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Hookah Bowls

Hookah Bowls in the Aladin Shishashop

An essential component of every hookah is the bowl. There are different types of bowls, like simple and unglazed multihole bowls made of clay and glazed phunnels that only have a single hole, which is the type that most Americans use. Even bowls made of Aluminium are available in the meantime. Its on you to find the type of bowls you get along best with.

A simple clay bowl with a chimney top is ery easy to handle but many people prefer to use phunnels combined with Heat Management Devices HMD.

In our online store you will find a large selection of different heads and attachments that you can buy from us.


The hookah head is the heart and soul of the hookah. It provides the right taste and smoking pleasure.

Which hookah head should I buy?

Often they are also called tobacco pot or simply pot or bowl, but the term head is much more common and appropriate, because the head of a hookah ultimately puts the crown on, so to speak.
In our hookah online store you will quickly discover that the selection of different heads is almost infinite. Because we are not only sellers but also passionate smokers and know the subject very well. Hookahs are to be discovered everywhere nowadays and perhaps you have also been infected by the lifestyle and the associated feeling. In any case, we can understand it and would like to help you find the perfect hookah head for you. This way, you will quickly find your favorite and can fully concentrate on the enjoyment of your hookah during the next hookah evening.

Everyone who has ever smoked a hookah knows: The choice of the right head is crucial for the taste and the smoking pleasure. But also the size and shape are not insignificant.

The Aladin hookah Shop offers everything that makes the heart of a hookah smoker beat faster. There is certainly also exactly the right accessories for your hookah. I would be very surprised if it were otherwise. Of course, you can also find any other hookah accessories and natural charcoal in our hookah store. Most hookah smokers now use natural charcoal, which is heated with an electric charcoal lighter or a gas burner.

We explain you the difference between the different shapes, sizes and types of heads you can find in our hookah store. Head up! The head is the heart of every hookah - and therefore one of the most important components for relaxed smoking. It makes a huge difference which head you use for smoking your hookah.

The little things in life are what really make you happy. And what could be better than relaxing with a good hookah in company? Of course, you also need the right hookah accessories and the right tobacco. In the Aladin hookah Shop you will find everything you need for a perfect smoking session. From high-quality hookah accessories to different types and brands of hookah tobacco to steam pastes for your heads - you're guaranteed to find what you're looking for!

In the Aladin online store you can buy a diverse selection of hookah heads

The hookah head is placed on the smoking column and is used to fill it with tobacco. It takes a little skill to find the perfect set-up for the hookah head. This is responsible for the smoke development, heat management and finally the taste of the tobacco. In our shop you will find a range of different hookah heads made of various materials - natural clay heads, stone heads or ceramic heads as well as practical chimney head sets. Besides the different materials, the shapes vary from 5 hole heads or phunnel heads to vortex heads. Cheap beginner heads to the professional head for example from Werbund, Hookain or Vandenberg - with us you will quickly find the right tobacco head for the perfect set-up, so you can smoke unique and also stylish. The different materials conduct the heat in different ways and thus ensure particularly good taste. Besides, it is important that the head fits perfectly to your hookah.
Buy chimney head sets, head strainers and smoke boxes from an experienced dealer. We offer quality products at affordable prices.

We offer you the best fireplace head sets that consist of hookah tobacco heads and a chimney. The fireplace head attachments are the ultimate invention for a relaxed hookah session. Due to the finely perforated screen and the placement directly on the tobacco head, the heat is optimally distributed and the tobacco can be enjoyed longer. The attachments have a tube in which the excess heat can escape comfortably - for maximum smoking pleasure without compromise. Of course, the chimney head sets are available in a wide variety of styles from well-known brands and suppliers, so you can easily find the perfect attachment that not only ensures better quality and thus more enjoyment, but also fits perfectly with your hookah visually.

For a good hookah, not much coal is necessary. To avoid burning too many pieces, you can rely on a smokebox or HMD attachment (Heat Management Attachments). It provides the perfect heat and the tobacco saving goes by itself. Through the ventilation slots in the lid you have everything under control and with our selection of attachments you can choose the right model - whether for better quality or more enjoyment.

What are the different hookah heads?

The most popular hookah head variations:

  •     Multi-hole head
  •     Phunnel head (single hole head)
  •     Vortex head
  •     Clay head

The hookah multi-hole head

The multi-hole head is very popular among hookah smokers and also suitable for beginners. It can be made of clay or stone, but we recommend the clay version, because the tobacco tastes more intense there. The draught is very pleasant and it is not expensive - so perfect to try out!

The hookah Phunnel (single hole head)

The single hole head, also called phunnel head, is a good choice for advanced smokers. Similar to a funnel, it has a large hole in the middle that is higher than the bottom. Here, the tobacco is distributed around the hole so that the molasses and flavors cannot get into the smoke column. This method does not affect the draught or smoke quality. However, the taste is more intense because the molasses along with the flavors remains in the hookah head.
In addition, the market is very broad and you have a wide choice of different brands - here you can try a lot!

The hookah Vortex Head

This resembles the shape of a phunnel, because the holes in the Vortex head are also in an elevation in the middle of the head. Through several holes, the air is distributed more evenly and pulls perfectly through the complete tobacco - so the aroma can fully develop.

The hookah clay head (natural head)

Whether you do a hookah head test or look in the hookah head comparison, the clay head has been a classic for years and is especially popular with beginners. This is mainly due to the low price and robustness. At the same time, it conducts the heat well and gives it evenly to the tobacco. Even though there are now other heads made of clay, the clay head remains a popular choice.

Advantages and disadvantages of a glazed and unglazed hookah head

The unglazed hookah head advantages and disadvantages

An unglazed hookah head is a head that has not been further treated after firing. This is the case with a clay head, this consists only of the basic material clay without additional protective layer.
Clay is absorbent and stores liquids, just like a sponge. Therefore, when clay heads are used, they eventually "bleed". That is, the molasses is squeezed out when smoked because the pores are full - which is unavoidable and only shows that the clay head has been in use for a while.
To prevent bleeding, you can simply boil the clay head in hot water and then dry it. Most of the time, it's just worth it to buy a new clay head for a few euros. After all, you have to consider the effort and electricity costs of boiling it out several times.
The clay head is the perfect way to enhance your own tobacco flavor. By smoking the clay head, you can adjust the flavor of the tobacco to your own gusto, highlighting your individual flavor. Many people in the tobaccoscene swear by this method and therefore have several clay heads for different flavors. Of course, this is debatable, but in the end, everyone decides for himself what he likes. The other advantage of the clay head is the low price. Even if it falls and breaks, it can be replaced relatively quickly and cheaply.

The glazed hookah head advantages and disadvantages

A glazed head is a clay head that is covered with a transparent or colored glaze after firing. This protective layer seals the base of the clay and ensures that molasses cannot penetrate the head. The glazing agent is either applied in powder form to the still-wet clay and then dried in the kiln, or applied as a liquid glaze and hardened in the kiln.
A glazed head has many advantages: It does not take on flavor, is easy to clean, and usually looks better than an unglazed head. Glaze can be created in an infinite number of colors and designs - from gold tones to pastels, patterns and grains.
The most expensive head is not necessarily the best. This is because the price of a glazed clay head discourages many, when in fact it would be the best choice. However, the glaze on the head will micro-crack over time, spreading over the entire head - which can be quite annoying. But this is a normal wear and tear and unavoidable.

Conclusion about the hookah head

If you have decided on a hookah head, the only thing missing is the right type of tobacco. In our store you will find a large selection of hookah tobacco in different varieties, so you are sure to find the right one for you. Just try out which tobacco tastes best to you!