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Buy Adalya Tobacco in the Aladin Shisha Shop

Adalya Tobacco is one of the most popular and famous manufacturers for hookah tobacco. Finally arrived in Germany, 2013, Adalya steadily grows a fanbase and surprises with new flavors. You can choose of a huge selection of different shisha flavors in consistent quality.

A solid cut allows an easy and fast set up.

Here you will find a fascinating selection of high-quality hookah tobacco, available in practical 25g packs. Our diverse flavors will take you into a world of aromatic delights.

For those who want to enjoy their favorite flavors in larger quantities, we also offer our exclusive 250g packs. These sets contain 10 packs of the premium shisha tobacco and allow you to purchase your favorites in large format. With the 250g sets you are well equipped to share unforgettable hookah moments with friends or to enjoy long smoking sessions in a cozy atmosphere.

In our online store you can buy Adalya Hookah Tobacco in different flavors.


ADALYA is a world-famous brand for hookah tobacco and is now represented in over 45 countries

In Turkey, Adalya is the largest water pipe tobacco manufacturer. The founder opened a café of the same name in 2004. In 2007 he started his own tobacco production, which was initially intended exclusively for the regional market. Due to the high demand, the tobacco was quickly spread through export, so that it has become the best-known brand.

The Adalya tobacco is available in over 100 different flavors. The tobacco has a great cut and optimal moisture, which is why it does not need any additional molasses. All Adalya products are made from standard-compliant flavors and carefully selected, high-quality Virgina tobacco.

The product line offers you classic and fruity flavors such as Hawaii, La Bonita and Dulcinea. But their fresh varieties such as Ice Kaktü, Cwng Cool and Endless Flirt also impress with their intense and refreshing taste. Of course not forget, is the best seller Love 66. This tobacco makes it into the top 5 of the best hookah tobaccos.

Adalya sells premium tobacco of highest quality under the names Aqua Mentha and Blue Horse. Typical for the Blue Horse tobacco is that each variety contains a little mint or menthol, which gives the flavors such as Rio Kiss or Mi Amor the last missing something. For those who prefer dark blend tobacco, the manufacturer has released the tobacco Adalya Black. This convinces above all with its intense taste and the thick clouds of smoke!

In 2018 Adalya decided to offer a range of premium pipes and accessories under the name ATH. ATH serves a wide range of different models. For example, they produce traditional brass hookahs with oriental patterns, but also modern stainless steel hookahs and timeless designs. The in-house ATH hookah heads are all handmade and made from fireclay. They are perfect for smoking Adalya strains.

As you can see, Adalya does not only offer you tobacco that will inspire you in any case. You can enjoy your hookah relaxed, thanks to the first-class smoke development and the long-lasting and aromatic taste!