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Aino Tobacco

Buy Aino tobacco at Aladin Shisha Shop

In the Aladin Shisha Shop you will find a wide selection of high-quality Aino hookah tobacco that will delight you with its intense taste experiences. Immerse yourself in a world full of fascinating flavors and enjoy unforgettable shisha sessions with Aino Tobacco .

Aino Tobacco offers you a variety of flavors that will satisfy every palate. From fruity varieties such as blackberry, watermelon and grapefruit to refreshing combinations with mint and lime - here you will find the perfect tobacco for your individual preferences.

The Aino tobacco impresses not only with its taste, but also with its first-class quality. Every puff of the water pipe is a moment of pleasure in which you can let yourself be seduced by the intense aromas. The fine cut of the tobacco ensures optimal heat distribution and long-lasting smoke development.

Our product range includes both the popular Virginia varieties and the exciting Dark Blend varieties from Aino Tobacco. The Virginia varieties offer a wide range of fruity nuances, while the Dark Blend varieties offer stronger and more intense taste experiences.

We attach great importance to customer satisfaction and are happy to provide you with our expertise and experience to help you choose the perfect Aino tobacco.

Order your Aino tobacco from the Aladin Shisha Shop today and discover a new dimension of shisha enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Aino Tobacco and enjoy unforgettable hookah sessions with intense taste experiences.


Buy Aino tobacco: Experience taste explosions in the Aladin Shisha Shop!

Aino hookah tobacco: Dive into a new dimension of enjoyment!

Discover the fascinating world of Aino tobacco at the Aladin Shisha Shop and experience extraordinary flavours and first-class quality. Dive into a new dimension of hookah enjoyment and enjoy unforgettable taste explosions!

Aino tobacco: Experience unique flavours and intense hookah enjoyment!

Welcome to the exciting world of Aino tobacco! Here you will find everything you need for an extraordinary hookah experience. Learn more about the background history and the manufacturer of Aino tobacco. Let yourself be inspired by the seductive aromas and intense taste experiences. We introduce you to the outstanding quality and diverse flavours of Aino tobacco. Also discover the new Aino Dark Blend tobacco. Learn more about the craftsmanship behind every Aino product. Get your hookah now and get ready for an exciting journey!

Aino tobacco: Quality and taste experience at the highest level!

Aino tobacco offers more than just a simple tobacco. Unique taste experiences and outstanding quality await you here. We place special emphasis on selecting the best tobacco leaves and combining different flavours. Every detail is carefully and passionately implemented to create an incomparable smoking experience. Enjoy the excellent smoke development and heat resistance that make Aino tobacco a masterpiece. Immerse yourself in a world of fruity-sweet, refreshing-minty and exotic-spicy nuances. With a wide range of flavours, even the most discerning palate will be pampered. Discover the outstanding quality and intense flavours of Aino tobacco.

Aino Dark: The new Dark Blend tobacco for intense moments of pleasure

The new Aino Dark Blend tobacco was introduced at the Shisha Fair 2023 in Frankfurt. This tobacco is based on a stronger Burley tobacco and offers a strong and intense taste experience. The Aino Dark Blend tobacco expands the range and especially excites those who are looking for an intense hookah experience. Discover the Aino Dark Blend tobacco and experience a new dimension of enjoyment.

Aino tobacco: the quest for perfection and craftsmanship

Aino tobacco embodies a dedication to perfection. Every step in the production process is carried out with the utmost care and passion to create an unparalleled smoking experience. From the selection of the finest tobacco leaves to the masterful combination of flavours, every detail is put in the service of perfection. The result is a tobacco that meets the highest standards and takes you on a journey of captivating aromas and intense flavours. Learn more about the craftsmanship and passion that go into every Aino product.

Aino tobacco: a seduction of the senses for unforgettable moments of pleasure

Let Aino tobacco take you into a world full of fascinating aromas and intense taste experiences. Every puff of the hookah invites you on a journey of the senses, where you will be enchanted by fruity, sweet, refreshing and exotic nuances. Aino offers a wide range of flavours to satisfy even the most discerning palate. Whether you choose the sweet blackberry of "Black Ice", the refreshing combination of watermelon, blackcurrant, lime and ice in "Frut Squad" or the exotic flavours of "OHA" with feijoa/Brazilian guava and ice - with Aino tobacco you will experience unforgettable moments of pleasure.

Aino tobacco: craftsmanship with a passion for the highest quality

Every single Aino tobacco tin embodies the skill and dedication of an experienced team of experts. From the selection of flavours to the loving packaging and design of the can, nothing is left to chance. Every puff from the hookah is a tribute to the passion and skill of the people who make this special tobacco. The meticulous craftsmanship is reflected not only in the taste, but also in the quality of the product.

Aino Tobacco: Experience the magic of hookah enjoyment

Let the magical power of Aino tobacco whisk you away into a world full of exquisite aromas and unforgettable taste experiences. No matter if you enjoy a hookah alone or have a cosy round with friends - with Aino you will immerse yourself in a beguiling atmosphere. Experience the unique hookah pleasure on a new level and let yourself be enchanted by Aino's charm. Enjoy the diverse flavours and experience intense pleasure with Aino tobacco.

Aino tobacco: Individuality and quality for a unique hookah experience.

In a world dominated by mass production and standardised products, Aino tobacco sets a clear example for individuality, quality and incomparable taste. If you are looking for a unique hookah experience, you should definitely go for Aino tobacco. Here you will find a wide range of fascinating flavours that will enchant your taste buds. The unmistakable taste of Aino tobacco makes every hookah experience something very special. With Aino tobacco, you can turn your hookah session into an incomparable, personal experience that will delight you.

Aino Tobacco: A huge variety of varieties for every taste

Aino tobacco offers a wide variety of exciting flavours, from refreshing and fruity to exotic flavours that will satisfy every taste. Only select Virginia Gold tobacco is used in the production to ensure optimal molasses absorption due to the medium to fine cut. This special feature allows for effortless and accurate head construction for both the phunnel and multi-hole head.
The 2023 Shisha Fair in Frankfurt marked a turning point in the brand's history when Aino introduced its new Dark Blend tobacco based on strong Burley tobacco. This adds another intriguing flavour to the brand's offering, as previously only Virginia tobacco blends could be found in their range. The decision to switch to the stronger Burley tobacco should be met with open ears by many hookah lovers and provide a welcome change.

Aino Tobacco Virginia Flavours: Classic pleasure in different flavours

Experience the refreshing and fruity variety of Virginia flavours from Aino Tabak. These flavours are perfect for those looking for sweet and refreshing taste experiences. Aino Tabak offers a wide range of Virginia flavours that will delight every palate.
An absolute favourite is "Black Ice" with its seductive blackberry flavour. This fruity tobacco takes you into a world full of intense flavours and provides a pleasant smoke with every puff. If you are looking for a refreshing combination, "Frut Squad" is the perfect choice. The blend of watermelon, blackcurrant, lime and ice pampers your senses with a cool and fruity taste experience.
"Tang" is another favourite with its blend of blueberry, tangerine, redcurrant and orange. This fruity combination adds an invigorating and refreshing note to your hookah session. For a more exotic taste, be sure to try "OHA" with Feijoa/Brazilian Guava and Ice. This unique flavour will transport you to a tropical oasis and tantalise your palate with its exotic flair.
No matter which Virginia flavour you choose, with Aino tobacco you can be sure to get the highest quality and an intense taste experience. Every puff of the water pipe becomes a moment of pleasure, where you can lose yourself in the fruity nuances of the tobacco. Indulge yourself and your friends with the diverse Virginia flavours from Aino tobacco and enjoy an unforgettable hookah session.

All Virginia flavours at a glance:

  • Black Ice: Blackberry
  • Frut Squad: Watermelon, Blackcurrant, Lime, Ice
  • GOAT: Grape, Mint
  • Tang: blueberry, tangerine, redcurrant, orange
  • Lady Mammalade: cherry, raspberry, goji berry
  • Le Monyze: nostalgic lemon
  • Massai: Tropical fruit mix
  • Moscow Jewel: Lime, Ginger, Ice
  • OHA: Feijoa/Brazilian guava, Ice
  • OVRLD: Blackberry, Clementine, Mango, Lemon
  • Raspy: Raspberry, Ice
  • Royal Rumble: Cherry, Grapefruit, Ice Bon Bon
  • Straw Daiqiwi: Strawberry, Kiwi

Aino Dark tobacco: Strong enjoyment for lovers of intense flavours.

Experience more intense flavours with Aino Dark tobacco, made for connoisseurs and friends of stronger flavours. The Dark Blend tobacco is based on particularly strong Burley tobacco and takes you into a world full of intense flavours that will delight you.
Particularly recommended is the flavour "Great Frut" with its incomparably intense grapefruit aroma. A unique combination of sweetness and acidity that will make your taste buds explode and add a refreshing touch to your hookah session. Rosy P" with pomegranate and rose is also a perfect choice for those who like it flowery and want to be enchanted by this unique taste.
"Dark Black", on the other hand, convinces with its blackberry aroma, which becomes more intense with every puff and leaves a lasting impression. For more exotic moments, we recommend "Dark OHA" with Brazilian guava, which transports you to a distant, exotic world and adds a special touch to your hookah session.
The Dark Blend flavours from Aino Tabak offer a particularly deep and intense taste experience that will delight hookah lovers. Discover a new dimension of hookah enjoyment with Aino Tobacco Dark Blend and experience a hookah session full of flavour explosions!

Aino Dark flavours at a glance:

  • Great Frut: Grapefruit
  • Rosy P: Pomegranate, Rose, Ice
  • Lady Sakura: Cherry
  • Dark Black: Blackberry
  • Dark OHA: Brazilian guava
  • Tngrn Dream: Tangerine

Special features of Aino hookah tobacco for an unforgettable hookah experience

Aino tobacco stands out from other tobaccos thanks to a number of special features. The fine cut not only ensures a pleasant smoke development, but also intensifies the taste experience when smoking hookah. Every puff on the hookah becomes an unforgettable experience.
Another plus point of Aino tobacco is its perfect and moist consistency. This brings out the flavours particularly well and allows them to unfold in all their glory. Dive into the world of Aino and discover the variety of flavours that flatter every palate. With Aino tobacco, you can make your hookah session an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the unique flavours and experience the intense taste that takes you to another world. Aino tobacco is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an exceptional hookah experience.