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Aino hookah pipe tobacco 65g: Individual enjoyment and a variety of flavours

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2024-03-13 14:30:00 / Tobacco
Aino hookah pipe tobacco 65g: Individual enjoyment and a variety of flavours - Experience the innovation of Aino pipe tobacco 65g for your hookah

Aino pipe tobacco 65g: Discover the new era of hookah smoking

Discover the diversity of Aino hookah pipe tobacco!

Welcome to a journey into the world of Aino hookah pipe tobacco, where innovation meets indulgence. Since the launch of Aino at the end of 2021 by the renowned wholesaler Shanti from Osnabrück, the tobacco has quickly aroused enthusiasm in the hookah community. Today, we would like to give you an in-depth insight into what makes Aino pipe tobacco 65g so special and show you why it has become a must-have for every hookah lover.

Why Aino hookah pipe tobacco 65g is the future of hookah smoking

Aino hookah Pipe Tobacco 65g represents a new generation of hookah tobacco based on the concept of dry base tobacco. This innovative approach offers you the opportunity to mix the tobacco individually with glycerine. The original 200g tins, now with a practical 65g content, are ideal for preparing your personalised smoking pleasure. This flexibility makes Aino an attractive choice for anyone who wants to personalise their hookah experience.

Discover the variety of flavours of Aino: From Black Eye to Malino

Aino not only impresses with its concept, but also with its variety of flavours. From the refreshing Black Eye to the tropical Caribbean Blue and the sweet Malino - Aino offers a variety of flavours to suit every preference. These flavours are the result of a careful selection and combination of aromas that guarantee an incomparable smoking experience.

Hookah enjoyment at the highest level: Aino pipe tobacco from Shanti

Behind every Aino pipe tobacco is the expertise of Shanti, a name that is synonymous with quality and innovation in the hookah world. The selection of the best tobacco leaves and meticulous production ensure a tobacco of outstanding quality. The fine cutting technique of the tobacco guarantees optimum heat distribution and impressive smoke development.

Mixing Aino pipe tobacco: Intensity & moisture

The option of mixing Aino pipe tobacco with glycerine to your own taste opens up a new dimension in hookah smoking. This approach allows you to determine the intensity and moisture of the tobacco yourself, which makes Aino particularly attractive for smokers who like to experiment. 
Taxed glycerine is specifically prescribed for the production of hookah tobacco, as other types are prohibited by law, although they would theoretically work. The process of mixing and manufacturing outside of a tax warehouse is illegal under current law. In addition, the tobacco produced must be taxed immediately.

Aino hookah pipe tobacco 65g: quality & flavour for unique enjoyment

Aino pipe tobacco 65g is more than just a tobacco - it is an invitation to rediscover the world of hookah smoking. With its combination of quality, variety of flavours and the possibility of customisation, Aino offers an incomparable smoking experience. Whether you are an experienced hookah smoker or a novice looking for quality and flavour, Aino hookah pipe tobacco 65g is the perfect choice.
Visit the Aladin Shisha Shop to start your journey with Aino and discover why Aino pipe tobacco should not be missing from any collection. Immerse yourself in a world of flavour and quality - with Aino pipe tobacco 65g, you will experience hookah enjoyment on a whole new level.