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030 Tobacco

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Welcome to the fascinating world of 030 hookah tobacco! Here you can expect a wide range of exquisite flavours that come directly from the heart of Berlin. The 030 hookah tobaccos are more than just hookah tobacco - they are an experience for the senses that combines pleasure and creativity.
Immerse yourself in the variety of flavours, each bearing the former postcodes of Berlin's capital city districts. From fruity explosions to refreshing minty notes, the 030 hookah tobaccos offer a wide range of flavours that will tantalise your palate. Each flavour is carefully developed and perfectly cut to ensure an even burn and an intense taste experience.
The 030 hookah tobaccos are not only characterised by their unique taste, but also by their high quality and authentic origin. Manufactured by White Cloud in Berlin, they meet the highest quality standards and comply with legal requirements. With us, you can be sure that you will receive a product that not only delights in taste, but is also trustworthy.
The fact that the 030 hookah tobaccos are ready to smoke is particularly noteworthy. You don't have to add any additional molasses or liquid - just put the tobacco in your hookah and enjoy the relaxing smoke. The fine cut size also makes it easy to fill the bowl, so you can concentrate on the hookah experience.
Discover the diversity of Berlin in every puff and experience the incomparable taste of the 030 hookah tobaccos. Our range offers the right variety for every taste, be it fruity, refreshing or uniquely combined. Get ready for a pleasure experience that will inspire the senses and take you on a journey of flavours.
Browse through our selection of 030 hookah tobaccos and find your personal favourite. Let yourself be inspired by the variety and enjoy the extraordinary hookah experience - Made in Berlin.


030 Hookah tobacco: Enjoyment from the heart of Berlin

030 Hookah tobacco: Experience the taste of Berlin in your water pipe

Hookah tobacco is no longer just a smoking product - it has become an experience that transports the connoisseur into a world of flavours and fragrances. And when it comes to an extraordinary hookah experience, there is no getting around a brand from Berlin: 030 hookah tobacco. The combination of exquisite taste, creative flavours and a pinch of Berlin joie de vivre makes this tobacco a highlight in hookah culture.

The origin of 030 hookah tobacco

The 030 hookah tobacco has its origins in the pulsating capital of Germany, right in the heart of Berlin. With dedication and love for perfection, this tobacco is produced by 030 Made in Berlin. The special thing about this tobacco is not only its excellent taste, but also the fact that it is produced in Germany. This guarantees not only the highest quality standards, but also compliance with all legal requirements.
The names of the 030 tobaccos bear the former postcodes of Berlin's capital city districts, which is not only a tribute to the city, but also to Berlin's diversity and creativity. Each flavour is a small work of art, perfectly cut and moistened to offer an optimal smoking experience.

The variety of flavours

030 Hookah Tobacco Made in Berlin offers a wide range of extravagant flavours. From fruity to creamy to well-known sweets and energy drinks - every hookah smoker will find what they are looking for at 030.

ZUGZWANG 41: Peach and Ice in harmonious harmony

A harmonious interplay of sweet peach flavour and refreshing ice note awaits you in Zugzwang 41. This flavour tempts you to take a second puff - a clear case of Zugzwang. The perfect choice for those who love sweet fruitiness with a hint of freshness.

LUFTSCHLOSS 47: Watermelon meets refreshing Ice Flavour

Luftschloss 47 is one of the leading flavours in the 030 line. Here, the full flavour of watermelon merges with a refreshing Ice note. The result is a hookah experience that delights from start to finish - without being over-sweetened. A perfect companion for relaxing moments.

KOPFKINO 44: Sour cola firecracker for a party in your mouth

Kopfkino 44 takes you back to the world of sour cola crackers from your childhood. A unique flavour of cola combined with a sour finish awaits you here. This sweet and sour blend is made for every party - a taste that immediately puts you in the mood to celebrate.

STERNENSTAUB 51: Refreshing grapefruit with a hint of ice

The perfect blend of refreshing grapefruit and a hint of ice awaits you in Sternenstaub 51. This flavour is 030's best-selling tobacco and promises a relaxing summer evening with an explosion of flavours. A combination that makes for pleasant hours.

BLACK ANNAB: Grape and mint for a relaxed atmosphere.

Imagine being on the beach and enjoying the warm atmosphere - that's the feeling of Black Annab. A blend of sweet grape and refreshing mint transports you to a relaxed world. The cool note is reminiscent of a sea breeze and transports you directly to a place of relaxation.

BÄRENSTARK 42: Berry freshness and refreshing ice flavour

The taste of refreshing berries awaits you in Bärenstark 42, a full-bodied berry smoothie accompanied by a refreshing ice flavour. This combination makes for an invigorating taste explosion - the perfect choice for anyone who loves fruity refreshment.

ROTER FLÜGEL 65: The energy drink for the hookah

For all fans of the well-known energy drink "Red Bull", Roter Flügel 65 is an absolute must. This blend evokes the feeling of taking a hearty sip from an ice-cold energy drink. An invigorating experience that will literally give you wings.

BACKPFEIFE 30: Lemon and Ice like a refreshing slap in the face

Sometimes you need a refreshing cool down after a stressful day - that's exactly what Backpfeife 30 offers. A lemony flavour that acts like a refreshing slap in the face is accompanied by a subtle note of ice. A flavour combination that immediately invigorates.

EINZIGARTIG 62: Lime and mint for a unique experience

The name says it all: Einzigartig 62 offers a special combination of strong lime flavour and refreshing mint. This unique blend unfolds when inhaled and is accompanied by a sweet and sour note. A taste that definitely stays in the memory.

The advantages of 030 hookah tobacco

The 030 hookah tobacco is not only convincing due to its diverse flavours, but also due to its high quality. Each flavour is carefully developed and tested to offer a unique taste experience. The tobacco pellets are finely cut and the flavours are of the highest quality, resulting in a dense and full smoke. This tobacco sets off your hookah perfectly and provides an intense smoking experience.
A special highlight are the flavours that are ready to smoke. Here, you don't have to add any additional molasses or liquid - you simply put the hookah tobacco into your water pipe and enjoy the relaxing clouds of smoke. The fine cut pattern not only makes it easier to fill the head, but also allows the tobacco to burn evenly.

The Aladin Shisha Shop: The place to go for 030 hookah tobacco

You don't have to look far to enjoy the exquisite 030 hookah tobacco. The Aladin Shisha Shop offers an extensive selection of 030 hookah flavours. The name "030" is derived from the Berlin telephone area code and underlines the authenticity of this original made in Berlin. Here you will not only find the most popular flavours such as Zugzwang 41, Luftschloss 47 and Einzigartig 62, but also all other variations of 030 hookah tobacco.

030 Hookah Tobacco - A Taste Experience Made in Berlin

With 030 hookah tobacco, you get a piece of Berlin joie de vivre and creativity in your hookah. The variety of flavours, the high-quality processing and the authentic Berlin roots make this tobacco a highlight in hookah culture. Whether you are looking for fruity sweetness, refreshing mint or a unique combination - 030 hookah tobacco offers the right experience for every taste. Experience the diversity of Berlin in every puff and let yourself be seduced by the exquisite world of 030 tobacco.