used in tobaccos, it is not suitable for beginners.
  • As you probably know, the tobacco tax was increased for the first time after seven years in January 2022. Through this, there is currently an additional fee of 15€ for each kilo of hookah tobacco, which will increase to 19€ in 2023. The Tobacco Tax Modernization Act is currently scheduled to last until 2026, with the additional levy being €26. Furthermore, the 25 gram regulation was put into effect on 01/07/2022. The price of 25g of Virginia tobacco is between 2,90€ and 4,90€ and 25g of Darkblend tobacco is between 3,90€ and 5,90€. This adjustment of the price is due to various reasons, including the increase in taxes and the increased effort of tobacco manufacturers. As a result, there is a short supply of hookah tobacco in the old packaging sizes. Therefore, we recommend you to hoard your favorite hookah tobacco!
  • Hookah tobacco taxed until 30.06.2022 in the generally accepted packaging units (200g, 1kg) and which is already in circulation may be sold until 30.06.2023. In turn, tobacco produced from 01.07.2022 may be produced and put on the market only in packaging quantities not exceeding 25 grams.

    Prices for 25g of Virginia tobacco range from €2.90 to €4.90, while Darkblend tobacco costs between €3.90 and €5.90. This increase, in addition to the increase in taxes, is due to the increased workload of tobacco manufacturers. This causes tobacco in older packaging sizes to become scarce. Therefore, we strongly advise you to stock up on your favorite varieties!

  • After a long time of developing and improving, the excellent tobacco brand Loyal Tobacco is now available on the German market since March 2022. Aladin would like to thank all loyal customers with the introduction of this hookah tobacco by offering a product that meets the highest quality standards. Loyal Tobacco not only enchants with its finely tuned flavours and sweet blends, but also stands out with its excellent smoking characteristics. This German-made hookah tobacco thus offers everything for a perfect taste experience - and at an unbeatable price! Loyal Tobacco is known for its first-class Virginia tobacco quality. At the beginning of 2022, the brand was able to assert itself on the market with eight flavours and successfully establish KIR #8 and KIMATRA #4 as bestsellers. Of course, the classic Grape Mint and Double Apple can also be found in the manufacturer's range. To meet the demands of hookah smokers, Loyal Tobacco launched three new flavours in mid-2022: LEMMI #9, MAVAMA #10 and GREEN-K #11.
  • The African Queen tobacco from O's represents one of the most sought-after hookah tobaccos on the market. As you would expect, it is ready to use straight away, without the need to add extra molasses, as is usual with O's. African Queen is a real treat! This blend of 16 different fruits has a delicious taste of wild berries and grapes, with ideal moisture and smoke development, guaranteeing an unforgettable smoking experience. If you are a lover of fruity intense flavours, you will love this flavour! More specific information about the different fruits in the blend is not known, but the thought experiment of many different flavours in one tobacco gets the taste buds excited! African Queen is so popular among hookah smokers because of its irresistible fruitiness that never fails to captivate!
  • Hookah tobacco consists of small cut tobacco and molasses, which contain the flavours. These components are mixed and the tobacco absorbs the moisture, which serves as a carrier base. Since the focus is not on burning the tobacco but on vaporising the moisturising agent such as glycerine and molasses, a relatively high moisture content of 30-40% must be present. There are other types of tobacco where the unflavoured tobacco comes into contact with charcoal, but these are more common in the oriental world. Different types of tobacco such as Virginia, Burley and Oriental tobaccos vary not only in appearance but also in taste and nicotine content. Therefore, blends are often made to combine the respective properties. Glycerine and molasses provide a variety of flavours, so that it becomes possible to develop new, even stronger combinations and flavours of hookah tobacco again and again. This is a major plus point, as it constantly offers customers new smoking experiences.
  • Prices for 200g tins of hookah tobacco have risen from the previous €17.90 to €22.90 to an average of €26.90 for Virginia tobacco. This increase is mainly due to the gradual increase in tobacco tax that the German government has implemented since 2022. The tobacco tax has risen from 15 euros per kilogramme in 2022 to 19 euros in 2023 and will continue to rise to 23 euros per kilogramme by 2026.
    Despite these increases, buying 200g tins of hookah tobacco remains a cost-effective option. Compared to the smaller 25g packs, which can cost up to €200 per kilogram, the larger 200g tins offer better value for money. This is because the manufacturing, packaging and logistics costs per gram are lower for larger packs, which reduces the overall cost per unit. In addition, larger packs minimise packaging waste and the associated environmental impact.
    Although the initial cost may seem higher, 200g cans offer long-term financial savings due to the lower cost per gram and reduced frequency of purchases. This makes them an economically sensible choice for regular hookah users who want to enjoy their favourite flavours without having to buy more too often.
Hookah Coal
  • Beginners often make the mistake of using self-igniting charcoal to light the hookah. Not only does this taste bad, but it is also unhealthy, as the ignition aids contain toxic residues. It also takes a long time until the hookah is finally ready to smoke. It is best to use natural charcoal in the beginning to ensure the best smoking experience. To get the best taste and smoke from your hookah, you need to make sure that the hookah charcoal is fully glowed. This means that the entire coal should be covered with a white layer of ash. You can then place it on the head. If you don't use the right heat management, you can end up with a charred tasting tobacco. So it is better to start from the outside until you find your personal sweet spot. There, the tobacco has an intense flavour and the smoke development is perfect.
  • There are many types of hookah charcoal, but the traditional rectangular cubes are natural charcoal, which are characterised by their long burning time and impressive smoke production. As it is naturally produced, it has no flavour and is also less harmful compared to quicklight charcoal. With natural charcoal, sessions can last up to 2 hours and produce more heat and burn more consistently. A fundamental point with natural charcoal is the carbon content, which is usually between 80% and 85%. It gives you an indication of the heat, the ash content and the smell when lighting. The higher the carbon content, the more heat can be generated, but also more odour. The serious disadvantage of natural charcoal is that it is difficult to ignite, which is why you should always have an electric charcoal lighter or gas cooker with you.

    The name quciklight charcoal suggests that it is easy to ignite, as there is an easily flammable substance on it that only requires an ordinary lighter to light. However, the chemical processing of the charcoal has a bad effect on the smoking experience of the hookah, as it affects the taste. In addition, the burning time and the heat emitted is significantly less than with natural charcoal. The area of use of self-igniting charcoal is limited. It is ideal for outdoor activities because you don't need a gas cooker. Or use the self-lighters to light your natural charcoal.

  • It is important to be careful with the disposal of the coal residue. You can extinguish the burnt hookah coal with water and then dispose of it in the normal household waste or in the organic waste. However, when the coal is no longer glowing, you can also use it as fertiliser for your own garden.  To make sure that the coal is completely extinguished, it is advisable to extinguish it with water. However, this process can get dirty, so use a separate, fireproof container to dispose of the remains in the organic or residual waste afterwards. Caution: Plastic containers can be damaged by the heat. It is also important to note that hot steam can be produced when extinguishing. For this reason, gloves should always be worn.
Hookah Heads
  • The hallmark of the single-hole bowl, also known as a phunnel, is a single, large hole in the centre of the head, which helps to ensure that the draught is very good and the molasses of the tobacco does not run through the smoke column into the bowl. This phunnel bowl is best suited for use with tinfoil or smokeboxes, but not for use with a chimney top.  It is more complicated to build a phunnel than a multi-hole head, but in return, hookah connoisseurs can look forward to a distinctive taste experience and smoking pleasure.
  • Oblako is a global company that specialises in the production of high-quality hookah heads. Each head is uniquely handmade and represents the breathtaking smoking experience and quality that experienced smokers appreciate. Thanks to the simple construction of the head, these heads are also perfect for beginners, as they always deliver great results. Oblako offers a diverse selection of design concepts that can be divided into three categories: Unglazed, Glazed and Mono. The Unglazed tobacco heads form the base line and are untreated. This allows the tobacco to absorb flavour more quickly, but there is also the possibility that the head will "bleed" more easily. Oblako Glazed tobacco heads have a glaze on the top of the head which prevents the molasses from penetrating the head and refines the appearance. Oblako Mono heads are also glazed, but only in one colour and with a black or white glaze in the deposit.  Usually Oblako heads are used in combination with a heat management device, e.g. the Aladin hookah HMD, the AO 912 HMD or the Kaloud Lotus 1+. However, there is also the option to use them with aluminium foil.
  • Oblako heads are in high demand due to their superior quality and great smoking experience. One has many variations, both in terms of models, design and colour. The most popular two models are Oblako Phunnel M and Oblako Phunnel L. The difference is the capacity of the deposit.  The Oblako Phunnel M has room for 20-23 grams of tobacco, while you need 25-30 grams for the Oblako Phunnel L. The M is ideal if you smoke alone or have a smoking time of 60-90 minutes, while the L is for when you smoke with friends or aim for a longer session. A second set of coals is worthwhile at 25-30 grams consumption to extend the total duration and to use the tobacco completely. There are other models, such as the Killerbowl ,Stone and Flow.
  • The Turkish hookah clay bowl is an attractive option especially for beginners. It is made of fired clay and is therefore durable and resilient. Its thermal conductivity allows the tobacco to be heated evenly over a long period of time. Its affordable price and compatibility with most attachments make it an affordable option. Usually, it has five holes on the bottom that allow a good airflow. In sum, the traditional clay bowl is durable and inexpensive. For novices, it is usually not necessary to deal with the disadvantages such as bleeding, but it is still beneficial to opt for a higher quality model. The Mockingbird clay bowl from Aladin is a famous example of a classic hookah clay bowl. Due to its unique chimney top, it replaces the usual aluminum foil. It is made of a special heat-resistant clay and is very convincing.
  • The hookah bowl, which is often included in starter and complete sets, is attached to the top of the smoking column and filled with tobacco to smoke with the hookah.

    Prepare the hookah tobacco: To distribute the molasses, the tobacco should be stirred in the tin. In addition, all stems and hard parts should be sorted out. To remove excess molasses, the hookah tobacco should also be dabbed before building the head.

    Fill the tobacco into the hookah bowl: The tobacco must be filled into the hookah bowl, but not all the way to the edge, leaving a small gap. It should also not be pressed too tightly so that the air can circulate.

    Attach aluminium foil: A layer of aluminium foil must be attached to the head and several holes must be poked with a toothpick or needle to allow the smoke to circulate. A special hookah chimney attachment or smokebox can also be used to replace the aluminium foil.

    Light the charcoal: Light the coal and wait until it has glowed completely. Then place the charcoal on the aluminium foil or charcoal screen and make sure it is evenly distributed.

    Smoking the hookah: After the charcoal has been placed on the shisha head, you can start a slow and regular smoke through the mouthpiece. Be sure to rotate the charcoal regularly so that the tobacco is heated evenly and the flavour develops evenly.

Hookah Accessories
  • The hookah diffuser ensures that your hookah bubbles more quietly. Thus, it can be helpful in certain moments when you are bothered by the loud bubbling of the hookah, for example when relaxing Netflix & Chill. The diffuser is either screwed onto the hookah or is already integrated into the dip tube, especially for smaller bowls. The holes of the component reduce the size of the bubbles by slowing down the flow of the water and the formation of air bubbles, which results in the noise level being reduced. So it is entirely up to the user whether to choose to use a hookah with a diffuser.
  • A hookah smoke box is used as a head attachment and belongs to the heat regulating systems (HMD). It allows you to adjust the temperature of the hookah head. If the head gets too hot, the tobacco starts to scratch and tastes burnt. A smokebox is a valuable tool to achieve the right heat control.
  • Molasses catchers are a great way to catch excess molasses before it can run through the smoke column into the bowl. This way, tedious cleaning work can be avoided.  These impurities can affect the flavour quality. Fortunately, molasses catchers come in a variety of colours and shapes, so they are not only useful but also attractive. When deciding what to buy, look for the cut. This describes how the molasses catcher is attached to your hookah. The most common variant is an 18/8 cut. If you get an unsuitable cut, you can solve the problem thanks to an adapter.
  • To keep a hookah hose clean, the simplest method is to rinse it regularly with clear water. By using this method daily, you can ensure that the hose is always perfectly clean.  It goes without saying that the hookah hose should be cleaned regularly. Occasionally, however, replacement is also necessary, as not all deposits can always be completely removed. This ultimately affects the taste and is also a factor in terms of hygiene. The more often you use your hookah, the more often you should also replace the hose. If you only smoke a little hookah, it is sufficient to replace the hose once a year. If you smoke more often, it is recommended to change it every six months. The easier the hose is to clean, the less you need to replace it.
  • In Germany, the chimney top is currently the most popular head version. The name comes from the long tube shape and the associated physical principle, the so-called chimney effect, caused by the vertically rising warm air, known as natural convection. The self-controlling chimney system simplifies the entire smoking process and ensures a constant temperature in the head. This prevents the tobacco from burning due to overheating and heat accumulation, as the hot air can escape. Thanks to the grid, it is possible to control the heat by pushing the charcoal inwards or outwards. If it is placed in the middle, the head receives more heat. Too high or uncomfortable temperature can be lowered by moving the charcoal to the outside. The mesh size of the grid prevents too much ash from getting through and burning the tobacco faster, heating it more gently instead of burning it directly. To get the best heat production, you have to experiment with the number of holes, the height of the tobacco and the position of the ember when using aluminium foil. However, this is automatically regulated by a chimney.
  • With a disposable vape, you get a great vaping experience that you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Just slip it into your pocket or jacket and you're ready to add some colour to your everyday life. Whether it's a walk, a trip or a journey - the disposable hookah is the perfect choice! HQD and Elfbar are the leading brands in the disposable vape sector.
  • Elfliq is a nicotine salt liquid from Elfbar, specially developed for pod systems. It offers an intense and pleasant vaping experience. To use Elfliq, simply open the 10ml bottle with the fine filling tip and top up your pod or tank without dripping. Elfliq is available in two nicotine strengths: 10mg (1%) and 20mg (2%). The nicotine salt ensures a smoother throat hit and faster nicotine absorption.
    A big advantage of Elfliq is its reusability. You can refill your pod and recharge the battery of your e-cigarette, which saves money and protects the environment. The flavours of Elfliq are identical to those of Elfbar disposable vapes, but offer a more sustainable and cost-efficient solution. For maximum convenience, there is also the ELFA pod system with pre-filled pods.
    Experience the high-quality and sustainable vaping experience of Elfliq in the Aladin Shisha Shop and discover the variety of intense flavours.
  • Elfliq is a brand that is known in the world of vaping for its high-quality e-liquids. Many vapers ask themselves: Is Elfliq good? The answer to this question is clearly yes, and here you can find out why Elfliq is an excellent choice for any vaper.
    Elfliq e-liquids are produced by Elf Bar, a renowned brand in the vaping industry. The quality of these liquids is characterised by the use of high-quality ingredients and careful manufacturing processes. Each bottle of Elfliq contains nicotine salt, which provides a smoother and more intense vaping experience. The advantage of nicotine salt liquids is that they are less scratchy in the throat and the nicotine is absorbed more quickly by the body, resulting in a more pleasant vaping experience.
    Another advantage of Elfliq is the variety of flavours. Whether fruity, refreshing or classic - Elfliq offers a wide range of flavours to suit every taste.
    In addition, Elfliq liquids are environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. The 10ml bottles are easily recyclable and offer more puffs per bottle compared to conventional disposable vapes. This makes Elfliq not only an economical but also a sustainable choice for conscious vapers.
    Elfliq is also known for its compatibility with various e-cigarettes and pod systems. Whether you are an experienced vaper or a beginner, Elfliq adapts to your needs and always ensures an optimal vaping experience.
    To summarise, Elfliq is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, intense and enjoyable vaping experience. The brand impresses with its variety of flavours, the use of nicotine salt and its environmentally friendly and cost-efficient properties. If you are looking for a first-class e-liquid, then Elfliq is definitely a brand you should try.
  • With the introduction of the liquid tax, the prices for liquids have risen significantly. This tax was introduced by the Tobacco Tax Modernisation Act and has been in force since 1 July 2022. It affects all substances that are vaporised in e-cigarettes, including ready-made liquids, flavours, nicotine shots and bases as well as the base materials propylene glycol and glycerine.
    The main reason for the increased prices is the liquid tax itself, which amounts to 20 cents per millilitre. However, this amount is not passed on directly to customers. Manufacturers also have to bear higher procurement costs and additional logistical expenses, which pushes prices up further. In addition, VAT is also levied on the tax portion, which increases the final price even further.
    In future, the liquid tax will be gradually increased further. From 1 January 2025, it will rise to 26 cents per millilitre and from 1 January 2026 to 32 cents per millilitre. VAT will also continue to be levied on these increased tax amounts, which means that prices for vapers will continue to rise.
    These extensive changes due to the liquid tax have a significant impact on both manufacturers and consumers. While manufacturers are struggling with higher costs and logistical efforts, consumers are faced with significantly higher prices and limited availability.
    Despite the general price increases, you will find a selection of affordable liquids in the Aladin Shisha Shop. Take a look and discover high-quality products at fair prices. Benefit from attractive offers and save money when buying your favourite liquids.
  • Rechargeable vapes offer a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to disposable vapes. In the Aladin Shisha Shop you will find a wide selection of rechargeable vapes, especially pod systems. The most popular models include Elf Bar ELFA, the 187 Strassenbande pods, the SKE Crystal Plus pod system and the Lost Mary Tappo. Elf Bar ELFA is known for its easy handling and powerful batteries as well as interchangeable pods in many flavours. The 187 Strassenbande pods impress with intense flavours and high quality, with long-lasting batteries. The SKE Crystal Plus Pod System combines modern design with high functionality, rechargeable batteries and replaceable pods that guarantee a long service life and outstanding flavour. The Lost Mary Tappo is robust and user-friendly, with easily replaceable and refillable pods, ideal for a reliable and long-lasting vape experience.
    Pod systems consist of a rechargeable battery and replaceable or refillable pods. They are user-friendly and require minimal maintenance, as you only need to replace or refill the pod and charge the battery regularly. While disposable vapes are disposed of after use, rechargeable pod systems are more sustainable and cheaper in the long run. Disposable vapes are practical for occasional users or when travelling, while rechargeable vapes are ideal for regular vapers. Visit the Aladin Shisha Shop to find out more about these and other rechargeable vape options.
  • Yes, many vapes can be recharged, and this offers numerous advantages over disposable vapes. Rechargeable vapes are not only more sustainable, but also cheaper in the long run. In the Aladin Shisha Shop you will find a wide range of rechargeable vapes that are appreciated for their ease of use and variety.
    Pod systems such as Elf Bar ELFA, 187 Strassenbande Pods, SKE Crystal Plus and Lost Mary Tappo are particularly popular. Elf Bar ELFA is characterised by its ease of use and powerful rechargeable batteries, while the pods are available in different flavours and can be easily exchanged. The 187 Strassenbande pods offer intense flavours and high quality, with long-lasting batteries. The SKE Crystal Plus Pod System combines modern design with high functionality. It has rechargeable batteries and replaceable pods that ensure a long service life and excellent flavour. The Lost Mary Tappo is robust and user-friendly, with easily replaceable and refillable pods, making it a reliable choice for a long-lasting vape experience.
    The way these pod systems work is very simple: they consist of a rechargeable battery and replaceable or refillable pods that contain the e-liquid. All you have to do is replace or refill the pod and charge the battery regularly to ensure consistently good vapour quality.
    Compared to disposable vapes, which have to be disposed of after use, rechargeable vapes are more environmentally friendly and offer greater flexibility. Disposable vapes are convenient for occasional users or travelling as they require no maintenance. Rechargeable vapes, on the other hand, are ideal for regular users as they generate less waste in the long run and are cheaper overall.
    You can find out more about the different rechargeable vape options and find the right model for your needs in the Aladin Shisha Shop. Whether you are an experienced vaper or a beginner, the selection of high-quality pod systems offers something for everyone.
  • A nicotine-free vape, also known as a nicotine-free e-cigarette, is an electronic device specifically designed to vaporise flavoured e-liquids without nicotine. These nicotine-free e-cigarettes are similar in design to traditional vapes, but do not contain nicotine-containing liquids. They offer an alternative for users who want to enjoy vaping without ingesting nicotine.
    The function of nicotine-free vapes is simple: a small battery in the device heats up a vaporiser unit, which converts the e-liquid into vapour. This vapour is then inhaled, similar to a conventional cigarette, but without the combustion of tobacco and the associated harmful by-products.

    Some well-known brands that offer nicotine-free vapes include:

    Elf Bar: Known for their wide range of disposable vapes and the ELFA pod system, Elf Bar also offers nicotine-free options. These are popular for their ease of use and variety of flavours.

    187 Strassenbande: Originally a brand associated with the German rap scene, 187 Strassenbande has also made a name for itself in the vaping industry. They offer special e-hookahs, which are also available in nicotine-free variants, and are particularly known for their intense flavours.

    Nameless: This brand offers a range of vapes that have been specially developed for users who want to vape nicotine-free. Nameless attaches great importance to high-quality ingredients and creative flavours.

    Nicotine-free vapes are an excellent option for people looking for the vape experience without wanting to consume nicotine. They are also useful for those who want to wean themselves off nicotine or simply enjoy the different flavours that the vaping world has to offer.

  • A nicotine-free vape can serve as a tool to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, however, it is primarily intended for those who want to distance themselves from the physical and psychological aspect of smoking without relying on nicotine. Vapes mimic the hand-to-mouth action of smoking and can therefore help to kick the habit of smoking without the health risks associated with nicotine.

    • Psychological aspect: Many smokers are not only physically addicted to smoking, but also psychologically. Vaping can mimic the psychological habit of inhaling and exhaling smoke, which can be helpful in easing the transition away from cigarettes.
    • Habit change: Switching to a nicotine-free vape can help smokers change their daily routines by using a less harmful alternative. This can be particularly useful to avoid constantly reaching for a cigarette at habitual smoking moments such as after a meal or during a break.
    • Reduction of withdrawal symptoms: Although a nicotine-free vape does not contain nicotine and therefore does not alleviate physical nicotine withdrawal symptoms, it can help alleviate some of the habitual withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting, such as hand restlessness or the desire to bring something to your lips.
    • Long-term smoking cessation: It's important to emphasise that nicotine-free vapes can act as a step towards complete smoking cessation, but they alone are often not enough to quit smoking completely, especially for those who are heavily dependent on nicotine. In such cases, a gradual reduction in nicotine consumption through the use of lower-dose nicotine-containing vapes or pod systems with proprietary liquids before switching to nicotine-free options may be more effective.

    Overall, a nicotine-free vape can be a useful tool for quitting smoking, especially when used in combination with other support measures and a clear cessation strategy.

  • Vaping without nicotine brings a number of benefits that are particularly interesting for people who want to quit smoking or enjoy the vaping experience without the dependence on nicotine. Vaping without nicotine means avoiding the health risks associated with nicotine, such as increased blood pressure and potential heart problems. Nicotine-free vapes also offer a way to simulate the physical ritual of smoking without the harmful effects of nicotine. This helps many smokers replace the daily reach for a cigarette while maintaining the actions they are used to.
    In addition, nicotine-free liquids are available in a wide range of flavours, making vaping an enjoyable experience that offers the sensory pleasures of smoking without the harmful ingredients. A nicotine-free vape can also be useful as an aid to quitting smoking. Whilst it does not satisfy nicotine cravings, it can help to break the habit of smoking by mimicking the manual aspects of smoking. This can be an important first step on the road to smoking cessation.
    Additionally, vaping offers an alternative to smoking in social contexts, especially where smoking is undesirable or prohibited. It allows users to participate in social activities without feeling isolated. With a nicotine-free vape, users also have full control over their ingredients and can ensure that only the desired substances are inhaled. This is not always the case with nicotine-containing products. Using a nicotine-free vape can therefore not only contribute to one's own health, but also replace the smoking habit with a less harmful ritual, while maintaining the social and enjoyable experience of "smoking".
  • Many people consider whether vaping e-cigarettes is a better alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. The truth is complex and depends on various factors.
    E-cigarettes have gained popularity in recent years. The vapour from these devices generally contains fewer carcinogens and harmful substances than the smoke from conventional cigarettes. However, e-liquids are not harmless either.
    Studies suggest that e-cigarettes are less harmful to health than tobacco cigarettes. Vapers are less likely to suffer from respiratory diseases such as COPD or chronic bronchitis than smokers. Nevertheless, these diseases occur more frequently in vapers than in non-smokers. Long-term studies are still lacking, so the long-term effects of vaping are not fully known.
    Some people use e-cigarettes to quit smoking. According to an English study, 18% of smokers who switched to e-cigarettes were able to give up conventional cigarettes after one year. By comparison, only 10% of those who used nicotine patches remained smoke-free.
    E-cigarettes can be a less harmful alternative to smoking, but they are by no means healthy.
  • Whether vaping e-liquids is cheaper than smoking cigarettes depends on various factors. In general, the running costs of vaping are lower, especially if refillable systems are used. A bottle of e-liquid costs around €3-7 and lasts for around 50 cigarettes. This results in monthly costs of €10-15 for light smokers and €30-50 for average smokers. Chain smokers come to around €75 per month.
    Pod systems are more practical, but more expensive. If you use 1-2 pods a day, you can expect to pay around €150 a month. Despite the liquid tax, vaping remains cheaper than smoking. A packet of cigarettes costs around €8 and the monthly expenditure of a smoker can be up to €240. Even future tax increases will do little to change this, as both liquids and tobacco will be subject to higher taxes. Overall, vaping remains a cheaper alternative.
  • Yes, you can definitely refill the Elfbar ELFA Refillable Pods. These pods are specially designed to be refilled multiple times with e-liquid, giving you a sustainable and cost-saving alternative to disposable vapes. You have the freedom to choose your favourite flavours and enjoy them again and again.
    For refilling, it is recommended to use ELFLIQ e-liquids, which are perfectly matched to the needs of the ELFA pods. These liquids are available in a variety of flavours, so you can vary according to your mood and preference. Using the ELFLIQ e-liquids specially developed for these pods ensures that you get the best vaping experience, as they harmonise perfectly with the pods' mesh coil technology. These coils are known to heat the liquid evenly, resulting in a more intense flavour and denser vapour.
    By refilling your ELFA pods, you not only help to reduce waste and protect the environment, but also benefit from significant cost savings compared to constantly buying new disposable pods. Refilling is also simple and convenient, so you can personalise your vaping experience quickly and easily.
  • Elfbar ELFA nicotine-free pods are pre-filled vape pods that have been specially developed for the Elfbar ELFA pod system. These pods offer an intense and pure flavour experience without containing nicotine. They are particularly user-friendly as they require no refilling or mixing of e-liquids. Simply insert the pod into the Elfbar ELFA device and start vaping immediately. The pods use advanced mesh technology that vaporises the e-liquid evenly for a consistent, intense flavour. Elfbar ELFA pods nicotine-free are a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. The Elfbar ELFA pod system offers a practical and cost-effective alternative to disposable e-cigarettes.

    Elfbar ELFA nicotine-free pods are available in a variety of delicious flavours that will delight any vaper. Flavours available include:

    Apple Peach: A refreshing mix of sweet apples and juicy peach.
    Blueberry: The intense flavour of fresh blueberries for a fruity vaping experience.
    Cherry: Sweet and juicy cherries offer a full-bodied flavour.
    Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: An exotic blend of kiwi, passion fruit and guava that delivers a tropical flavour experience.
    Mix Berries: A harmonious combination of different berries for a balanced, fruity experience.
    Peach Ice: The cool flavour of peach for a refreshing note.
    Tropical Fruit: A tropical fruit explosion that takes you on a flavourful journey to exotic climes.
    Watermelon: The refreshing flavour of watermelon provides a summery and invigorating vaping experience.

    This wide selection of flavours allows you to keep discovering new flavours and customise your vaping experience. In the Aladin Shisha Shop, you will find the Elfbar ELFA pods nicotine-free at attractive prices, so you can order your favourite flavours easily and conveniently online.

  • In the Aladin Shisha Shop you will find several high-quality alternatives to the Elfbar ELFA pod system that offer an excellent vaping experience. Some of the best options include

    • Flerbar Pod System: known for its advanced dual mesh coil technology, it offers an intense flavour experience and a quick charge within 30 minutes.
    • SKE Crystal Plus Vapes: Ideal for beginners, these devices offer interchangeable liquid pods and ease of use with a stylish design.
    • 187 Pods: They offer excellent workmanship with an innovative magnetic pod system that ensures reliable performance.
    • Lost Mary Tappo: An eco-friendly option with rechargeable batteries and replaceable pods, compatible with Elfbar ELFA devices and other pod systems.

    Each of these alternatives offers specific benefits that make them an attractive choice for different preferences and needs.

  • Choosing the right nicotine strength for your liquid is crucial for an optimal vaping experience and depends heavily on your previous smoking habits. Different nicotine strengths offer different intensities, which can make the transition from smoking to e-cigarettes easier.
    Liquids are available in several nicotine strengths, ranging from nicotine-free (0 mg/ml) to high concentrations (20 mg/ml). If you have smoked heavily before, a liquid with a higher nicotine content could be useful to satisfy the craving for nicotine. Beginners and occasional smokers, on the other hand, often choose liquids with a low nicotine content to enjoy the vaping experience without needing a high nicotine dose.

    • 0 mg/ml: For vapers who want to do without nicotine. This option is ideal for those who want to enjoy the flavour and vaping experience without consuming nicotine. It is particularly suitable for former smokers who have already overcome nicotine withdrawal but want to continue vaping.
    • 3 mg/ml: Very low nicotine content, ideal for occasional vapers or for those who are just starting to use e-cigarettes and want to reduce their nicotine consumption. This strength offers a light nicotine experience without a strong scratchy throat.
    • 6 mg/ml: Low nicotine content, suitable for light smokers who are switching to e-cigarettes. This strength delivers a moderate amount of nicotine equivalent to a light smoker who consumes about 5-10 cigarettes per day.
    • 12 mg/ml: Medium nicotine content, for average smokers who smoke about half a packet of cigarettes a day. This strength offers a good balance of nicotine delivery and flavour, which is ideal for many former smokers.
    • 18 mg/ml: High nicotine content, for heavy smokers who consume more than one packet of cigarettes per day. This strength is particularly suitable for those who are looking for an intense nicotine kick and want to make the transition from smoking to e-cigarettes as smooth as possible.
    • 20 mg/ml: Very high nicotine content, for very heavy smokers who need a particularly high nicotine intake. This strength is often found in nicotine salt liquids, which offer a gentle throat hit despite the high nicotine content. They are ideal for users of pod systems and MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) devices who are looking for quick and effective nicotine satisfaction.

    The choice of the right nicotine strength is individual and depends on various factors, such as the number of cigarettes smoked daily and the strength of previously consumed tobacco products. Too high a nicotine content can lead to an unpleasant scratchy throat, while too low a nicotine content does not sufficiently satisfy the craving for nicotine. It is therefore advisable to start with a medium strength and then adjust the nicotine dose as required.
    If you are unsure, it is always a good idea to try out different nicotine strengths to find the one that best suits your needs. In the Aladin Shisha Shop, you can discover a wide selection of liquids in different nicotine strengths to find the perfect vaping experience.

  • Liquids, also known as e-liquids, are special liquids that are used in e-cigarettes to produce the vapour. They are the heart of every e-cigarette and are responsible for the flavour and vapour production. In the Aladin Shisha Shop, you will find a wide selection of liquids that differ in their flavours and ingredients.
    Liquids consist of several main ingredients, each of which has a specific function. Propylene glycol (PG) is a colourless, almost odourless liquid that serves as a carrier for flavours. PG provides the so-called "throat hit", the feeling in the throat when inhaling, which is similar to smoking a conventional cigarette. It is less viscous than glycerine, which means that it is thinner and transports the flavours better. Vegetable glycerine (VG) is a thick, colourless liquid obtained from vegetable oils. VG is responsible for vapour development. A higher proportion of VG in a liquid leads to denser, larger vapour clouds. VG is also sweeter than PG and can slightly influence the flavour of the liquid.
    Another important component of liquids are the flavours that give the liquid its taste. These can be produced either naturally or artificially. The variety of flavours makes it possible to offer a wide range of flavours, from fruity and sweet notes to fresh and spicy variants. In addition to PG, VG and flavours, liquid also contains water, which contributes to consistency and dilution, as well as optional nicotine. Nicotine is a natural alkaloid found in the leaves of the tobacco plant. It can be added in various concentrations to meet the needs of vapers.
    Overall, these carefully selected ingredients ensure that liquids are both flavourful and functionally effective. They offer a healthier alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes, as no harmful combustion products are produced during vaporisation. The combination of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings, water and optional nicotine makes liquids a versatile and individual product that can be perfectly adapted to the personal preferences and needs of every vaper.
  • The choice between Elfliq and Maryliq depends on your personal preferences and needs as a vaper. Both brands, developed by Elf Bar, offer high-quality nicotine salt liquids that are characterised by intense flavours and smooth vaping. To decide which of the two is better for you, it's worth looking at the differences and strengths of both products.
    Elfliq is known for its wide range of flavours and the excellent quality of the ingredients used. These liquids are available in 10mg and 20mg nicotine salts, which allows for a smooth throat hit and faster nicotine uptake. Elfliq liquids are ideal for vapers looking for a versatile selection of intense flavours and a consistently high-quality vaping experience. The handy 10ml bottles with fine filling tip facilitate drip-free refilling of pods or tanks and contribute to user-friendliness.
    Maryliq, another brand from Elf Bar, also offers nicotine salt liquids with a similar nicotine strength. However, Maryliq stands out due to its special focus on creative and diverse flavours. These liquids are perfect for vapers who like to experiment and are constantly looking for new flavour experiences. Maryliq's 10ml bottles are also designed to be user-friendly and allow for easy and clean refilling.
    A deciding factor when choosing between Elfliq and Maryliq could be the variety of flavours. While Elfliq offers a wide range of classic and popular flavours, Maryliq places particular emphasis on innovative and creative flavours. If you are a vaper who loves to discover new and exciting flavour profiles, Maryliq might be the better choice for you.
    Another difference lies in the brand identity. Elfliq has made a name for itself through its reliability and consistently high quality. Maryliq, on the other hand, aims to impress with innovative flavours and creative flavour combinations. Both brands rely on the use of nicotine salt, which allows for a smoother vaping experience and quick nicotine uptake.
    Ultimately, the decision between Elfliq and Maryliq depends on which aspects of the vaping experience are most important to you. Both brands offer excellent products that are at the highest level in terms of quality and flavour. It's worth trying both to find out which brand best suits your personal preferences.
    To summarise, neither Elfliq nor Maryliq is clearly better - it comes down to your individual preferences. Both brands offer intense flavours, high quality and a pleasant vaping experience. Discover the world of Elfliq and Maryliq in the Aladin Shisha Shop and find out which liquid suits you best.
  • Maryliq is an innovative series of nicotine salt liquids developed by Lost Mary, a renowned brand under the leadership of Elf Bar. These liquids are specially designed for vapers looking for an intense yet smooth vaping experience. Maryliq offers a wide range of flavours and is available in different nicotine strengths to meet the individual needs of users.
    Maryliq liquids are characterised by the use of nicotine salt, which allows for smoother inhalation and faster absorption of nicotine into the bloodstream. This results in an immediate and satisfying nicotine kick that is less scratchy on the throat than conventional nicotine. This makes Maryliq particularly suitable for those looking for a strong but pleasant nicotine hit.
    The 10ml bottles are handy and equipped with a fine filling tip that enables drip-free refilling of your pod or tank. This makes handling easy and clean, so you can enjoy your vaping experience anytime and anywhere. The sustainable reusability of the bottles also helps to reduce waste, making Maryliq an environmentally friendly choice.
    Maryliq offers a variety of flavours, from fruity to refreshing, to offer something for every vaper. Popular flavours such as Blackcurrant Apple, Blueberry Sour Raspberry and Cherry Lemon Mint provide variety and make every vaping session a special experience. This variety allows you to keep discovering new flavours and find your personal favourite.
    The quality and craftsmanship that go into every Maryliq Liquid are reflected in the intense depth of flavour and optimum vapour production. Elf Bar, known for its high-quality vaping products, is setting new standards in terms of quality and flavour with Maryliq.
  • Nicotine salt liquids have been an integral part of the vape scene for several years. They differ chemically from traditional liquids and offer various advantages. Nicotine salt liquids have a lower pH value, which makes them less alkaline. As a result, they cause less throat hit, the scratchy feeling in the throat that many vapers are familiar with. These liquids contain nicotine in bound form, similar to how it occurs naturally in tobacco. This means that the nicotine is absorbed more slowly and over a longer period of time.
    Nicotine salt liquids are particularly suitable for those switching from conventional cigarettes, as they offer a similar nicotine delivery. They are also ideal for users of pod systems, as these devices often have less power and vaporise nicotine salts at lower temperatures.
    The main difference between nicotine salt liquids and traditional liquids lies in the chemical composition and the effect on the body. While traditional liquids contain free nicotine that vaporises at higher temperatures and is absorbed quickly, nicotine salt liquid contains nicotine in a form that works more slowly but lasts longer. This can be helpful for long-time smokers as it reduces the need to vape frequently.
    Another advantage of nicotine salt liquids is the softer throat hit. This can be particularly attractive to new vapers who want to avoid the scratchy feeling when inhaling. In addition, the lower pH values of nicotine salts allow a higher nicotine concentration without the unpleasant scratchy sensation in the throat.
    All in all, nicotine salt liquids offer an interesting alternative to classic liquids, especially for those switching to vaping and users of pod systems.
  • The cost of a vape in the Aladin Shisha Shop can vary depending on the type, brand and functionality of the device. If you are looking for a low-cost option, you can find disposable vapes from as little as 2,99€. These offers are particularly attractive for beginners or for people who want to try out vaping.
    For more permanent vape systems, such as vape pod systems, the prices are higher for the initial purchase, but are cheaper in the long run. These devices are rechargeable, offer extended functions, longer battery life and the option to use them with different e-liquids and prefilled pods. The prices for pod systems are divided. The one-off purchase is the basic device, which is available from 6,99€. You then only need prefilled pods or cartridge pods with e-liquid. The pods can be easily replaced without having to dispose of the base device. You can find prefilled pods in the Aladin Shisha Shop from just 3,49€ per pod. These include well-known models such as Elf Bar ELFA, 187 pods and many more!
    In the Aladin Shisha Shop you will find a wide selection of vape products and the necessary accessories so that you can get everything from a single source.
    Whether you're looking for a simple disposable vape or a long-lasting, rechargeable pod system, the Aladin Shisha Shop offers a variety of options to suit your needs and budget. It's worth checking back regularly for offers and discounts to secure the best prices.
  • Yes, the purchase and consumption of vapes in Germany is legally restricted to persons who have reached the age of 18. This age restriction applies to all types of vape products, including e-cigarettes, e-liquids, both with and without nicotine, and vape accessories. This regulation aims to protect young people and children from the potential risks of vaping, regardless of whether the products contain nicotine or not.
    Compliance with these regulations is important to limit access to vape products for young people while ensuring that adults continue to have access to an alternative to traditional smoking if they so wish.
  • The Elfbar ELFA is characterised by its powerful 500 mAh battery. This battery is specially designed to offer you a long-lasting vaping experience. When fully charged, the ELFA battery allows up to 600 puffs. That means for you: You can vape for several days without having to recharge the battery in between.
    Charging the Elf Bar ELFA battery is quick and easy thanks to the USB-C charging cable supplied. Within just 30 minutes, the battery is fully charged and ready for the next use. This fast charging time ensures that you have little waiting time and your device is quickly ready for use again.
    The longevity of the battery makes the Elfbar ELFA pod system a practical and reliable choice for anyone who likes to vape on the go. With the ELFA, you have a loyal companion that won't let you down.
    To summarise: The ELFA from Elfbar offers you up to 600 puffs per charge thanks to its 500 mAh battery. The quick and easy charging makes it an ideal option for vapers who value longevity and convenience.
  • The Elfbar ELFA is an innovative, rechargeable vape that is compatible with pre-filled pods. These pods come with 2 ml of high-quality Elf Bar Liquid in a variety of flavours and contain 20 mg nicotine per ml. The special thing about the ELFA is its sustainability and economy: it offers a practical alternative to disposable vapes, as it can simply be recharged and refilled with new pods.
    With a 500 mAh battery charge, the ELFA pod system allows up to 600 puffs, which means you can enjoy several days without having to recharge. The pods use nicotine salt e-liquid for a more intense flavour experience and are particularly durable thanks to the mesh process. The USB-C charging cable ensures fast charging.
    Technically, the ELFA impresses with its ergonomic design and an LED display that provides information about the charging status. The pods themselves are made of heat-resistant PCTG material, offer a filling capacity of 2 ml and come in flavours ranging from banana to watermelon.
  • The Tobacco Products Act requires that e-cigarettes be designed to be "child-resistant and tamper-evident". In addition, the CLP Regulation requires that liquids containing nicotine must have a child-resistant closure. However, there is no clear definition of what is considered child-resistant and whether children are allowed to smoke an e-cigarette at all. As a result, manufacturers of disposable vapes have incorporated their own safety mechanism to protect children from nicotine-containing vapour. However, many vapers have not noticed these changes and are afraid that their device is broken.  The manufacturers of disposable vapes have developed various methods to equip their devices with a child safety device. With the HQD brand, you have to pull the vape three times in quick succession to activate or deactivate it. When the device is in use, a light on the back lights up. With 187 Strassenbande vapes, it is possible to close the air slot on the back so that you cannot pull on the vape. All the necessary information about the parental control is usually stated on the packaging, so you can vape without worry.
  • After the success of the famous rapper Massiv with his delicious Al Massiva hookah tobacco, connoisseurs can now turn to his new product line: The Al Massiva Vapes! In a time when e-shishas are becoming more and more popular, it is a great extension of his previous creations. It is a superb vape that comes in six different delicious flavours and offers a great look as well as a fantastic taste. Al Massiva has outdone itself again by offering the most popular tobaccos as vapes, including Bruderherz, Blaulicht and Sommer in Beirut. These are perfect for on-the-go and can be enjoyed at any time. Surprisingly, Ghetto Cola is back, which is sure to delight many tobacco lovers. Now the well-known cola flavour can be enjoyed again in the Al Massiva Vape. All flavour combinations are very unique and refreshing.
  • Rapper Veysel is now launching his own disposable vape called Vaypel. Known for his distinctive and memorable sound, he wants to bring this diversity to his flavours. The disposable vape features a compact format and 12 different flavours that are heating up the competitive field in the e-shisha market. When the vape is delivered, about 600 puffs are already filled and it is intended for single use only.  Whether you are a fan of Veysel and his music or not, his unparalleled eye for excellent taste is clearly demonstrated by his twelve different variants. He has set the highest standards for his flavours himself. From aromatic Lemonade on Ice, to exotic Pina Colada, to Black Forest Wildberries - there is a flavour to suit every type. This makes the Vaypel Vapes collection also suitable for experienced smokers who want to make the switch to vaping.
  • HQD Vapes immediately became a huge success when they arrived in Europe, delighting vape fans and hookah lovers with their handy size, light weight and pleasant shape. These practical vapes are wonderful to carry around and can even be stowed in jacket and trouser pockets. A real must-have for all those who want to vape on the go. The HQD vape offers you a unique way to start vaping right away! With 2ml of liquid already in the liquid depot, you can enjoy around 600 puffs without worrying about running out. Enjoy a day of carefree vaping! The vape liquid of the HQD E-Shisha features a nicotine content of 20 mg/ml.

  • Disposable vapes are a simple, cheaper alternative to cigarettes. Unlike battery packs and pod systems, disposable vapes are one-time use items that are disposed of after use. These vapes vaporise liquid instead of burning tobacco and can be purchased in a variety of flavours.  It's simple! A disposable vape doesn't need e-liquid, a battery or a vaporiser head - all you have to do is open the packaging, remove the foil and rubber stopper, then simply pull to operate it.  The capacity of most vapes is 2ml with a battery that is 400-600mAh strong. This means that the consumption of the e-liquid or battery is highly dependent on individual use. Regular and long draws of 187 Vapes or HQD Vapes, for example, involves about 600 puffs. Of course, strong vapers may finish earlier or weaker users may enjoy the pod longer.
  • The rappers of 187 Strassenbande are already a household name in the hookah scene and have now also conquered the vape market with their flavourful aroma creations. Their new Vapes comes in delicious flavours and is the perfect choice for all vapers. The street gang from Hamburg, who are behind the label 187 Vapes, have managed to find a perfect mix of fruity classics and refreshing new flavours. Whether Reeperbahn, 040 Hamburg or I love Hamburg - these are just a few examples of extremely popular vape specialities from the crew. The sweet Beach Vibez, the fruity AMG or the tangy Happy Cactuz hit the zeitgeist exactly.
  • An ELFA pod from Elfbar offers a fascinating alternative to conventional smoking. Each pod contains 2 ml of liquid with 20 mg nicotine per ml. But how can this be converted into cigarettes? It is important to understand that the direct comparison between cigarettes and vaping is not straightforward, as the vaping experience and nicotine uptake are different. However, based on the nicotine content and the number of puffs (up to 600 per pod), an Elf Bar ELFA pod provides a rough equivalent to around 40 cigarettes.
    This estimate will of course vary depending on personal vaping behaviour and individual puffs. What makes the ELFA special is its efficiency and the ability to precisely control nicotine consumption. With an ELFA pod, you not only enjoy the flavour of your choice, but you can also meet your nicotine requirements in a clean and controlled way.
    In short, one ELFA Pod can deliver approximately the nicotine equivalent of 40 cigarettes, depending on your vaping style. This makes the Elf Bar ELFA an attractive option for anyone looking for an alternative to traditional smoking without compromising on enjoyment and quality. Visit the Aladin Shisha Shop to find out more about the ELFA and its wide range of flavours.
  • An ELFA pod, designed for the innovative ELFA pod system from Elfbar, is designed to provide an extensive and enjoyable vaping experience. Each pod comes with 2ml of the finest liquid specially designed for use in Elfbar ELFA devices. In terms of duration: a single pod allows up to 600 puffs. This means that the duration of use of an ELFA pod depends heavily on your vaping habits.
    For the average vaper, an Eleven Bar ELFA Pod can therefore be sufficient for several days before a change becomes necessary. This makes ELFA pods not only a practical but also a cost-effective option for vapers.
    In addition to long-lasting pleasure, the ELFA Pods offer a wide range of flavours - from fruity to sweet - so that every vaper can find their favourite flavour. The easy handling and quick change of pods ensure an uncomplicated vaping experience.
  • Disposable vapes with more than 600 puffs are prohibited in Germany due to legal regulations. These regulations are based on the Tobacco Products Act (TabErzG) and the Tobacco Products Ordinance (TabErzV), which set strict limits on the capacity and ingredients of e-liquids in disposable vapes.
    Disposable e-cigarettes that offer more than 600 puffs, such as vapes with 7000 or 10000 puffs, usually contain a larger tank with a volume of up to 20 ml. This significantly exceeds the maximum e-liquid volume of 2 ml per device permitted in Germany. This larger amount of e-liquid increases the risk of nicotine overdose and other health hazards, which is why such devices are not authorised in Germany.
    The strict regulations in Germany not only include restrictions on the amount of e-liquid, but also comprehensive requirements for the labelling, packaging and ingredients of e-cigarettes.
    Another important aspect is compliance with the EU Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). This directive limits the maximum nicotine concentration in e-liquids to 20 mg/ml (2%) and allows a maximum fill volume of 10 ml per e-liquid bottle. Devices that exceed these limits are not permitted in the EU. Disposable vapes that do not fulfil these regulations may not be sold in Germany.
    The sale and possession of disposable vapes is only permitted in Germany from the age of 18. This age limit is based on the Youth Protection Act, which has also applied to nicotine-containing products such as e-cigarettes and e-liquids since 1 April 2016.
  • If you notice that your Elfbar ELFA tastes burnt, this can have various causes. Here we explain the reasons and how you can fix the problem so that you can enjoy your ELFA pod system to the full again.

    • Pod is empty: A common cause of a burnt flavour is that the pod is almost empty. Without enough liquid, the coil in the pod heats up the dry cotton, which leads to this unpleasant flavour. So check the liquid level of your ELFA pods regularly and replace them in good time before they are completely empty.
    • Draw frequency too high: If you draw on your ELFA too quickly in succession, the cotton in the pod does not have enough time to become saturated with liquid again. This can also lead to a burnt flavour. Give your pod some time to recover between puffs.
    • Battery performance: A low battery level can lead to the pod not being heated optimally, resulting in a burnt flavour. Make sure your ELFA battery is charged regularly to ensure consistently high performance.
    • Using non-compatible pods: Using pods that are not specifically designed for the ELFA Pod System by Elf Bar can also cause problems. To get the best flavour, you should always use the intended ELFA pods.

    To avoid burnt flavour, it is important to use and maintain your ELFA Pod System correctly. This includes regularly checking the condition of your pods, keeping the battery charged and giving the pods enough time to re-saturate with liquid after intensive use.
    With its pre-filled pods and efficient pod system, the ELFA from Elf Bar offers a simple and enjoyable vaping experience. Should you ever encounter the problem of a burnt flavour, these tips will certainly help you. Discover the wide range of ELFA products in the Aladin Shisha Shop, where you can buy ELFA pods and many other items from Elf Bar at favourable prices.

  • The ELFA Pod System, an outstanding product from Elf Bar, is characterised by its powerful battery. This allows you to enjoy a long-lasting vaping experience before recharging is necessary. As a general rule, it's time to charge the ELFA if you notice a reduction in vapour production or the device no longer responds to your puffs. Another clear sign is the LED display on the device, which signals the current battery level. As soon as this starts to flash, it is time to charge your ELFA battery.
    Charging your ELFA is very easy and can be done quickly thanks to a USB-C cable. A full charge usually only takes around 30 minutes, so you can get your device up and running again quickly. This emphasises the efficiency and user-friendliness of the ELFA Pod System from Elf Bar.
    In short, recharge your ELFA when you notice a drop in performance or when the LED display indicates this. With the fast and efficient charging system, you can ensure that your ELFA from Elf Bar is always ready for your next vaping experience.
  • ELFA Pods, the prefilled pods from Elf Bar, are designed for the ELFA Pod System and offer a simple and enjoyable vaping experience. The price for a 2-pack of ELFA pods normally ranges between €9.99 and €10.99 in the shops. This can vary depending on the supplier.
    However, the Aladin Shisha Shop offers you a special opportunity to buy ELFA pods at a favourable price. With us you can get a 2-pack of ELFA pods from just €6.99. This is not only an attractive price, but also gives you the chance to enjoy the quality and flavour of Elf Bar without straining your budget.
    The ELFA pods from Elf Bar are renowned for their quality and the wide range of flavours available. Whether you prefer fruity, sweet or refreshing, the ELFA Pods will fulfil your desires with every puff. In addition, the ELFA pod system from Elf Bar is a sustainable choice as it is reusable and you only need to replace the pods when they are empty.
    To summarise: ELFA pods offer you a cost-effective way to enjoy the high-quality vaping experience from Elf Bar. You can find these pods in the Aladin Shisha Shop from just €6.99 per pack. Discover the variety and quality of ELFA pods now and save money compared to the usual prices.
  • Yes, ELFA is indeed a product of Elf Bar, a brand known in the world of vaping for its innovation and high quality products. Elf Bar has made a name for itself by developing user-friendly and flavourful e-cigarettes and vapes. The ELFA range is no exception. It represents one of the latest developments in the Elf Bar range, specifically designed for vapers looking for a convenient yet enjoyable experience.
    The ELFA from Elf Bar is a pod system that is characterised by its reusability and ease of use. It offers a sustainable alternative to the usual disposable vapes. With the aim of making vaping attractive and accessible to both experienced users and beginners, the ELFA combines ease of use with a selection of high-quality, pre-filled pods in various flavours.
    Being part of the Elf Bar family means that ELFA users can benefit from Elf Bar's proven quality and innovation. The brand places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and is always striving to improve and expand its product offering to meet the diverse needs of the vaping community.
    In short, ELFA is a proud member of the Elf Bar product family, reflecting the brand's philosophy of quality, enjoyment and ease of use.
  • An ELFA Pod, part of the innovative pod system from Elf Bar, offers you up to 600 puffs per pod. But how do you recognise that it's time to change the pod? Here are a few clear signs:

    • Change in flavour: The first indication that your ELFA pod is running low is often a change in flavour. The intense flavour you're used to is fading or no longer tastes as fresh as before.
    • Reduced vapour production: Another sign is when you notice that the pod is producing less vapour. This means that the liquid in the pod is almost used up.

    It is important to change the pod in time to get the best possible vaping experience and to ensure that the device is working properly.
    Overall, the ease of use of ELFA pods makes them a popular choice among vapers. When you realise it's time to change your pod, you can simply replace it with a new one without having to handle any liquid. This makes the ELFA system particularly user-friendly and clean.

  • Elf Bar ELFA pods stand for high quality and an impressive variety of flavours. From fruity compositions to refreshing blends, Elf Bar offers a range that makes every vaper's heart beat faster. But which pods are the best? The answer depends on your personal preferences. However, some of the most popular ELFA pods in the Aladin Shisha Shop include:

    1. Mixed Berries: a hit for those who love the juicy flavours of different berries. This pod combines blueberries, redcurrants and more to create an irresistible mix.
    2. Watermelon: The ultimate summer flavour with the sweet and refreshing aroma of watermelon. Ideal for hot days or whenever you need a refreshment.
    3. Blueberry: For the purists among vapers who appreciate the clear and sweet flavour of blueberries.
    4. Peach Ice: A cool breeze combined with the sweet flavour of peaches. This pod offers a unique vapour experience that perfectly balances freshness and sweetness.
    5. Tropical Fruit: Immerse yourself in an exotic world with flavours of pineapple, mango and passion fruit. This pod is like a short holiday in the tropics.

    It is important to emphasise that the "best" ELFA pods are subjective and depend heavily on your individual taste preferences. We recommend trying different flavours to find your personal favourite.

  • The Elf Bar ELFA is an innovative pod system that has been specially developed for ease of use and an enjoyable vaping experience. At the heart of the system is the combination of a rechargeable base device and the matching, pre-filled Elf Bar ELFA pods.

    It's that simple:

    1. Insert the pod: Start by selecting an Elf Bar ELFA Pod and inserting it into the base unit. The pods are magnetic and snap into place easily, so you can be sure that everything is properly seated.
    2. Vaping: The Elf Bar ELFA is a draw-activated device, which means there are no buttons to press. Simply pull the pod and the device activates automatically to give you a rich vaping experience with your chosen flavour.
    3. Recharge: When the battery is running low, signalled by the LED indicator, use the supplied USB-C cable to charge the device. A full charge only takes around 30 minutes, so you can vape again quickly.
    4. Changing the pod: As soon as the pod is empty - usually after around 600 puffs - you can simply replace it with a new one. As the pods are pre-filled, there is no need to refill liquid, which makes the system particularly practical and clean.

    The ELFA from Elf Bar is characterised by its user-friendliness and the high-quality, flavourful liquid options. Whether you are an experienced vaper or just starting out, the Elf Bar ELFA offers you a convenient and enjoyable way to vape.

  • Elfbar ELFA offers two types of pods: Prefilled Pods and Refillable Pods. Both variants have specific properties and advantages that make them interesting for different user groups.
    Elfbar ELFA Prefilled Pods are prefilled, disposable pod cartridges. They are ready for immediate use and offer convenient handling as no refilling is necessary. These pods are ideal for vapers who prefer an uncomplicated solution and do not want to bother with refilling liquids. Another advantage is that no leaks can occur during filling. As soon as the pod is empty, it is simply replaced with a new one.
    Elfbar ELFA Refillable Pods, on the other hand, can, as the name suggests, be refilled with e-liquid. They offer the flexibility to choose from a wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths that can be filled with the ELFLIQ liquid or other compatible e-liquids. Refillable pods are a cost-effective and more environmentally friendly option as they can be used multiple times before they need to be replaced.
    To summarise, the main difference between the two pod types is refillability and the flexibility it offers, as well as the long-term cost and environmental impact. Prefilled pods offer convenience and simplicity, while refillable pods offer a customisable, more economical and environmentally friendly vaping experience.
Tobacco substitute and molasses
  • Hookah paste is a popular alternative to regular tobacco. It is tasty and smokes well, but also has many other advantages! Among other things, the smoke development is unique - you can also mix the steam paste perfectly with normal tobacco to discover it anew!