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Blackburn Tobacco - Blackburn Darkblend Hookah Tobacco

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Experience the incomparable aroma of Blackburn hookah tobacco now! A renowned company from Russia, Blackburn has finally conquered the German market since mid-2022. Blackburn is a hookah tobacco that belongs to the Darkblend category. Darkblend is a tobacco blend that consists of strong tobacco varieties and serves as the basis for the tobacco. The use of first-class Burley tobacco as a basis and the development of exquisite flavours by experts give each flavour an unforgettable taste. In our assortment you can currently find 22 different flavours, ranging from sour pineapple to refreshing grape lemonade and fine green tea. Blackburn offers an incomparably diverse selection for everyone who is looking for something special. Blackburn offers a wide range of hookah tobaccos that can be divided into three categories: fruity classics, creamy varieties and the exciting Shok range with tart flavours. Every smoker will find what they are looking for here and can live out their individual taste. Whether you go for the tried and tested fruity flavours, are enchanted by creamy notes or prefer the extravagance of the Shok range - Blackburn has the right flavour for every taste. Experience the unique taste of Blackburn hookah tobacco now and be inspired by the variety of flavours. Find your new favourite variety and dive into the world of Blackburn. A perfect mix of quality, taste and enjoyment awaits you here.


Blackburn hookah tobacco - A world full of flavour experiences

Blackburn hookah tobacco: variety and quality for your hookah experience

Blackburn tobacco is a renowned manufacturer of hookah tobacco that originated in Russia and has finally been available in Germany since mid-2022. Blackburn's extensive range includes 22 varieties and therefore offers a versatile selection for every taste. Whether fruity flavours such as sour pineapple or blood orange or creamy varieties such as Irish coffee cream - Blackburn has something for everyone. The varieties can be divided into three categories: classic fruity, creamy and the exciting tart Shok range. Blackburn tobacco is therefore a great choice for all hookah lovers who value quality and a wide range of flavours.

Blackburn Shock - your intense acid kick

The fascinating Shok range from Blackburn is an absolute highlight for all hookah lovers. The selection of acidic tobacco is incredibly diverse and promises unique flavour experiences that you should definitely try. These varieties offer a completely new dimension to hookah smoking and are a delight both pure and in blends. The high acid content provides the perfect basis for creating creative combinations and taking the hookah experience to a new level.

Why is Blackburn tobacco black?

Blackburn is a hookah tobacco that belongs to the darkblend category. Darkblend is a tobacco blend that consists of strong tobacco varieties and serves as the basis for the tobacco. These tobacco varieties can also be blended with Virginia, Burley, Dark Air Cured or Oriental tobacco. The term "blend" in Darkblend stands for a combination of different basic tobacco varieties. "Dark" means dark, as the tobacco is not washed out and is therefore darker and has a higher nicotine content.
The Blackburn base tobacco is an exquisite blend of rare and expensive Burley tobacco, which is known worldwide for its outstanding quality and heat resistance. In contrast to the light-coloured Virginia tobacco used in many shishas, the dark Burley tobacco has a higher nicotine content. Beginners should therefore first get used to the nicotine content before reaching for Blackburn tobacco. The use of Burley tobacco brings out the flavours particularly well, as it has a more natural taste and the different varieties taste exclusively of their flavours. Virginia tobacco, on the other hand, can quickly lead to a sweet, artificial flavour.

In which head do you smoke Blackburn hookah tobacco?

For an incomparable flavour experience with Blackburn tobacco, it is recommended to smoke it in a bowl with an HMD (Heat Management Device). In Germany, the hookah phunnel is a common choice, while multi-hole heads are favoured in Russia. However, Blackburn is ideal for both variants and it is advisable to try out both setups. The different smoking methods allow the flavours of Blackburn hookah tobacco to unfold in completely different ways. Treat yourself to the pleasure and experience Blackburn in a new way!

Which Blackburn variety tastes best?

With Blackburn tobacco, you are guaranteed to find high-quality and natural flavours without having to worry that artificial tasting varieties will impair your enjoyment. The specialists at Blackburn attach great importance to balanced and flavourful combinations that stimulate the senses and make hookah smoking an unforgettable experience.
The choice of the best Blackburn hookah tobacco ultimately depends on your individual flavour preferences. Nevertheless, we would like to present our best-selling varieties, as these give a good indication of how excellent the tobacco really is. Our customers order these varieties again and again and often opt for several tins at once.

Blackburn - Lmn Swits:

Discover the refreshing flavour explosion of Blackburn's Darkblend Lmn Swits - a delicious blend of lemon candy. This interpretation of the classic lemon flavour surprises with a subtle sweetness and a hint of citrus that dances on the tongue. On the exhale, a pleasant lemon caramel note lingers in the mouth, perfectly rounding off the flavour experience. Unlike other tobacco varieties, the acidity here is subtle and mild, which will appeal to lovers of sweet flavours in particular.

Blackburn Chupper Grupper:

The Chupper Grupper tobacco from Blackburn is a unique tobacco variety that delights with its exquisite flavour profile and high-quality ingredients. This variety combines the sweet and refreshing flavour of grape juice with a sparkling soda note to create an incomparable pleasure experience. When smoked, a lively flavour develops that is reminiscent of fresh fruit and appeals to the senses. The full-bodied flavour of the Chupper Grupper Darkblend delights with a pleasant sweetness and a slightly acidic nuance. What particularly characterises the Chupper Grupper Darkblend from Blackburn is its unique sweetness, which differs significantly from other tobacco varieties available in Germany. This variety is known for its unmistakable flavour, which is reminiscent of a delicious grape lemonade. With every puff, you will be surprised and enchanted by the intense flavour composition of Chupper Grupper hookah tobacco.

Blackburn Kwi Stoner:

Experience the unique flavour of Kwi Stoner from Blackburn - a fruity delight like a refreshing kiwi smoothie! The fine tobacco delights with a surprisingly sweet and sour flavour that is invigorating and refreshing. The tobacco is ready to smoke as soon as you open the tin and promises an incomparable flavour. The Kwi Stoner is the perfect companion on hot days to refresh yourself and feel a touch of magic. With a pinch of coolness and mint, this blend is simply irresistible. Discover the Blackburn Kwi Stoner now and enjoy sweet notes in the aftertaste that round off the flavour experience.

The huge range of varieties of Blackburn hookah tobacco

Black Burn currently has 22 different varieties in its German range. This means that Blackburn offers a large selection of flavours for every taste. In our online hookah shop, we naturally stock all varieties and have compiled a comprehensive list of the corresponding tobacco flavours for you. You are guaranteed to find the right flavour for your hookah experience:

  • Chr Garden - Cherry
  • Bapai Dnner - Sweet Papaya
  • Chuper Grupper - Grape Lollipop/Lemonade
  • Eldrgerry Shok - Sour Elderberry
  • Green T - Green tea
  • Haribon - Cola bottles
  • Irish Crm - Irish Coffee Cream
  • It's not Black Kurant - Red Currant
  • Ic Babi - Ice, grapefruit, berry mix
  • Kranmerry Shok - Sour cranberry
  • Kwi Stoner - Kiwi
  • Lemn Swits - Lemon candy
  • Pinch Gerry - Peach Wild Berry
  • Raserry - Raspberry
  • Real P.f. - Passion fruit
  • Red Orng - blood orange
  • Shok Anans - Sour pineapple
  • Shok Apl - Sour green apple
  • Shok Barmerry - Sour barberry
  • Shok Kurant Shok - Sour blackcurrant
  • Strobery Jham - Strawberry jam
  • Strobery Kokonat - Milky coconut with strawberry