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Electro Smog Tobacco

Buy Electro Smog Tobacco at Aladin Shisha Shop

At Aladin Shisha Shop you will find a fascinating selection of Electro Smog hookah tobacco with flavours that will take your hookah experience to a new level. Each flavour of Electro Smog has been carefully developed to offer a unique and flavourful journey. From fruity-sweet variations to refreshing combinations, you're sure to find your new favourites here.
The Electro Smog hookah tobaccos are based on a high-quality blend of finely cut Virginia tobacco, vegetable glycerine and carefully selected flavours. This trio of delights combine to create an intense yet enjoyable smoking experience. The variety of flavours ranges from the refreshing "Blue Magic" with refreshing grape and mint to the sweet temptation of "Booty Call" with juicy peaches. Each flavour tells a unique story and allows you to enjoy your hookah moment your way.
The Electro Smog hookah tobaccos offer something for everyone. If you're looking for a fruity and sweet experience, Vibe might be for you. With many different flavours to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice as to which flavour you want to explore first.
Buying Electro Smog hookah tobacco from our online shop is straightforward. Browse through the variety of flavours and find out which one suits your preference best. We also offer 250g sets that allow you to stock up on your favourite variety. Your hookah experience will be taken to a new level with Electro Smog hookah tobacco. Discover the range of flavours that Fler's creations offer and immerse yourself in a world of pleasure and variety.


Electro Smog Tobacco

Completely unexpectedly, the well-known rapper Fler released his first own hookah tobacco in 2020. In addition to some other rappers such as Haftbefehl, Massiv or Capital Bra, the Berlin rapper Fler has now also established himself on the hookah market. He worked on his unique flavors for months and droped electro smog out of nowhere! The name should be reminiscent of the song of the same name with Farid Bang. He had made it his business to refine his favorite flavors in his own brand.

The tobacco is produced in South Berlin and impresses with its unique high quality and intense aromas. The delicious flavors promise a special smoking experience and an exceptionally dense smoke development. Even when smoking with several friends and taking a lot of strong draws, it is almost impossible to burn the tobacco, which is why it is particularly worthwhile for beginners.

The Virginia tobacco has a medium to fine cut and has optimal moisture, so that it neither drips nor dries out. Due to the good molasses distribution and the pleasant cut, it is particularly suitable for all heads and setups.

The taste of the tobacco is incomparable. The fruity flavors such as Nasty Girl, Red Magic or Mood impress with their pleasant taste. The aroma of Vibe surprises with its unusual mixture of lime and cola. Of course, Electro Smog can also keep up with Blue Magic in the long-running Grape Mint.

The tobacco comes in a black 200g can with a stunning design and can be sealed airtight so that your tobacco does not lose moisture and stays fresh for a long time.

Fler has shown with this tobacco that he has experience in the field of Shisha and the quality of Electro Smog is more than satisfactory.