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Aqua Mentha Tobacco

Aqua Mentha Tobacco in the Aladin Shisha Shop

Welcome to the fascinating world of Aqua Mentha tobacco 25g at Aladin Shisha Shop! Dive into a variety of refreshing flavours and experience an incomparable hookah experience. Aqua Mentha, the premium tobacco for demanding connoisseurs, inspires with intense aromas and a pleasant smoke development. 

The Aqua Mentha tobaccos are carefully made from high-quality Virginia tobacco leaves and comply with EU standards. This guarantees not only the highest level of quality, but also a flavourful firework with every puff. Each pack contains 25g of the finest tobacco, perfectly tuned to deliver an exceptional taste experience. 

Experience the refreshing coolness of Aqua Mentha in a variety of tantalising flavours. Whether you prefer fruity combinations like Aqua Coolness with grenadilla, grapefruit, passion fruit, strawberry, cherry or grape, or prefer to be enchanted by Aqua Coolness with fresh lime, blueberry, watermelon, lemon or pineapple - Aqua Mentha offers something for every taste. 
The Aqua Mentha tobacco 25g is perfectly portioned to give you several shisha sessions full of pleasure. Thanks to its moist consistency, the tobacco stays fresh for a long time and guarantees you an excellent smoking result every time. Let yourself be captivated by the intense aromas and the pleasant smoke development of Aqua Mentha and experience unforgettable shisha moments. 

In the Aladin hookah shop, you can conveniently order Aqua Mentha tobacco 25g online. Our user-friendly shop allows you to choose your favourite flavours and have them delivered directly to your home. Indulge yourself and your friends with the refreshing flavour explosions of Aqua Mentha tobacco and experience incomparable moments of pleasure with every puff. 

Here you will find a fascinating selection of high-quality hookah tobacco, available in convenient 25g packs. Our diverse flavours will transport you to a world of aromatic delights.

For those who want to enjoy their favourite flavours in larger quantities, we also offer our exclusive 250g sets. These sets contain 10 packs of premium hookah tobacco and allow you to purchase your favourites in bulk. With the 250g sets, you are well equipped to share unforgettable hookah moments with friends or enjoy long smoking sessions in a cosy atmosphere.

Discover the world of Aqua Mentha tobacco 25g in the Aladdin Shisha Shop now and enrich your shisha experience with the refreshing flavours that only Aqua Mentha can offer. Order today and look forward to unforgettable moments of enjoyment with the premium Aqua Mentha tobacco! 


Aqua Mentha hookah tobacco: Experience refreshing flavours for connoisseurs

Discover Aqua Mentha hookah tobacco 25g - Refreshing aroma for discerning hookah lovers

Welcome to the world of Aqua Mentha hookah tobacco at Aladin Shisha Shop! Since its foundation in 2018, Aqua Mentha has established itself as a specialist for high-quality hookah tobacco. The refreshing and unique flavours are a treat for all the senses, especially on warm summer days.
The Aqua Mentha tobacco is produced in Turkey according to strict EU standards in order to incorporate the many years of experience of Turkish tobacco art into each flavour. Excitingly, Aqua Mentha hookah tobacco comes from the same house as the famous Adalya tobacco. The use of high-quality Virginia tobacco leaves guarantees an authentic smoking experience.

A wealth of refreshing flavours

The Aqua Mentha product range not only impresses with its quality, but also with its variety of flavours. Each flavour offers a unique combination of aromas that will enchant your taste buds.

Aqua Mentha Tobacco 25g - #1 - Black Box

The blend of acai berry, lemon and guarana makes Aqua Mentha Black Box Tobacco (1) a unique taste experience. Sweetness, acidity and an invigorating note blend into an exotic treat.

Aqua Mentha Tobacco 25g - #2 - Blue Eyes

The intense blueberry note of Aqua Mentha Blue Eyes tobacco (2) is complemented by aqua coolness, resulting in an exceptional taste experience. Freshness and berry flavours combine in this refreshing blend.

Aqua Mentha Tobacco 25g - #3 - Red Balls

The Aqua Mentha Red Balls tobacco (3) delights with the classic taste of juicy cherries. The fruity combination of sweet and sour makes for an invigorating smoking experience.

Aqua Mentha tobacco 25g - #7 - Fanex

A variety of fruits, including orange, peach, passion fruit and lemon, come together in Aqua Mentha Fanex tobacco (7). This colourful fruit mix promises a varied and rich taste experience.

Aqua Mentha tobacco 25g - #10 - Golden Leo

The Aqua Mentha Golden Leo tobacco (10) combines refreshing lemon flavours with the Aqua coolness. An invigorating and refreshing hookah experience for citrus lovers.

Aqua Mentha Tobacco 25g - #13 - Green Leo

The Aqua Mentha Green Leo tobacco (13) offers a refreshing combination of aqua coolness and fresh lime. An invigorating treat for fans of citrus.

Aqua Mentha Tobacco 25g - #14 - Golden Anna

The Aqua Mentha Golden Anna tobacco (14) indulges with the refreshing sweetness of pineapple. This exotic taste takes you to tropical climes.

Aqua Mentha tobacco 25g - #15 - Red Fall

The Aqua Mentha Red Fall tobacco (15) combines the Aqua coolness with the refreshing taste of watermelon. A perfect accentuation of the watermelon flavour for tangy moments.

Aqua Mentha Tobacco 25g - #18 - Colours

The Aqua Mentha Colours tobacco (18) harmoniously combines different fruits like grenadilla, grapefruit, passion fruit, strawberry, cherry and grape. The combination of sweet and sour notes promises an intense taste experience.

Aqua Mentha Tobacco 25g - #19 - Black & White

The Aqua Mentha Black & White tobacco (19) combines aqua coolness with dark and light grape flavours. The balanced mixture of sweetness and freshness creates a multi-layered symphony of flavours.

Quality and unforgettable pleasure

The basic tobacco of Aqua Mentha is based on high-quality Virginia tobacco, which forms the basis for a first-class smoking experience. Aqua Mentha tobacco comes in 25g packs to ensure that you can enjoy several sessions of long-lasting pleasure.

Your unique hookah experience awaits you

Dive into the refreshing world of Aqua Mentha hookah tobacco 25g at Aladin Shisha Shop. With our passion for quality and variety, we offer you an incomparable hookah experience. Order now and experience the refreshing flavours of Aqua Mentha first hand!