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Charcoal Holders

Buy charcoal holders in Aladin Onlineshop

As inconspicuous as a charcoal holder may seem, it is a very useful accessory for your shisha. Instead of transporting the glowing coal with the tongs from the lighter to the hookah or putting the coal on the bowl and bringing it to the hookah, a charcoal holder offers you the advantage to transport the coal safely. Especially when coal is ignited for several hookahs at the same time, you have the possibility to transport all coal cubes at the same time with a holder, just like it is done in the hookah lounge. In our online store we offer you a selection of different charcoal holders in different sizes and designs that you can buy from us. Especially because of their designs, they can also be used as decoration. Many people use the coal holder to let the remaining coal burn out in it after smoking, before they dispose the ash.


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Items 1 - 3 of 3