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HMD (Heat Management Devices) - Smokboxes & Chimneys

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A few years ago, chimney attachments became really popular. Chimneys allow a quick and easy setup and achieve class results in taste and clouds. Only the fitting is a problem sometimes. Most regular clay bowls work perfectly fine with a simple chimney attachment, while most glazed bowls, as well as particularly wide or narrow bowls don't suit a chimney. This is where heat management devices come in, commonly abbreviated as HMD. An HMD is placed on top of the bowl, which means that these devices fit and harmonize well with the most bowls, especially in conjunction with phunnels. Meanwhile, some manufacturers design their bowls with an extra recess to fit an HMD perfectly.
Just as a chimney attachment, an HMD offers you the possibility to easily work with the heat by opening or closing the openings in the lid to determine the air supply.

In our online store you will find a wide range of chimneys and HMDs that you can buy from us.


Items 1 - 24 of 25

Items 1 - 24 of 25

Hookah Chimneys & Heat Management Devices

Nowadays only a few use an aluminum foil setup and fall back on attachments such as a smokebox. Not only is it easier to use, it also regulates the distribution of heat.

An HMD is made from a thick layer of aluminum. This allows the heat to be distributed evenly. The underside is usually grooved so that there is always enough oxygen to reach the coal and not run out. The edge not only acts as a windbreak, but also stores the heat. As a result, the coals do not give off their heat completely to the surrounding air, but is also absorbed by the aluminum.

You need 2 to maximum 3 natural charcoal cubes only, when smoking with an HMD.  In the beginning it is recommended to use 3 coals to heat the smokebox.

The market offers a wide range of different HMDs. The best known is probably the Kaloud Lotus I +. Thanks to the adjustable cap, you can regulate the heat, so you can enjoy your tobacco bowl longer. Its recommended to use this smokebox with a knob or full contact setup, as the knobs on the underside transfer and distribute heat to the tobacco.

The AO HMD attachment is a cheaper alternative. This attachment has a similar structure and works just as well. However, the AO HMD has no knobs on the underside and therefore cannot be built on knob contact, but it is ideal for distance setup.

The Only One attachment is a very special HDM because it only needs one coal and fits on many tobacco bowls. With only one coal you can smoke with the Only One for up to 90 minutes.

With the distance setup, the top layer of tobacco does not touch the HMD, so you use less tobacco. We recommend using a multi-head hole with this setup. When smoking with knob contact, the top tobacco layer touches the knobs of the smokebox. Here you fill the tobacco below the edge of the tobacco bowl. If you like it stronger, then the tobacco bowl construction with full contact is suitable. The tobacco is filled over the edge of the tobacco bowl. The HMD no longer touches the bowl, but lies on the tobacco.

Please note that not every tobacco bowl is suitable for an HMD. The HMD fits perfectly on phunnels such as the Oblako M or the Hookain Litlip. But the Aladin Biggie Phunnels can also be used perfectly with a smokebox.

If you have any questions about smokeboxes and HMD's, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help and advise you.