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Al Massiva Tobacco

Buy Al Massiva Tobacco in the Aladin Shisha Shop

In cooperation between Moes Shisha and the German rapper Massiv this ready to smoke tobacco is produced in Germany.

As a basis for Al Massiva Shisha Tobacco, a French Virginia basic tobacco is used, which is enriched with carefully selected flavors to provide a great smoke and a massive taste experience.

Its pleasant cut allows a quick and easy head structure.

Here you will find a fascinating selection of high-quality hookah tobacco, available in practical 25g packs. Our diverse flavors will take you into a world of aromatic delights.

For those who want to enjoy their favorite flavors in larger quantities, we also offer our exclusive 250g packs. These sets contain 10 packs of the premium shisha tobacco and allow you to purchase your favorites in large format. With the 250g sets you are well equipped to share unforgettable hookah moments with friends or to enjoy long smoking sessions in a cozy atmosphere.

In our online store you can buy different flavors of Al Massiva Hookah Tobacco.


Al Massiva Tobacco

Massiv and the MOE’S brothers worked hard for releasing their tobacco at the end of 2019. They conquered the German market within a very short time and assumed an important role in the hookah scene.

The manufacturers have been working on producing first-class and unique tobacco for months. The result - fruity and fresh varieties made from high-quality Virginia tobacco under the highest German quality standards.

As Massiv says, his tobacco stands for passion and tradition and he stands behind the delicious creations with body and soul.

The selected aromas are precisely coordinated and are distinguished by the intense flavors such as mango, peach or pineapple. Al Massiva Tobacco offers you sweet varieties such as Nasib, which tastes like delicious lemon cake. But it can also shine with exotic fruit bombs like Handgemacht & Illegal or Wenn der Mond.

The tobacco has an incredibly great cut and optimal moisture, which is why it does not require any additional molasses. As result, the smoke development leaves nothing to be desired, so you can blow out great and thick clouds of smoke with this tobacco without scratching in your throat. It's very heat-resistant and, according to customers, it's almost impossible to burn. Therefore, the Al Massiva tobacco is very beginner-friendly. You can smoke it in the phunnel as well as in the stone and clay bowl.

As you can see, Al Massiva Tobacco is very diverse and offers you a wide range of different varieties with intense flavors.