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Ash Plates and Trays

Hookah charcoal plates and trays in the Aladin online shop

A charcoal plate, also called ash tray, is an important component of the hookah and does not only have a visual benefit. Ash plates collect the ash that is falling from the bowl and often serve as a tray for the charcoal. They are available in our online store in different designs, sizes and materials. Especially ash plates made of glass are popular, because they visually stand out from the rest and look very classy. However, it should be mentioned that glass ash trays are not necessarily heat-resistant, which is why glowing coals should not be placed on them for a longer time, but only briefly tapped. Other common materials are stainless steel and aluminum, or in more traditional oriental designs often high-quality brass.

Here you get a large selection of ash plates from different manufacturers in many sizes and designs, which you can buy from us.


Items 1 - 5 of 5

Items 1 - 5 of 5