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200g hookah tobacco: Get it fast before the sales ban!

Aladin Online e.K.
2023-06-27 23:59:00 / Tobacco
200g hookah tobacco: Get it fast before the sales ban! - Last chance: buy 200g hookah tobacco before the sales ban!

Ban on the sale of hookah tobacco: Don't let your hookah sessions suffer - get cheap tobacco now at Aladin!

Aladin Shisha Shop - your savior in times of need! Large selection of cheap 200g hookah tobacco before the sales ban!

The upcoming ban on the sale of hookah tobacco in 200 gram cans is casting its shadow ahead and poses a significant challenge to hookah lovers. Time is inexorably ticking and soon the most popular types of tobacco will no longer be available at unaffordable prices. It's understandable that hookah smokers are concerned and want to stock up before the ban goes into effect in July. If you want to make sure your hookah session isn't affected, you need to act now.
At Aladin Shisha Shop, you'll find a wide selection of affordable hookah tobacco in 200 gram cans. We keep all 200g cans in stock in our online store until the last day, so you have the chance to purchase your favorite flavour in time! To make your choice easier, we would like to introduce you to some of our personal favorites:

Aqua Mentha Tobacco 200g - #1 - Black Box: Pure refreshment with fruity intensity.

Experience the ultimate taste experience with Aqua Mentha Tobacco Black Box - a refreshing and fruity hookah treat with a unique combination of acai berry, guarana, lemon and mint. This refreshing blend is reminiscent of the popular soft drink and adds a very special touch to your smoking experience. Aqua Mentha tobacco comes from the renowned Adalya tobacco line and is known for its highest quality and intense flavors. The convenient 200g can offers a variety of flavors, ranging from a slightly tart undertone to sweet and fruity nuances. This makes it the perfect choice for hookah lovers looking for a unique taste experience.
Visit the Aladin Shisha Shop now and get the 200g can Aqua Mentha tobacco black box for the attractive price of only 17,90€. Here you get the best quality at a fair price. Let yourself be seduced by the refreshing and intense flavor combination and experience unforgettable hookah moments with Aqua Mentha - the tobacco that pampers your senses with an incomparable flavor explosion.

Adalya Tobacco 200g - #66 - Love 66: Exotic freshness for hookah connoisseurs.

The Adalya Love 66 tobacco is a true explosion of flavor that will delight any hookah lover. The unique combination of watermelon, honeydew melon and passion fruit provides an exotic aroma that pampers the palate. The high quality of Adalya guarantees a carefree smoking experience - regardless of the smoker's experience. The medium cut and optimal humidity of the tobacco ensure perfect performance in any setup. A hint of mint rounds off the fruity aroma and gives the tobacco a pleasant freshness.
In the Aladin Shisha Shop, the Adalya Love 66 tobacco is available in a 200g can for 23,90€. However, if you want to stock up, you should order the set of 24 cans. Here, the price per 200g can is only 16,90€. A great opportunity for those who do not want to miss the fruity pleasure.

True Cloudz Tobacco 200g - TWELVE: The coveted classic for demanding hookah lovers.

Experience the exclusive world of True Cloudz tobacco now and let yourself be seduced by the unique taste of "TWELVE". Formerly known as "Da Bomb", this hookah tobacco offers a fascinating combination of refreshing lemon cake and seductive amaretto that will delight your senses. In the Aladin Shisha Shop you can now get the TWELVE tobacco at an attractive price of only 17,90€ and experience long-lasting pleasure during your hookah sessions.
The sweet and buttery taste of the cake unfolds on your tongue and will immediately captivate you. At the same time, the creamy and nutty character of the amaretto provides a fascinating complexity that seduces your senses and offers you an incomparable taste experience. Immerse yourself in this unique flavor combination and experience moments of pleasure that you have never experienced before.
True Cloudz tobacco stands for the highest quality and offers demanding hookah lovers an incomparable smoking experience. The TWELVE tobacco is carefully developed and perfectly tuned to offer you an intense and long-lasting taste. Experience the fusion of lemon cake and amaretto and enjoy every single session with True Cloudz TWELVE. Be enchanted by the exclusive world of True Cloudz tobacco and experience unparalleled pleasure in every hookah session.

Al Massiva Tobacco 200g - Löwenherz: The royal fusion of peach, raspberry and dragon fruit.

Experience the exclusive hookah experience with the unique tobacco Löwenherz by Al Massiva Tobacco and let yourself be enchanted by fruity delights. The incomparable blend of sun-ripened peaches, sweet raspberries and exotic dragon fruit will pamper your taste buds. The tobacco is available in a 200g can and offers a refreshingly intense flavor that will delight you.
Already when inhaling you will be enveloped by the sweet aroma of sun-ripened peaches and the tobacco unfolds juicy and opulent on your tongue. The fruity note of raspberries invigorates and refreshes and the harmonious combination of peaches and raspberries creates a perfect balance between sweetness and acidity. But the highlight is the exotic dragon fruit, which gives the tobacco an incomparable depth and makes it an unforgettable pleasure.
Al Massiva Tobacco stands for the highest quality and guarantees that you can enjoy every puff with Löwenherz without restrictions. The careful selection of flavors and precise blending guarantee an intense and refreshing smoking experience. Lionheart tobacco is a royal fusion of fruity flavors that will delight hookah lovers. Experience the unique hookah experience now with Lionheart by Al Massiva Tobacco.

Babos Tobacco 200g - FFM: The refreshing pleasure with juicy wild berries and sweet strawberry.

Discover the unique and legendary Babos FFM hookah tobacco that treats your senses with an irresistible blend of juicy wild berries and sweet strawberry. Its flavor explosion will delight veteran fans as well as new explorers. The tingling Ice Menthol note rounds off the flavor and provides a refreshing breeze during your hookah session.
The Babos FFM tobacco is one of the bestsellers and belongs firmly to the hookah culture. Its incomparable taste and high quality have made it a popular favorite. The combination of juicy wild berries and sweet strawberry is a real treat that will immerse you in a fruity-fresh world.
As a hookah enthusiast, you know that the quality of the tobacco has a significant impact on the smoking experience. Babos stands for outstanding quality and guarantees a first-class smoking experience. The FFM tobacco is carefully manufactured and perfectly balanced to offer the best taste. Each puff will delight you with its intensity and refreshing character.

O's Tobacco 200g - Bonnie 'n Clyde: The coveted hookah tobacco flavor for connoisseurs.

Experience the incomparable aroma of O's Tobacco - Bonnie 'n Clyde and dive into a world of refreshing flavors. This fruity-fresh masterpiece of ice apple and mint is carefully crafted from high-quality tobacco and exquisite flavors to give you a unique hookah experience. The 200g can is convenient and contains an intense flavor profile that will delight hookah lovers around the world.
The O's Tobacco - Bonnie 'n Clyde is known for its high quality and incomparable taste. Each puff takes you into a world of refreshing flavors that indulge your senses and transport you to another world. With the perfect combination of sweet ice apple and cool mint, this tobacco will add a unique flavor to your hookah experience that will delight you.
Get the coveted Bonnie 'n Clyde 200g can at an attractive price in the Aladin Shisha Shop now. Take advantage of this offer and experience the unique taste of O's tobacco - Bonnie 'n Clyde at an unbeatable price. Take your hookah experience to the next level and be seduced by this incomparable flavor.

NameLess Tobacco 200g - #711 - L'Oasis: Exotic fusion for hot summer days.

Experience a truly ladylike hookah tobacco variety with Nameless #711 L'Oasis, which delights with its exotic blend of flavors! The perfectly balanced combination of pineapple, mango and grapefruit combines harmoniously and provides an unforgettable taste experience. With a gentle cooling effect and an impressive smoke development, L'Oasis offers everything that demanding hookah lovers expect. But L'Oasis has more to offer than just a beguiling smell and taste. The tobacco produces dense smoke and consists of a beautiful cut with only a few stems. The optimal humidity allows for a perfect smoke development. And with the double wrapper, Nameless tobacco offers additional flavor and leakage protection. Treat yourself to the pleasure of trying L'Oasis now and enjoy this fine "balm for the soul".

Legacy Smoke: Kollegah Tobacco - The ultimate hookah experience of the new era.

Experience now the unique flavors of Legacy Smoke, the exclusive hookah tobacco created by Kollegah in collaboration with the renowned manufacturer White Cloud Berlin. This extraordinary flavour brings a whole new era of hookah enjoyment and impresses with a variety of flavours that will surprise even experienced hookah lovers.
Kollegah's many years of expertise in the hookah industry, especially through his successful Alpha Lounges, have had a decisive influence on the development of Legacy Smoke. Through direct feedback from customers, it was possible to continuously work on improving and adapting the flavours to guarantee an incomparable taste experience.
With a total of six refreshing and unique flavours, Legacy Smoke offers something special for every taste. Whether fruity, refreshing or creamy, each flavour brings its own distinctive aromas and promises an unforgettable hookah experience.
The high-quality processing and careful selection of ingredients ensure consistently high quality and intense flavor with every puff. Dive into the world of Legacy Smoke and experience the perfection that Kollegah and White Cloud Berlin have created with this tobacco. More and more hookah enthusiasts are excited about Legacy Smoke and experience the new era of hookah enjoyment. What are you waiting for? Try it and convince yourself of the uniqueness of this exclusive hookah tobacco!