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It is all about the hookah charcoal

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2021-10-04 14:18:00 / Hookah Charcoal
It is all about the hookah charcoal - It is all about the hookah charcoal

Everything about hookah charcoal

In general, you have the choice between quicklight coal and natural charcoal. The advantage of quicklight coal is that you only need a lighter to ignite this coal. On the other hand, they do not generate as much heat and have a shorter burn time than natural coals. Quicklight coal is especially suitable for on the go, if you don't feel like lugging around a bulky gas burner or if you don't have a coal lighter. Natural coals are made from coconut shells and guarantee a significantly longer smoking time and do not give off any off-flavors.

Now that you have decided on a hookah charcoal, all you have to do is light it up. Quicklight coal does not require any additional accessories such as a gas burner or an electronic coal lighter. This accessory is essential for natural charcoal.

Gas cookers are ideal for outdoor use, as they do not require electricity to heat the coals. Please only use electrically operated lighters at home or in rooms, as the use of gas burners produces carbon monoxide and this can lead to poisoning in closed rooms.

How do I know if myhookah coal is ready?

Make sure that the coals are completely glowing and are surrounded by white ash all around. This usually takes between 10-20 minutes. Make sure to turn your natural charcoal regularly until all sides are glowing and no black areas are visible

You should heat quicklight charcoal with a lighter until the pungent smell of the fire accelerator has completely evaporated in order not to adulterate the taste. If possible, the charcoal should also not spray any more sparks.

We recommend using hookah tongs when lighting. In addition, a coal basket is particularly useful for safely transporting the glowing coals.

After your cozy hookah session, your coal is almost completely burned up. Instead of throwing away the rest of the natural charcoal, just recycle it and use the rest for grilling or heating. If only ashes are left, you can use them sustainably for fertilization. The lawn, your plants and nature will thank you!