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Element Tobacco

Buy Element Tobacco at Aladin Shisha Shop

Welcome to the fascinating world of Element Tobacco at the Aladin Shisha Shop - your place to go for high-quality hookah tobacco in Germany! Immerse yourself in the diversity of the Element Tobacco lines, which stand out from the crowd with their unmistakable dark blend tobaccos and unique flavours.

Behind Element Tobacco is a renowned manufacturer from Russia, known for its unmistakable Dark Blend tobaccos and incomparable flavours. Now also available in Germany, Element is launching the popular Air, Water & Earth lines.

The Air line, light and sweet in flavour, is perfect for beginners and those who prefer more subtle tobacco notes. Grown in various European countries, the Virginia tobacco fulfils the highest quality standards.

The Water line, based on Burley tobacco, offers a higher nicotine strength and a slightly bitter flavour. Quality and flavour are at the forefront, while strict quality controls ensure that every puff is an experience.

The Earth line, known for its strength, is the most intense of the three. With a higher nicotine content and a selection of powerful tobaccos, it is designed for experienced hookah smokers.

With an abundance of flavours, it's hard to choose the best one. However, Amazing G & Yellowgrass are particularly popular internationally. Production in the European Union ensures the highest quality standards and perfectly balanced flavour combinations.

Element Tobacco is characterised by its heat tolerance. Whether multi-hole head or phunnel - place the tobacco loosely in the depot and use either HMD or aluminium foil as an attachment. Experiment with the temperature to achieve the optimum flavour experience.

Discover the unique flavours of Element tobacco and experience hookah enjoyment on a new level. Let yourself be seduced by the four elements - air, water and earth - and find your personal favourite variety in the Aladin Shisha Shop!