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Cataleya Pod Systems - E-Hookahs

Cataleya - Pod Vapes - buy at Aladin Shisha Shop

Discover the Cataleya Pod System in the Aladin Shisha Shop - your gateway to a new dimension of vaping. This category offers you the innovative Cataleya Pod System, which was developed in collaboration with the rapper Samra. Known for his groundbreaking music, Samra is now launching an equally revolutionary e-cigarette.

The Cataleya Pod System is ideal for beginners and experienced vapers. Thanks to its simplicity and automatic draw, it is child's play to use. Each puff activates the vape automatically, so you can get started straight away.

With a choice of 10 different flavours, you are guaranteed to find your favourite. The system sets new standards in safety and user-friendliness. An advanced child lock prevents unintentional use by children, making it a safe choice. In addition to safety, the Cataleya Pod System stands for superior flavour development and vapour production, thanks to the Match BarX and Fresor MeshCoil technology.

You have a choice of 10 flavours, from classic tobacco to exotic fruit blends. The base devices are easy to charge via USB-C, which offers additional convenience. With a battery capacity of 500mAh and the ability to charge the device with a USB-C, you can vape with ease and recharge quickly when needed.

The Cataleya pods, available in unique flavours such as Aura, Aventus or Baby Blue, offer up to 600 puffs with 20mg of nicotine. They are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to switch from cigarette smoking but doesn't want to give up nicotine.

With the special mesh coil technology, you experience pure flavour and more puffs. The 5-layer cotton composite fibre and a V-shaped air channel ensure a more intense taste experience and an increased number of puffs. Match BarX allows flexibility, as the Cataleya base devices are also compatible with pods from other manufacturers.

Immerse yourself in the world of Cataleya and experience a vaping experience that exceeds your expectations. Find your Cataleya pod system now in the Aladin Shisha Shop and discover why Cataleya vapes are the future of vaping!


The innovative Cataleya Pod System from Samra

Samra presents: Cataleya Pod System - The ultimate vape experience

Welcome to the revolutionary world of vaping with the Cataleya Pod System, presented by Aladin Shisha Shop, your ultimate destination for premium vaping experiences. Developed in close collaboration with star rapper Samra, the Cataleya Pod System combines innovative technology with outstanding design to provide a unique vaping experience for beginners and experienced vapers alike.

Must-have for vapers: the functional & stylish Cataleya Pod System

The Cataleya Pod System base device is characterised by its user-friendly operation and state-of-the-art technology. With a battery capacity of 500mAh and the option of charging via a USB-C connection, it guarantees long-lasting vape enjoyment and easy handling in everyday life. Whether in elegant black or classic white, the basic device combines style with functionality and makes it a must-have for every vape enthusiast.

Experience unique flavours with Cataleya pods

Enhance your vape experience with the Cataleya pods, available in an impressive variety of flavours. Each pod offers up to 600 puffs with a nicotine strength of 20mg, perfectly pre-filled in a 2.0ml tank. From refreshing raspberry menthol to exotic watermelon, coconut and strawberry, Cataleya pods promise a flavour experience that will invigorate your senses and surprise you time and time again.

Pure flexibility: Cataleya pod system with Match BarX compatibility

The Aladin Shisha Shop stands for quality and innovation, and the Cataleya Pod System is the latest proof of this. Immerse yourself in the world of upscale vaping and discover why Cataleya is a hit with vapers across Germany and beyond. With one click, you are just one step away from becoming part of this vape revolution. Discover the Cataleya pod system now and be inspired by the variety and quality in the Aladin Shisha Shop - your first port of call for an unrivalled vape experience.