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Amotion Futr Hookahs

Buy Amotion Futr Hookahs in the Aladin Shisha Shop

The Amotion FUTR Hookahs made in Germany by Moze Hookah are absolute high-end premium hookahs. The Amotion FUTR hookahs are characterized by their slim and futuristic design and excellent workmanship.

Another special feature of the Amotion FUTR hookahs is the use of different materials that stand out from conventional aluminum and stainless steel shiwaterpipess has and convey a very special feeling.

The approx. 43cm high plug-in hookah is compatible with both large and smaller plug-in bowls thanks to the adjustable immersion tube. In addition to the silicone hose set, the pipes are equipped with a removable diffuser, which can be screwed on in two different directions. Amotion FUTR hookahs also offer you a closed-chamber system, which allows you to blow out stale or scratchy smoke from the bowl in one go.

In addition, the Amotion FUTR offer you a great draft and can be cleaned quickly and easily thanks to the use of stainless steel.

In our online shop you can buy FUTR Hookahs from Amotion in different sizes and colours.