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Hookah Hygiene Mouth Tips

Buy hygiene mouthpieces for your hookah in the Aladin online shop

Hygienic mouth tips are very useful, especially for parties and in small Groups as well. Everyone who smokes gets their own little mouth tip, which is either put on or in the actual mouthpiece to prevent germs and bacteria being shared among each other.
Hygiene mouth tips can be purchased in various designs. They are available as disposable as well as reusable products. Disposable tips are usually made of plastic and sold in bags with higher quantities for little money. Reusable tips, on the other hand, are available not only made of plastic, they are made of glass, epoxy resin, carbon, metal and other materials. In addition, they are washable and offer a possibility for personalization with their shapes and designs.

In our online store you can buy hygienic mouth tips from different manufacturers.


Items 1 - 24 of 30

Items 1 - 24 of 30

Hookah hygienic mouthpiece - Online Shop

Safe Hookah enjoyment

For many, hookah is more than just smoking. Nowadays it is a lifestyle, a hobby, a passion. But above all, Hookah stands for togetherness. Sharing a Hookah together.
Whether at a barbecue with your best friends on a warm summer evening or with your work colleagues after a hard day.
However, it comes to a problem that is ubiquitous: often you only have a hose with a hose handle. If several people are using it, it is highly advisable to use hygienic mouthpieces, especially for hygienic reasons. By using a single mouthpiece, viruses and bacteria can easily be transmitted, which could result in unpleasant after-effects from a nice get-together.

Which hygienic mouthpiece suits me?

Hygiene can also be cheap!

In our online store you can find disposable hygiene mouthpieces in large quantities at a low price. These are perfect for larger, sociable rounds with friends. The hygienic mouthpieces can simply be put on the hookah mouthpiece and thrown away after the smoking session.
If you often enjoy a Hookah with friends or regularly go to a lounge, we recommend the reusable hygienic mouthpieces. Reusable mouthpieces come in many variations. For example, a Moze hygienic mouthpiece made of epoxy resin or a Vyro hygienic mouthpiece made of stainless steel.
In addition, the ecological aspect should be considered, since the disposable hygienic mouthpiece is made of plastic and a reusable mouthpiece can save this waste.