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Amotion Roam Hookahs

Buy Amotion Roam Hookahs in the Aladin Shisha Shop

The Amotion Roam Hookahs combine high quality with elegant design and innovative technology, so that every trip with them becomes an absolute highlight. A core made of V2A stainless steel covered by a soft-touch surface not only offers a great look, but also has a number of advantages.

Thanks to the soft-touch surface, the Roam has a perfect grip on smooth surfaces, while helping to keep dirt and scratches away on the go. The stainless steel core, in turn, ensures a stable stand and brings the small hookah to a weight of 1.2kg. Thanks to the sophisticated internal geometry, the Roam has a low center of gravity, which means it cannot tip over so easily. It is also the first travel hookah with an extraordinary blow-off!

At the same time, it has a great smoking behavior and is ideal for your next trip or for the desk during the home office.

In our online shop you can buy Roam Hookahs from Amotion in different sizes and colours.