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Hookah Silicone Hoses

Buy silicone hoses at Aladin Shisha Shop

Here you will find a selection of silicone hoses for your hookah in different colors. Silicone hoses are easy to clean and are absolutely tasteless. A further special feature are the antistatic silicone hoses also called Softtouch, they have the property of less dust and other dirt to adhere, as conventional hoses made of silicone. In addition, the matte surface feels very pleasant, which is why we gladly advise you to buy a softtouch silicone hose.


Items 1 - 24 of 26

Items 1 - 24 of 26

Buy silicon hoses for hookahs

Silicone hoses are very easy to care for and are characterized by their durability and longevity. A silicone hose is washable so that the taste disappears after proper cleaning and therefore offers a long smoking experience. Silicone hoses for waterpipes are available in many different colors and lengths. We also have great models with carbon, which bring the necessary comfort in everyday use. Silicone is considered to be durable, easy to care for and uncomplicated, which is why your new hose from our shop will stay with you for a long time.

Due to the large variety of hoses, they fit all commercially available mouthpieces and hose adapters. The matte surface of the hose is easy to clean and does not attract as much dust or lint. Our silicone hoses for your hookah have various advantages. You can easily clean the hoses with hot water, special cleaning agents and a sponge or brush. The high-quality processed silicone is extremely flexible, soft, durable and easy to care for.

To enjoy your silicone hose for as long as possible, you should clean and take care of it regularly. Otherwise, aromas will settle on the hose, which distorts the taste and tarnish the smoking experience. For optimal smoking pleasure, you should also think about putting on an anti-kink spring. This ensures that the hose does not kink when smoking and passing the hose on.

For a professional cleaning of the silicone hose, we recommend rinsing the hose with warm, clear water. To do this, first remove the mouthpiece and the hose adapter from the hose. Then fill the hose with warm water, hold the ends of the hose shut and give it a good shake. Then remove the water from the hose and clean the inside of the hose with the brush. If necessary you can also use a cleaner. Rinse the hose again with clean water. If not all particles are completely gone after the first attempt, you can repeat this process 2-3 times. Then you should hang up the hose to dry so that all the moisture can escape from your hose.

You should do this simple method regularly to avoid stubborn contamination.