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Phunnel Bowls

Phunnel bowls buy cheap at Aladin Onlineshop

The term Phunnel originates from the USA. The Americans swear on their Phunnels and they have become extremely popular in Germany as well. Especially for strong tobacco and traditional setups a phunnel is ideal. They only have one hole that pulls up in the center of the bowl. Due to the design, much less molasses flows into the smoke column than it would be the case with a multi-hole bowl, furthermore, a phunnel actually never clogs. A phunnel offers the possibility to work differently with the tobacco. You can press it in the bowl to make it dense or fill it loosely and will notice that the clouds and the flavors of the same tobacco behaves differently. Ideal for everyone who likes to experiment a bit and tease out every nuance of flavor. In combination with an HMD, short for Heat Management Device, a phunnel can be set up quick and easy as well. To do it properly, fill the tobacco just below the rim height and place the HMD with the char coal on the bowl. Pay attention to the bowl diameter, to ensure the HMD fits well.

In our online hookah store you can buy phunnels from different manufacturers in various colors, diameters and depths. You can also browse and order HMDs in our assortment.


Phunnel head the most popular head for hookahs

How the Phunnel head works

Tobacco and molasses are placed around the hole, so nothing can get into the smoke column. This not only has the advantage that the hookah is less likely to get dirty and require extensive cleaning, it also offers other positive aspects. Thus, the draft can not be influenced and is consistently good. The taste remains intense and the smoke dense.

Why buy a phunnel for my hookah?

The Phunnel is unique among the hookah head models and inspires with its unusual shape. The particularly high rim in the middle of the head provides an incomparable smoking experience, which is especially appreciated by experienced hookah smokers. Oblako and Hookain Litlip are two popular models that are recommended when it comes to finding the best phunnel.
Phunnels used to be called tobacco swallowers, but now there are also phunnels that can be used for tobacco-saving smoking such as Hookain's Litlip. However, it may be that when smoking hookah, the aluminum foil is sucked by the train. But this can be prevented with a so-called mod. The mod also increases heat conduction, making it more comfortable to use.

Phunnel heads are top for long and relaxed smoking sessions. Due to the shape of the head, the tobacco is burned evenly and thus the tobacco consumption is also correspondingly high. They are perfect for smoking in a large group and over a long period of time, because you always have enough tobacco available. Of course, there are also smaller phunnels, but you should always expect a tobacco consumption of about 15- 20 grams.

Many hookah smokers are of the opinion that the best hookah head is the phunnel, because if you put on a smokebox instead of aluminum foil, a perfect draft and optimal heat distribution is guaranteed. Thus, the Phunnel in use with a smokebox or HMD attachment is then one of the best hookah bowls.

The Phunnel head is also very suitable for smoking with aluminum foil, with a chimney attachment it might not be possible, because Phunnels are larger and the attachments usually could not fit on the head.