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Seals and Gaskets

Buy hookah seals and gaskets in the Aladin online shop

Even though most shishas these days come with ground joints and adapters, at least you probably cant the bowl gasket. The bowl gasket is about the only gasket that can't be replaced with a ground joint anytime soon, as there are a variety of tobacco bowls that rely on a gasket.
In addition to the bowl gasket, there is often a seal ring between the threaded ring of the bowl and the base. Due to the demand for modern hookahs in the traditional style is as high as it is, a bottle seal for plug systems becomes more important again. If you still have a hookah that doesn't have ground joint connections for the hoses, you'll certainly be in need of new hose seals every now and then. As small as they are, as quickly they are misplaced and no longer found agein. This is why we recommend you to buy several hose gaskets in reserve, just in case.


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Items 1 - 6 of 6