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Clean the hookah hose proper

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2021-10-19 12:06:00 / Hookah Accessories
Clean the hookah hose proper - Clean the hookah hose proper

Clean hookah hoses properly

Not only a hookah, but also the hookah hose should be cleaned regularly. Over time, particles and aromas settle in the hose, which distorts
the taste and spoil your smoking experience. We will show you step by step which different methods are the best and easiest way to clean your hoses.

Cleaning the hose is completely uncomplicated. However, there are a few points that you should be aware of. Even if there are almost only silicone hoses nowadays, we do not want to leave other types of hoses unmentioned here. Waterpipe hoses with a metal spiral or leather hoses should not come into contact with water, as the metal could rust and damage the leather. It is completely sufficient if you blow these tubes through and hang them up after use.

Rinse the hookah hose with warm water

This simple method should be done regularly to avoid stubborn contamination.

1) Remove the mouthpiece and hose adapter from the hose
2) Fill the hose with warm water
3) Hold the ends of the tubing shut and shake
4) Remove the water from the hose
5) Repeat the process 2-3 times
6) Hang the hose to dry

Boil the hookah hose with hot water

If you have neglected cleaning for longer and stubborn dirt has already been deposited, you should resort to this method.

1) Remove the mouthpiece and hose adapter from the hose
2) Meanwhile, fill a large saucepan with water and bring it to boil
3) Now roll up the hose and place it in the boiling water
4) Let the hookah hose simmer for 5 - 10 minutes
5) Take out the hose and rinse with clean water
6) Hang the hose to dry

Tip: If not all of the particles are completely gone after the first attempt, you can repeat this process and add a little vinegar as well.

Clean the hookah hose with a hose brush

Nowadays there are also special hose brushes with which you can clean your hose easily and without big effort. There is also a matching hookah cleaner, which is suitable for hookah hoses.

1) Remove the mouthpiece and hose adapter from the hose
2) Rinse the hose with clean water
3) If necessary, spray cleaner into the hose and let it work for a short time
4) Now clean the inside of the hose with the brush
5) Rinse the hose again with clean water
6) Hang the hose to dry

Hose drying tip

We recommend to hang your hose in the fresh air or over a heater afteruse and cleaning. . So even the last drop of water can flow out so that you can smoke again soon.