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HHC & THC-P disposable Vapes

Buy the right HHC Vape or THC-P Vape

Dive into the world of HHC & THC-P vapes at Aladin Shisha Shop and discover a rich selection for an unrivalled cannabinoid experience. Our wide range of HHC & THC-P vapes offers a customised experience with brands such as Acan, GZUZ and 4TWENTY, ranging from fruity-fresh to spicy-aromatic. Experience the smooth effects of HHC and THC-P in compact vape pens for a discreet enjoyment experience. The HHC vapes in our range not only promise relaxing time-outs, but also a variety of flavours ranging from aromas such as White Widow to refreshing blends such as Bubblegum. With HHC Vapes, you will experience a fast-acting effect that gives you a pleasant high. Use it for a calming break, to lift your mood or improve your concentration - according to your individual needs and preferences. Our Aladin Shisha Shop offers the highest quality standards to ensure a safe and responsible vape experience. Also discover the fascinating world of THC-P, a unique cannabinoid with promising properties. With a longer alkyl side chain, THC-P offers a particularly potent effect that goes beyond conventional cannabinoids. Our selection of THCP products stands for quality and expertise to guarantee a trustworthy shopping experience. Discover brands like 4TWENTY with a wide range of flavours from fruity-sweet to classic tart. It is important to note the cannabinoid content, which determines the strength of the effect. For HHC vapes, the proportion usually varies between 50% and 95% HHC, with 95% being common. In the case of THC-P vapes, the percentage is lower as the effect is stronger - typically between 15% and 30%. Pay attention to the specific proportions to achieve the desired high experience. The handling of HHC and THC-P vape pens is uncomplicated. A strong draw (7-8 puffs) on the e-cigarette activates the vape experience. After just 3-4 puffs, you will feel the gentle effect, which offers a slight high experience. Please note that at low temperatures, the resin in the vapes can become too viscous, which could impair the automatic draw. In this case, it is recommended to briefly warm up the product before use to ensure a smooth vape experience. Explore our extensive range of HHC & THC-P vapes now and immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and enjoyment. Find your favourite brands, experience unique flavours and enjoy the wide range of cannabinoid options at Aladin Shisha Shop. Your moments of serenity and joy are waiting for you.


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HHC Vapes: Everything you need to know

HHC Vapes: Discover the fascinating world of hexahydrocannabinol

Here we dive deep into the world of HHC vapes. From the basics to the effects to the legality - here you can find out everything about HHC vapes and how they differ from other cannabinoids.

What is HHC?

HHC, also known as hexahydrocannabinol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in hemp seeds and pollen. Unlike synthetic products, HHC is derived exclusively from natural cannabinoids or hemp extract, without the use of synthetic substances.

HHC vapes: the most popular application

One of the most popular methods of consuming HHC is the use of HHC vapes. These electronic cigarettes, also called HHC vape pens or HHC vape sticks, make it possible to vaporise HHC and offer a convenient way to enjoy this cannabinoid.

Variety of HHC vapes

If you decide to buy an HHC vape, there are plenty of brands and manufacturers to choose from. The most common variants are the HHC vape pens. These compact devices are extremely user-friendly and resemble a pen or biros in shape.
In the Aladin Shisha Shop, we offer you an exquisite selection of high-quality HHC vape brands. Discover first-class products such as Acan HHC Vapes, GZUZ HHC Vapes, Haftbefehl HHC Vapes, Freigeist HHC Vapes and many other renowned brands that stand for quality and flavour. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the best HHC vapes on the market to guarantee an unrivalled vape experience. Explore our diverse range and find your favourite brand to enjoy HHC to the fullest.

The HHC vape experience

Handling an HHC vape pen is very simple. You activate the vape experience by taking a strong drag (7-8 puffs) on the HHC e-cigarette. After just 3-4 puffs, you will feel the gentle HHC effect, which produces a slight high.

The effect of HHC Vape

The effect of HHC vapes can vary from person to person and depends on various factors, including age, weight, metabolism and physical condition. It can also depend on the concentration of HHC contained in your vape pen.

HHC vs THC: a comparison

Users often describe the effects of HHC vape as intoxicating, similar to the effects of THC. HHC is said to have a similar effect to THC, but in a weaker form. In contrast to THC, which has a strong psychoactive effect, the psychoactive effects of HHC cannabinoids are milder. It can also serve as a mood enhancer and improve concentration.

HHC vape and flavour experience

Our HHC vapes not only offer the effects of HHC, but also an authentic flavour experience. The combination of HHC and different flavours makes these vapes a unique experience. However, it is important to note that HHC is still an under-researched cannabinoid.

Fast onset of effect

The effects of HHC vape set in comparatively quickly, often within seconds to a few minutes. However, the type of product and concentration can affect the experience.

Is HHC Vape harmful?

The safety of consuming HHC Vape and other vapourisable products is an important consideration. Although many consumers believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking, it still involves inhaling substances into the lungs. It is important to remember that vaping is a relatively new phenomenon and there are few long-term studies on the possible consequences. The same applies to HHC.

The legality of HHC vapes in Germany

According to current legislation, HHC is legal in Germany, as HHC is not listed in either the Narcotics Act (BtMG) or the New Psychoactive Substances Act (NpSG). You can therefore buy HHC legally in the Aladin Shisha Shop.

HHC vapes: natural cannabinoids for a unique vaping experience

HHC vapes are an exciting way to experience the effects of HHC. They offer unique flavour experiences and a gentle, psychoactive effect. Nevertheless, it is important to use them responsibly and to be aware of the possible risks.

Frequently asked questions about HHC & HHC vapes

Is HHC legal in Germany?

Yes, according to current legislation, the purchase and consumption of HHC is legal, as it is not listed in either the Narcotics Act or the New Psychoactive Substances Act.

How quickly does HHC take effect?

The effects of HHC can occur within seconds to a few minutes, depending on the concentration and type of product.

Are there any known long-term risks when using HHC vape?

As vaping, and HHC in particular, is a relatively new phenomenon, there are few long-term studies on the potential risks. However, it is important to exercise caution and use it responsibly.

How do I choose the right HHC vape?

Choosing the right HHC vape depends on personal preferences and needs. It is advisable to inform yourself well and consider counselling if necessary.

Can HHC be used as a substitute for THC?

HHC is said to have a similar mode of action to THC, but is psychoactive in a weakened form. It can be considered as an alternative, but should be used responsibly.