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4TWENTY THC-P Disposable Vapes - Vape Pens

4TWENTY THC-P - Disposable vapes with 15-30% THC-P Content

Welcome to the 4TWENTY THC-P vapes in the Aladin Shisha Shop - your gateway to the innovative world of cannabinoids! Immerse yourself in the diversity of THC-P, the novel cannabinoid known for its highly potent effects. Our disposable e-cigarettes offer you a unique opportunity to experience the world of cannabinoids in different flavours. Discover the Light Line and Core Line, which offer different THC-P contents and fascinating flavours for every taste.

Explore the fascinating world of THC-P, a novel (phyto)cannabinoid detected in natural cannabis strains. Unlike conventional THC, THC-P is produced semi-synthetically from CBD or HHC, resulting in a highly potent synthetic structure. The result? An intense effect that cannot be compared with conventional THC. The highlight: THC-P is not subject to any legal basis for prohibition and is not under the observation of the DBDD, unlike HHC.

To illustrate the differences: A 15% THC-P corresponds to about 45% THC or even 120% HHC. If you increase the THC-P content to 30%, you get a comparable intensity of 90% THC or an impressive 240% HHC. The variety of 4TWENTY THC-P vapes also offers different compositions of sativa, indica and hybrid variants. Sativa provides an energising high, while indica has a more relaxing effect.

Our disposable Light Line e-cigarettes will enchant you with flavours containing 15% THC-P. From the energising SATIVA THC-P variety with black fruits and açaí to the refreshing combination of lime and mint. Hybrid lovers will also get their money's worth with Zkittles, while indica fans can enjoy Bee Sting + Vanilla or Exotic Fruit + Pineapple.

The Core Line offers more intense terpenes and a THC-P content of 30%. Experience the sativa-dominant effect of Amnesia or the refreshing sativa experience of Lmn Runtz. The versatile hybrid THC-P flavour of Ghost Train Haze and the relaxing indica THC-P varieties Obama Kush and Wedding Cake round off the range.

Our disposable e-cigarettes are easy to use and perfect for travelling. Each contains high-quality THC-P and offers a variety of flavours to suit your individual preferences. Dive into the world of flavoured cannabinoids with 4TWENTY THC-P and experience flavour and effect on a new level. Order today and discover a new smoking experience!